The Hundred day challenge...Day 1

Hello guys.
My weight this morning 154.5 lbs.

let's knock out the diet and exercise portion of this blog.
Exercise 3.5 mile walk.
350 calories burned.
Calories consumed.
20 calories vitamin
310 calories 3 eggs and 1 piece of toast
140 calories...1 cup of coffee and 2 sips of a 2nd cup
(That tasted bad and wasn't worth the calories. So I didn't waste the calories.)
240 calories2 servings of chunky vegetable soup
47 calories1 ounce of chicken
245 cal. 1/2 cup shredded Mexican cheese plus 1/8th of a cup

185 cal. 4 ounces 95 percent lean beef
100 cal. 2 la tortilla factory wraps @ 50 cal. ea.
10 cal. 1 T mexican seasoning
100 ounces guacamole
10 1/4 th of a tomato
10 cal. lettuce
20 2 T salsa
Total calorie intake:1437
It's amazing how accurate you can be if you try ;o)...

Now, onto the next bit
The non weight loss portion of this blog.
I like this eminem and rihannon song.
It is one of the clearest expressions of a disfunctional relationship on the radio, and how people get sucked in.
Speaking of that:
My friend robin over at your daily dose was blogging about choices.
Sometimes, with the benefit of hindsight, we realize we have made some big mistakes.
And when we realize we have made mistakes.
We can benefit from looking at them, examining them and figuring out what we can do differently in the future.
We let them go.
We drop the weight of guilt, and shame...
Because guilt and shame doesn't benefit us.
it hinders us.
When I talk about digging up your chicken coop...it isn't to revel in the smell...(and it does stink)
and yes, it is to figure out what is the issue, or what the issues are..(in my case, many issues)
And learn from them  so we don't repeat them.
But then...(and here is the most important part)
We Finish them. 
And never bring them up again.
Whatever it takes to finish that part of your existence, of your life...Whatever it takes to open your hand and let it go.
Do it.
Do you have a question you need to ask?
Do you have someone who has no idea how you feel,
Or how you felt.
And without off loading it, it will be stuck in your head and heart forever.
Then off load it.
Because the weight of that thing will sink you.
You have to let go of the past by making peace with it in whatever way will work for you.
Or we will never move forward.
We have to have *wait for it*
We also have to realize that whatever mistakes were made by others, we don't own.
We don't own their choices, or their feelings, or their mistakes.
Those are not our burden to bear.
So if you are feeling guilty over what you think you could have stopped, or could have prevented.
Those mistakes belong to the people who made their own choices.
Those are their experiences to learn and grow from.
I learned a few years ago to let go of the things that I couldn't control.
A number 1....other people.
I don't even try.
I feel much lighter now.
The only person I can control.
So, day 1 of my 100 days goes into the history books.
Only 99 to go.
A 463 calorie deficit.
Not bad for my first day.
Hugs to you all...


Anonymous said...

Great job on Day 1.

99ToGo said...

That is some seriously accurate calorie tracking!! I can't say I've ever counted the calories in my suppliments. Perhaps I should start...especially the fish oil pills.

WWSuzi said...

I'd say you had a great day :)

Alexia said...

very specific indeed! haha.

and i like that song, too. totally agree with your insight.

Kim said...

Um yeah, your calorie counting boggles my mind--I don't know how you do it. It's something I definitely need to work on. Good luck on your 100 days. I know you can do it!!!

outdoor.mom said...

good job on day 1 !! oh gosh, you are such a good girl keeping track like that. i have such a hard time with that. i have been writing it all down, but not measuring like i should be. the dinner looks good :-) hope you enjoyed the walk.

Amber said...

Great job!
Keep it up!

MargieAnne said...

You are always inspiring. My focus is weak. I need to beef up, (or trim down), things up a bit.

You wrote "We also have to realize that whatever mistakes were made by others, we don't own.
We don't own their choices, or their feelings, or their mistakes.
Those are not our burden to bear."

It's really important to accept this.

Two of my children did something really bad, criminal, and I have to live with it but although I cannot deny I may have failed them somehow, the truth is they made their own choices which incidentally, horrify me. No way can I condone their behaviour.

They broke my heart but I don't carry guilt for their actions. I can't change the past. I keep the door closed ... lightly. This is not a door closed tight against dark secrets but a door closed on past events that don't need to be aired unnecessarily. The past affects lots of things in the now but how it affects me is something I deal with and decide to get over. Finding my own healing has been essential. Hopefully my healing will make it possible for them to find their own healing and new life.

Life's too short to let the past destroy the now and the future.

There is nothing that can happen that is impossible to find a way forward from. You have demonstrated this.

Christine said...

@ Margie anne, It is important to accept this. Sometimes the things that have happened are so horrible, and if you don't let them go they will suck whatever life you have left out of you. And if you were to lay down and let that happen, you might as well just die. Life is too precious to just lay down and die. So you have to let go.
Good job on moving on...in spite of the pain.

Robin said...

It's always shocking to see your name come up in someone else's blog. You know what? I woke up feeling much lighter today. Yesterday, I woke up feeling crappy. Laying all of that stuff out there didn't help me at all because it was just sitting there stinking. After I sat and looked at it in terms of, "Where is the commonality/pattern and what can I learn from this?" I started to see it. That was freeing. You are right that I can't think that I could have changed someone else's life. The person's life I could have changed was mine. Now that I see where I went wrong in my thinking, I will always have that in my mind when that choice comes around the next time. For me. You can only start from where you are right now.

M Pax said...

Great advice on how to use the past constructively. So many continue to beat themselves up for the past & hate themselves. I think we have to learn to love all versions of ourselves until we find peace and maintainence. :D You go!