For the rest of my life....

Hey guys...
Well, like I said the day before yesterday, I have a plan for July.
This plan is much like the plan I intend to have for the rest of my life.
I may have to up the calories when I hit 132 to maintain my goal weight.
But other than that...this is it.
I am 155.
I have 23 lbs to hit my 'goal'.
I have 15 pounds till I hit 'normal'.

Another thing I didn't mention.
The lowest I had ever gotten on any weight loss attempt prior to this one was 156.
156 was my last hurdle to my wedding day weight of 138 lbs.
I am only 17 lbs away from that weight.
I have done the calculations..and with a 500 calorie a day deficit I should make my target weight by December 31rst of this year.
So it's 1500 calories a day 6 days a week...on Saturdays it's either 1800 or 2500....every other saturday alternating.
This way I can have the occasional high calorie meal or popcorn at the movies.
It's easier for me to be strict and then have a free day than it is for me to go 1800 all the time.
I want one or two days a month where i can eat dinner without counting...and this plan should do it for me...
I should lose about 3 to 4 pounds a month this way.
I will also being doing 6 days a week of 60 minutes of cardio and upper body toning three days and lower body the other three.
Saturdays are my days off.
I won't be doing the kickboxing.
I went to inquire about the price and it was 88 dollars a month with a 12 month contract.
I would rather spend that money toward fixing my ten speed and other things.
That is  1056 dollars a year.
Considering I have a gym for free, that is too much for me...so I will keep my eye open at my gym for kick boxing classes.
For now it's going to be three days (M,W,F) of ellipticalling with upper body work.
60 minutes elliptical
150 situps
36 flies
36 lower back extensions
45 lat pulls
45 tricep extensions

Then Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday
two mile walk, 1 mile jog (will up the jog and lower the walk as I feel comfortable)
30 minutes stairstepper
36 squats
36 leg/hip lifts each side
36 calf raises each side
36 quad extensions
36 hamstring curls

This is the work I am willing to do.
What sort of body it produces, I will have to wait and see.
So, welcome to the final leg of my weight loss journey...
As I lose my last 20 or so pounds and
cross into maintenance.

P.S. please tell me if my new design is good or not.
I don't want anyone unable to read it.


Sheilagh said...

I like your new design, I am going for a lay down now as I am so tired after reading your exercise regime...Phew!!

I so admire your dedication to your goal.

Retta said...

How exciting, to be that close. I like how you figured out a plan that you were WILLING to do, so you don't fight it. And also I've noticed you adjust as needed along the way.

Your new layout is... serious, like your plan! It gives off determination! LOL!

Usually white letters on black make my eyes go berserk, but you must've picked a nice light gray, cuz I can read it just fine.


Linda Pressman said...

Hi Chris,
Looks like you've been playing around with bloggers new template designer too! It's a very modern design. I think if you feel that it reflects you or your blog or where you're at, go for it. The biggest problem for me now with all the design possibilities is that I really want to change mine a lot. I don't want to be stuck on one thing only anymore, but I also don't want to look flaky. It's a fun design program.

And your program sounds great. I've not only jazzercised while away on my trip but I also used machines, which I hate like poison, but I'm trying to teach myself to be flexible. It's a big job.

outdoor.mom said...

i like your new design. congrats on your goals and success thereof :-)

Kim said...

Your new design is great...one prob though that I saw. Where it says "Post a comment" ya have to feel around with the cursor to find it b/c it blends in with the black background.

Christine said...

Thanks Kim,
I think I fixed it.

carla said...

LOVE the new look!

Anonymous said...

Well, look at you changing things up and all. Me likey.

You and me. Six months to goal. The Badger and The Fatass. We should make a bet or something.

And I wasn't kidding about wanting to see your drawings.

Helen said...

Sorry to hear about the cost of the kickboxing but you've got a great plan, as usual.

Chris, I don't think I comment often enough to tell you how much I admire you. How great it is that you just put it all out there. How great it is that you don't have HUGE expectations of losing 10 pounds a week. You really are a fabulous example of what can be done if one just keeps keeping on. Thanks for that.

E. Jane said...

Your plan sounds top notch and very realistic. Look what you have accomplished so far! I am the same height as you, but older, so I have set my goal a bit higher. It's the journey that changes our lives for the better--not necessarily the goal. Stay true to yourself and keep on the great path you have created. I love blog design.

Fiona said...

Sounds like a great plan - look forward to reading about you getting ever closer to goal!

Laura said...

Plan looks fantastic and so does the new design!! :) Excited to watch you meet your goals!

Hanlie said...

Wow! That sounds like a good plan! Go for it, Chris!

I find it difficult to read lighter colored letters on a dark background, but I have all kinds of eyesight issues, so don't mind me. I read the post in the reader anyway and only click through to comment. Looks great though!

WWSuzi said...

Love the new layout!! And your plan sounds very do-able. Have a great weekend.

Patrick said...

The important thing is that you have a plan. The final leg of your journey will be just as successful as your other legs, look forward to celebration pic when you hit that target weight.

Robin said...

I like the new design. The word that comes to mind is clean. Or maybe chic. I don't know. Maybe uncluttered. Anyway, it's good.

Karen said...

I think your plan is great. Planning is key for losing weight and maintaining the loss successfully. And your exercise schedule is great too. How exciting that your ulimate goal is so close!

M Pax said...

Smart plan. Love the new layout. Classy.

jo said...

I think your plan sounds fantastic. I think it's smart, but mine is similar to yours. ;-) What else would I say?

Congrats on your current weight.

Like hte design. :D

Unknown said...

Sounds like all you need is a new playlist for your new plan.

Anonymous said...

I love the design!

It sure feels good to be at a new low, doesn't it?