Blog awards and Where I'll be tomorrow...

I did well today..
Back OTK
Back at healthy living.
I have instituted my da da daaaahhhhh....schedule.
This thing is a work of art.
I may take a picture.

Tomorrow I will be guest posting over at VAL's also known as 'seattle runner girl"
It's about How I started on my road to health..and it's entitled..
"Iit's not about the food".
(name picked by Val because I lacked the imagination)
I recieved a sugar doll blog award from Daisy girl at A future success story...
I have to write ten things you don't know about me.
This could get to be comical because I can't think of ten things you all don't know about me..
but I will try.
The other 'thing' is from Robin and I need to answer seven questions...
Which were some interesting questions.
So I thought I would do both...

Ten things you don't know about me...I am going to have to DIG.
oh, here's one:
1.) My first ever crush was Danny Kalehart...very cute wavy brown hair, green eyes.
I was in fourth grade, he was a senior in high school and on the track team and on my school bus..
Danny Kalehart...sounds like a guy you'd have your first crush in..

and to continue in that vein...
2.) First kiss
Mikey evans...my next door neighbor..when I was 12.
Then he tried to stick his tongue in my mouth..and called a halt to that CRAP.

3.) First date ever with a boy- Jason Denton..was a cutie, is still a cutie....and is quite the artist. He carves walking sticks and has a wife named Christine and a little girl.

4.) first car date....Dareld osborne (he was a football player)...snow fest. I was just shy of my 16th birthday.

5.) First marriage proposal was my high school boyfriend....I said 'mmmm...we'll see'.

6.) second proposal was my current husband...I said 'heck yeah'.
7.) First time I flew a kite was when I was 19. I was in NOrth carolina on Wrightsville beach with my future husband because when he found out I had never flown a Kite, he thought it was a travesty. He bought one and took me to the atlantic ocean...cause I had never seen that either.

8.) My favorite food is popcorn.
9.) my favorite soda is root beer.
10.) My favorite coffee is espresso roast from starbucks.

eight questions from Robin...

1.) Which of the seven deadly sins do I 'dance' with.
I am a road rager.
people on the road p me off.
I only yell and have imaginary conversations in my car and never out a window...but still, need to work on that.

2.) If I could live in the body of some one famous for one week...and have access to their need to know info., what a comedown cause he'd have to live in my body for that week as well. lol...
this one was easy.
Barack Obama...
Imagine all I could do in a week.

3.) I do think Angels walk among us...the bible says they do.
I do think there are people who are more sensitive to electrical currents..who can sense things...
I don't think they are 'closer to God'. I think we are all as close to God as we make up our minds to be.

4.) I have dreamt about a future event that happened a few times.
The one that got me the most was a dream I had when I was little. In it, I was running up a hill in the dark and I looked to my right and saw an old abandoned church with a dead tree in front of it.
So, I am at Ft. Leonardwood in 1992 ( in AIT) and I am running up a large hill at 4 in the morning...it's november and very dark...and cold. I get to the top of the hill, look to my right and it is THAT CHURCH AND THAT DEAD TREE.
I nearly quit running right there just to stare.

5.) yes...I feel like I have a gift I am not using...drawing.
But I am starting, finally.

6.) Is there someone I refuse to forgive.
Nope, I have forgiven everyone I need to. It wasn't easy.
but it was neccessary.

7.) If I could add one element to every person's heart...I would add compassion. It is much harder to judge others and create conflict if you feel compassion in your heart for them.
I wouldn't take away hate because some things need to be hated...like injustice.

8.) What was the last movie I saw in the theater and how would I rate it..
despicable me...and I give it 3.5 stars.
It was cute and had a decent message, but it was a bit average.
looking forward to that next Harry potter movie, to tell you the truth.
I read that last book and it was a doozy. Hope the movie is a s good.

Hope you all had an excellent day..see you tomorrow at Val's.


Amber said...

Nope didn't know some of those ones!
Love the idea of Obama having to trade places with you. Hmmm I could see him wearing a running outfit with the apron trying to have a conversation with Kate.
That I would pay money to see.
And I agree, Angels do walk among us. Long story, tell ya sometime.

Great post!
See ya tomorrow

Robin said...

As always, your answers are interesting. I never would have thought of Obama for #2. You are such a clever thing. I imagine you would get quite a lot done in a week. The church/tree story is very cool. And I agree with you on the compassion.

You do know that you are supposed to create eight questions of your own and pass them on to eight people. Just sayin'. I only remind you b/c I think your questions would rock. It is a sad thing that you can't pass it back to me b/c I passed it to you, but it is what it is...lol.

cmoursler said...

oops...nope I didn't. will do that tomorrow. lol.

Purple Cow said...

Are you guys sure Obama has that much control? I think the really powerful people of this world aren't so high profile...

Anyway, I'm gonna think about mine when I'm on holiday...or at least when I get back.

logmyloss said...

I always love these questions. It sure gives some real insight into the people behind the blogs. :-)

anne h said...

On The Krab!

cmoursler said...

@ Anne, I miss him too.

TJ said...

I enjoyed reading your "secrets" :) Wanna come over & eat popcorn now? lol I could eat popcorn all day...LOVE IT! :)

Putz said...

so you don't think you need to forgive me for being so forward to you on amber's, yourn, reva's and brenda's blogs>>>i have teased you a lot but for some reason it has been fun< and i have only asked one girl in my life to marry me and if she would have said no i would have remained single, i swear, and i don't think i have ever frenched kissed anyone in my short life>>>love you gal>>>putzy

M Pax said...

Mmmm, me luvs popcorn. One of my weaknesses. Do they make licorice popcorn? No, don't tell me.

SeattleRunnerGirl said...

Love the non-weight-loss tidbits about you, Chris! Thanks for your post today - I feel honored to be able to share your story with folks.

Michele said...

For some of us newer followers we learned a few new things. I, too, love popcorn, especially with slat and butter, so, for now I avoid it. Thanks for following my blog. Michele