A little like alfred hitchcock...

Okay, so I was sick yesterday.
Thought it was allergies..nope...
could explain why that allergy medication didn't make a bit of difference. lol.
I did a walk today.
I was still stuffed up.
It was crazy.
But I did get my Grocery shopping done.

I also have five birds perched on the roof above my garage door. 
They are swallows and every time I come out of the house they dive bomb me.
A little creepy.

I received two awards from three different people in the last few days.
One is where You talk about 7 things the other 10..
so I will combine them and talk about 8 and a half.
Seems fair.
One is a beautiful blogger award
The other is the versatile blogger award...
Beautiful blogger was given by Robin over at your daily dose..

And versatile blogger was given by two people...
The first was Annie from the blog Annie weighs..
And Barb from every day issues
I am supposed to name bloggers, undiscovered or otherwise. 
Unfortunately, I haven't discovered as many bloggers as I would like. ack.!
I have a hard time keeping up and commenting on the bloggers I DO KNOW.
I have to get out more.
I will try and find some tomorrow and pass these on.
So anywhoozle..

1.) I love popcorn. The kind you pop on the stove and add butter to.
I could live off it. I can't resist it. It's my kryponite.
It's why I don't buy it. Unless I can eat it.
on my high calorie days.
I will hose it. I will eat it till it's gone.


2.) I love the color turquoise..or baby/robins egg blue.  
Really like it.

3.) I love coffee....espresso roast ground from Starbucks. I drink mine with 1/4 cup 2 percent milk and  2 T of sugar and it is worth every calorie.

4.) Christian lacroix is my favorite designer.
I love him and how over the top he is...If I could afford him, I would wear him..even to the grocery store.

Remember to wear the dress, don't let the dress wear you!

5.) I wish I had one of the new chargers...cause they look like the old mustangs.

2010 charger...too cool.

6.) I want to go to Greece and Spain before I die. It's on my bucket list.

7.) My favorite flower is the yellow rose.

8.) I once watched every single episode of quantum leap over a six month period on the science channel.
I love quantum leap.

9.) I would give my right eye to...

Well, that's 8 and a half. lol
I will pass this on tomorrow.
Have a great night guys,


Paula Rodriguez said...

Congratulations on the awards and getting your grocery shopping done even though you're not feeling well.

Feel better

Rettakat said...

That was a fun list!

That's the BEST kind of popcorn... popped on top the stove in oil... none of that fake stuff zapped in a machine, LOL! Yep, I don't keep it around all the time either. ;-)


MrsFatass said...

I am SO a popcorn on the stove person, too. Always have been. Salt and parmesan cheese is what I like, though butter definitely does not suck.

Laura said...

I love Quantum Leap. It was one of my favorite shows to watch with my family growing up!!! Congratulations on your award and I hope you feel better soon :)

Robin said...

You are hilarious. Always keep 'em guessing. Now that you mention it, I miss Quantum Leap.

Linda Pressman said...

Great list, Chris! I used to watch Quantum Leap too! I loved it. And I eat popcorn if I've cooked it myself, as in I measure my oil and popcorn. Neurotic, I know, but at least I know what I'm eating. And, no butter. When I have it, it's my meal (sick, I know!)

M Pax said...

I love Alfred Hitchcock.

Mmmm. Popcorn & Quantum Leap. Now I want a dose.

bbubblyb said...

I always loved quantum leap too *smile*.