HDC Day 8- WEIGH IN...

I weighed in at 152.5...Which is a loss of 2 lbs for the week.

A very good week.

Especially considering I have been losing about 3 lbs a month for the last few months.
That tells me either that I was on one heckuva plateau (my friend amber thinks so) or that I was fluffing too much on the calorie counting.

I think it was a combination of both.
But the combination of super serious exercise ( 5 days a week at the gym with a minimum burn requirement of at least 500 calories) and the calorie counting, seems to be producing pretty decent results.
I am in today at 1470 calories.

I would tell you all I ate but I am kind of sick of it already... I'll do it tomorrow.
I will put it at the bottom of my posts for those who are interested.
First I wanted to talk about a few more NSV's I have had lately that got knocked out of my conscious mind by the fact that I fit in my oldest daughter's (size 8) pants.

1.) I was walking back to my car from the gym the other day
(On my stairstepper days I decided to park a mile out from the gym so I could get my walk in and not bore myself to death on the treadmill...I walk in then back out...)

It's on the air force base...So as I am pondering on how much nicer the air force base is than the army base...twirling my way through my armband radio trying to find something that is NOT the black eyed peas, I come to a road where three or four cars are waiting to get out...as I approach the crosswalk I notice that the traffic they are trying to get out in has cleared (it's a difficult intersection) so I start waving them through...(they have to stop at pedestrian crosswalks...it's mandatory on post). So the first two go, and then this jeep stops and there is a blond guy (not bad looking) in the jeep..no top on this jeep...and he is yelling something but I can't hear him (I have my headphones in) So I pop an earbud out and he yells "You look good" In accented English...I say 'Thank you" (yeah me! I remembered.)...then the car behind him beeps and he waves and turns left...Apparently there are some polish troops training on peterson...That one beats the rednecks screaming "nice ass' a few months ago.

Well, that was nice.

Then Today, I was walking down the hall and my husband says 'You are too pretty'...and gives me a kiss.
I say 'Too pretty?'...
He says 'Yeah, I am going to have to ugly you up to keep other dudes away."

I thought that was sweet.

So, some quick pics of the house...

My living room with the new couch covers and the spray painted frames...

Click to enlarge

click to enlarge

My curtains that I got from walmart..They are supposed to be 'kitchen' curtains..but I don't care. I wanted something 'bright and happy'...it lightened the whole room up like a thousand percent. Oh, and that candle thingie on the wall...found that at goodwill and spray painted that too...lol. Almond. I love spray paint.

click to enlarge

My mantel...I braided some raffia and stuck some fake flowers in it and put my candle holders in it. That picture is of a man at the vietnam memorial...I say that about ten years ago and had to have it. My husband bought it for me and had it framed.

click to enlarge

Sophie's room...I moved all the furniture around...and that's the vanity that I picked up at Good will and re did. That mirror I found in germany and actually redid for my oldest when she was little. It matched perfectly. I found that chandelier on sale at lowes a few years back and painted the leaves gold.

The curtains I found at the arc store a year or two ago...there were two left panels so I took the ruffle off the left side of the left panel and resewed it to the right side of the left panel...make a nice matched pair.

And that is my Sophie saying bye.

Have a great night guys,
Talk to you tomorrow.


Deb Willbefree said...

I love Sophie's room! Just darling. The "vanity"--does it have a mirror that lifts up or something that you call it a vanity? Looks like a French Provincial dest to me. Either way, you did a great job on it.

Perfect for a girl's room.


cmoursler said...

It's a desk we called a vanity...Sophie loves it...it beats the cheap ones they sell at walmart.
She has a mirror she can look at....it's good enough.

Julie, The Accidental Fat Chick said...

Love the vanity. I was just looking at something similar in the thrift store here... but I wouldn't have a clue how to refinish it, lol.

Deb Willbefree said...

Re: vanity and "it's good enough"

Are you kidding?! It is beyond good enough--it is wonderful!

I just wondered if you called it a vanity because the top lifted up to reveal a mirror or something.

It is much, much better than a regular vanity would be. Call it whatever you want. :D I really do like it.


cmoursler said...

Thanks Deb.

Rettakat said...

Know what I saw when I looked at the pics of your home??

A lot of love... warmth... a soft place to fall... the loving attention of a Momma... a real "home". I almost cried.

My Mom would turn any place we lived into a "home" that way, too.


cmoursler said...

Thank you loretta, my mom was great at it. She would sew curtains and she built our bunkbeds. She wallpapered our trailer...and if you have ever seen how slick that dark wood laminate is you know how hard it would be to wallpaper it. lol.

Nawlinz Lady (Dee) said...

Congrats on the NSV with the Polish guy. You are so talented and a great eye for interior design....Would you please drive over to New Orleans and do my house? LOL

Nawlinz Lady (Dee) said...
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demotutorial said...

I just found your blog and saw your before and after pictures at the right. I have to say wow, you've surely gone a long way. I also used to be obese and now, I'm at my ideal weight. I am now planning on getting a tummy tuck to get rid of the ugly hanging skin on my ab area.

Kimberley said...

Wow Chris! You are really getting things done and so beautifully. I love the candle thingie. Great find.

Your husband is too cute! LOL!

Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. You are such a sweetheart.


Kimberley said...

P.S. Great job on the loss! A nice reward for all your hard work.

Robin said...

Your husband cracks me. He wants to ugly you up. Lol. I am still laughing. Your house really looks great. I love Sophie's room. It is like a princess room. How awesome.

You are starting to feel at home in your own skin and at home in your own home. From where I am sitting it's like I can feel the pieces of your puzzle locking into place. Comfortably. There is no force involved. No trying to make a piece fit where it doesn't actually belong. Instead, it slides easily into place.

Oh, and congrats on the 2 lbs.

Paula Rodriguez said...


Sophie's room is just pure elegance. You're really good at fixing a nice home for your family.

Also congratulations on losing more weight. 152 that's is just awesome and how cute of your husband. I'm happy for you.


M Pax said...

Nice redecorating.

Great NSV's and congrats on the loss. You continue to inspire me. :)

Jane said...

Hi Chris,

Your home is like a warm hug. You have done some very creative things with it, and it looks great. Also, your photo shows some significant progress! You are an inspiration to me. The best to you...you deserve it!