100 days to normal....

Hey guys,
So, I have been drifting in the 150's for a while now...I would have to look at my weight bar to see how long.
Long enough.
Let's put it that way.
I know how to maintain.
I want to hit normal...BMI wise, (normal is not attainable for me as a person lol)
So, I have decided to devote my next 100 days to losing the next 15 lbs.
This starts tomorrow and Ends November 1rst.
The weight I want to hit by November 1rst, 140 lbs.
That would be at the tippy top of the upper end of 'normal' for me.
So what does this challenge entail. 
It means no higher calorie days.
Rest days on Saturdays, but no rest from 1500 or under.
It means logging (on my blog) every piece of food or calorie I eat during the day.
It means if I come in at 1400, I don't carry an extra 100 over till the next day thinking I can eat that.
I post my exercise for the other six days, every day.
My deficit for the day is only good for that day.
so, If I was aiming for a 600 cal. deficit and end up with 800...it doesn't carry over.
(If you can't tell, I have been doing all sorts of mental tricks to excuse going over my calorie budget.)
I post my weight on Sunday (My first weigh in is tomorrow)
I drink 100 oz. of water a day.
I am excited about this.
More excited than I have been in a while.
Can't wait to begin.

For non weight loss related items.
I have discovered something recently.
Misery does not equate with intellect.
I used to think to be 'intelligent' one had to be skeptical, or even a pessimist.
I think that what I used to think is complete crap.
Anybody can be a pessimist.
Anybody can see the worst in every situation.
I choose to be an  optimist.
I choose to see the best in people.
I also choose to talk to and treat everyone I meet with the respect they deserve as human beings and
I expect to be treated the same.
If I am talked down to or yelled at...I will call that person out on their behavior.
I will also be working on this concept with my kids.
I will choose to be grateful.
I will choose to be happy.
Does this mean I will never be sad?
It means that for the majority of life, I choose to be happy.
I choose to see the silver lining.
I am sure I will drive people insane.
oh well.
better than being a miserable stick.
Optimists live longer anyways.


Hanlie said...

I think that is totally do-able! Good luck with your plan!

I agree with you on optimism... I used to be wary of always seeing the bright side - so many people regard it as naive. Tough! I'm not naive, and I am not ALWAYS positive (I can be quite cynical and snarky), but life certainly is more fun when your glass is half-full. I find that I'm kinder to myself then too, which is really important.

Rettakat said...

A quote by Winston Churchill that I've always liked is:
"I am an optimist. It does not seem too much use being anything else."

I have no doubts you'll make your new goal. :-)


Sean Anderson said...

You'll exceed your expectations in record time.

Steel Curtain Zone--Turn it on my friend! SCZ, SCZ!!!

My best always

Linda Pressman said...

I think pessimism is just another one of those defenses that you've written so movingly about before, Chris. It's just a wall to keep people away from us and away from our vulnerable innermost selves. When you embrace who you are, give up the fear, you don't need a wall anymore.

outdoor.mom said...

it is good to make good choices. especially where attitudes are concerned. choices lead to habbits and habbits lead to destiny. wow you have a will of iron where motivation is concerned. i think you will accomplish whatever you put your mind to.....

logmyloss said...

Cheers to being an optimist. I am working on this too.

Love the goal too!

FrugalMom said...

Good luck on this intense mission. I am sure you will succeed.

FrugalMom from
The Fit & Frugal Challenge Come check out my $40 CSN Stores givewaway with LOW entries.

spunkysuzi said...

Sounds like a very do-able plan!! Can't wait to see you succeed.

Robin said...

I read people's blogs who "let it out" like I did yesterday all of the time. Day after day. I thought, "Well, maybe it will feel better if I do it." It doesn't feel better. I don't know how these people get up every day. The only point that I can find in writing all of that down is to find the patterns. Find the places where you went wrong. And why? So you don't do it again. The whole point is to learn something. But people who cut open a vein and just bleed every day... I know that they are hurting. Because that sh*t hurts. I suppose they are looking for a coping mechanism. Actually, I know that they are looking for a coping mechanism. Hope. We are all just looking for some hope. So, no miserable people are not necessarily intellectuals. They might be, but they might not be. They are all just looking for a reason to carry on. They are looking for hope. When you understand that, you know where they live, and that is when you can help. You the friend, the blogger, the trainer.

Anyway, thanks for the insightful comments.

Deb Willbefree said...

:D I enjoyed and nodded thru evey bit of this post. :D

Just today, I went back and reread some the initial SparkPeople info that is provided when one starts on their site. I did that because I felt like I was getting a little fuzzy about the basics and needed to refocus. This post fit quite nicely with that.

The finding the negative--yep, that resonated, too. I won't use your comment to explain what's up with that for me right not--but it may appear on my post soon. :)

Thanks for your comment on my blog, by the way. Pomegranites? Seriously? huh.


Mzlead said...

Hi there, i've only just gotten into the world of blogging and i'm enjoying reading yours! I have to say Congrats! You sound so sure of yourself and your intentions for the next few months that i've got no doubt you'll succeed. It's awesome what we can achieve when we make ourselves accountable and admit to our little 'tricks', you know the ones I mean... the ones that seem so smart at the time but end up stopping us from reaching out weight loss goals. ha.

I look forward to seeing photos of the 'new you' on November 1st!

99ToGo said...

LOVE it! "I think that what I used to think is complete crap". Now that could be a tag line for my life so far...

I used to think that faith and intelligence were mutually exclusive. Then I read some C.S. Lewis.

I am with you all the way on the optimism. And yes, you'll probably irritate some people (the die-hard pessimists?), but they'll learn from your example.

Here's to reaching your November 1st goal!

Jane said...

Great plan, Chris. I can feel your determination when I read your words. ...love your blog.

SeattleRunnerGirl said...

I am loving the "feel" of this post, and I know you will absolutely KICK IT for the next 100 days. Rock on!