HDC-Day 6 Home improvement pics as promised....

Hey all,

Let's knock this diet and exercise thing out of the way.
fage w peaches and honey 330 cal.
charlie's Steakery chicken philly minus cheese extra veggies 39 (except I left 1/4 of the sandwhich so...350???)
coffee 2 cups with milk and sugar (the usual) 240)

strange Indian bread pizza...
Whole wheat tandori bread 1 'loaf' 340
1/4 cup sauce for pizza 30 cal.
7 turkey pepperoni 35 cal.
6 thin slices ham 60 cal.
1/2 cup part skim mozzerlla 160
Total 622 cal.

So, total for the day 1542 ACK!!!
Sean will have to string me up.
steel curtain zone broken.
Okay...I need to find his whole grain 60 calorie pita pizza things.
Well, on the up side..
I did get to the gym and burned 600 on the elliptical
did 150 situps and upper body weights.
I will call it a 600 burn in reparations for my 42 calorie overage.
holy crow, I gotta do better than that..I am the one who created this challenge after all.
Won't do to go breaking my own rules.
Well, tomorrow is a new day.

So on to the pictures: (click on it to enlarge)
This is the new wreath I made for the front door....I love hobby lobby.
I wanted something that reminded me of an English cottage garden...
I also have feathers in there, the next day the swallows were outside my door dive bombing me.
I think they think I put a hit on some of their kin.

click to enlarge....
My Front porch and my flower box. I love sitting out here and drinking my coffee in the morning.

okay, I was going to post more pics, but blogger is being a butt.
So, I will try again tomorrow.

Tomorrow I will upload my living room pictures with my new couch covers and all the pictures and picture frames I gathered from different closets and spray painted or just plain painted.
I love to buy things from goodwill and fix them up. Besides, nobody knows where it comes from, it just looks nice. (well, until I inform them that I got it from Good will and fixed it up) lol.
Have a great night


Patrick said...

Hmmm, animal world has your blog under surveillance I believe. All puppies while relieved aren't sleeping so well tonight and the swallows are rumored to be working on some kung-fu moves. Use caution on your next project.

cmoursler said...

sorry guys...I made a joke, then saw someone had to put down their dog...it would have been funny had I not read about that...so I removed the joke in case the person reads my blog.

Annalisa201 said...

LOVELY! I have fallen in LUURRRVVVEE with flowers lately. Pure Joy.

TJ said...

cute porch! :)

Ali said...

Looks nice! Love the flower box. I too, enjoy finding things at the GW and refinishing them in another way. Spray paint is my friend. :-)

The Exquisite Christine said...

Love the wreath, the porch flower box, and Hobby Lobby. ♥

Robin said...

Actually I believe that, too, about what you said about going for renewal from God, but I didn't want anyone to out and out lose it. As soon as you mention God things have a tendency to get a bit out of control. I try to avoid the "G" word whenever possible on my blog. People can get prickly. Thanks for the comment:-)

Jane said...

I love what you've done. It looks warm and inviting. Great job--you are talented!

Anonymous said...

The front porch looks like a great way to start the day.

SEO Expert said...
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cmoursler said...

lol...um, I didn't actually paste teh flowers...I made a wreath. But that would be interesting.