another. day. has. passed.

Well, I have done two walks in a row.
Yesterday and Today.
I have been cleaning like all get out and wanted to really focus. Haven't left my house in two days.
The upside...
My house is all but organized.
There is no downside to this.

I have been wanting to do this forever.
So I have walked a total of 7 miles this weekend and had a 400 calorie deficit today.
Good enough for now.
How is everyone else?
I have been feeling philosophical the last few days..
(Probably couldn't tell...lol)
I think it's all this Lord of the Rings stuff I 've been watching.
It does have it's melodramatic silliness as well though...
Mostly legolas in the third movie..
everything. is. in. pauses....
Look. a. star...rises in the east...
blood. has. been. spilled. this. night.
It slays me every time.
Oh, and farimir is a babe.
Just sayin'.
So, enough of the LotR geekitude.
Back to the  gym tomorrow.
my youngest daughters birthday is on Wednesdays and I think I have managed to invite half the neighborhood.
They are all good people, so it's fine by me..
Just. need. more. food.
pauses to stare bleakly into the distance.
Till tomorrow.


Julie, The Accidental Fat Chick said...

The joy of a clean house... I could celebrate that, lol.

I got in a nice walk on the beach yesterday... good solitude for thinking about all the many things to consider in life...

Splurgie said...

A clean house and a long walk. Perfection.

Anonymous said...

It's funny how LoTR tends to invoke those philosophical thoughts.

Have a great day!

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

I'll save you the trouble of watching the entire LotR saga: Dumbledore dies at the end!

Joy said...

So envious of the long walk thing and well cleaning the house too. I have hurt my knee again! So frustrating!! Can't wait until I can accomplish these same goals. Have a great day!

Patrick said...

We're thinking similarly these past days. Over the past three days I have walked about 11 miles; today is a day fo rest - I am walked out. And while my recent posts haven't been necessarily philosophical they have been fairly serious in tone. Not a bad thing, but I intend to lighten up a bit this week.

Oh and thanks JACK for letting me know that Dumbledore dies at the end!

M Pax said...

I assume as you gaze off yonder there is a fantastic backdrop of a stunning sunset or sunrise. :D

Getting organized is fantastic. It burns calories.

As. the. world. turns. on. another. fate-filled. night.

Robin said...

A new/old perspective is good. Actually, anything that makes you think is good. I know that you won't stay on pause forever. Good for you with your clean house. And I am sure your birthday party will.be.awesome.

Seth said...

Lord of the Rings will get you every time!

maybe that is my new workout motto:

"for Frodo."

keep it up.