Tiggers and Mileys and gyms...oh my!

Well, with my new workout schedule in hand...I went to the gym yesterday and today and burned a crap load of calories.
I ran all over the place today.
My youngest has a birthday coming up and My brother in law and his wife just had a new baby boy.
So I had to pop on down to Joanne's fabrics and pick up a blanket kit.
The last time I had a nephew coming I decided to crochet one.
I got halfway through by the time little Nic was born (three months early in my defense).
I never completed it.
So this time I got a fleece kit and should have it done in one sitting.
It's winnie the poo, piglet and tigger playing leap frog on the front and it's yellow underneath.
All I have to do is cut and knot.
Then I stopped off at party city to pick up some Hannah montana party supplies.
My daughter is 9 and has no idea miley has taken to using stripper poles and becoming 'untamed'.
I am not about to enlighten her.
So there I am in party city.
I say "Do you have any Hannah montana birthday supplies..
He says "yeah, if you got down this aisle, it's right after the pole..."
I say "that's funny'.
It took  him a second.
Then he laughed.
Luckily it was all half off.
wonder why.
So Tomorrow is saturday..A high calorie day (1800)
But I decided to stick to 1500 and then move my 1800 calorie day to sunday.
This was also a part of my plan.
To make it flexible enough to incorporate special occasions.
I will be doing the same thing for my daughters birthday.
Instead of having that 2500 calorie the previous Saturday, I will save it till the 14th.
In this way I don't have special days AND high calorie days.
If there is a special day..move the high calorie day to fit it.
ON the saturday I skip, I will simply eat 1500.
This will keep me closer to plan and get me to my goal quicker.
Then the next saturday it reverts....
The only months where this really occurs are February, March, May, July, November and December.
The rest should be Saturdays as usual.
I got very little sleep last night and am VERY tired.
Will be heading to lala land here shortly.
Just wanted to say that the posts out in blogland have been great lately.
I love reading them.
It's always giving me new ways to think.
Keep up the great work guys.
name your five fictional crushes.
You'll have to scroll down to get the picture..
Kimmie @ saving my life.
that'll be you

in the spirit of nepotism I gave it to my daughter at pessimistic days.
my husband couldn't believe it..
I had to remind him she's 16 and a half...at 19 I was married with a baby.
He didn't like that lol.
it's all in good fun.

sue o lear....I hear your name echoing in my brain.
I think this would be perfect for you..
Can't wait to see this.

Shelaigh White from 60 is good.
I want a european perspective.

I'll do one more...
I never see her blog about completely useless crap.
So TJ...this is your opportunity to turn off your brain.
Have fun you guys.


Rettakat said...

I love your common sense plan, and how you are using your higher Saturdays with flexibility... so you don't have high Saturdays AND high holidays.
Clunk! That was the penny dropping in my tiny slotted brain! I love that idea...so simple and doable. Thanks for sharing it.

Hanlie said...

I really like how you worked this out! You're on the success path, Chris!

Ice Queen said...

I am also planning a few extra calories for the Fourth. It will no means be a blow out but I am going to have a little holiday mouth party fun.

You have been redecorating. I like the new look.

karen@fitnessjourney said...

I'm still laughing about the pole comment!

Patrick said...

LOL... Hannah montana birthday supplies after the pole!!!

Enjoy lala land.

Fiona said...

A flexible plan is one you can stick to - great idea!

And lots of giggles about the Hannah Montana goodies location :)

Anonymous said...

Babies, birthdays, blankets...you have it all going on.

Happy Birthday to your daughter and have a wonderful weekend!

Robin said...

For the Saturday Snark it was limited on the snark. I did appreciate the pole reference and was surprised that the clerk got it. Wow. Glad to see that you are passing the love. I will be working on your awards this weekend. Post me a comment with your email so that I can email you the code. I won't actually post your email address, but that way you can grab the code for your sidebar:-)

Seth said...

right after the pole...ha!