HDC day 2- feel the burn

Hey all,
day two, let's knock out the diet and exercise portion of this thing.

1 cup 2% fage 150
3 slices peach 30
2 T honey 120
total 300 cal for breakfast

2 latortilla wraps 100 cal
3.5 ounces ground beef150 cal.
1/3 cup cheese 140 cal.
lettuce 20 cal.
salsa 10
lunch 430 cal.

5 crackers 1 T butter 162 cal.
1 cup coffee 120 cal.

3.5 servings smoked turkey sausage 300 calories
1 large ear of corn 60 cal.
1 t. butter 50 cal.
bbque sauce 20

vitamin 20
450 cal.
Grand total: 462

1 hour on the elliptical
calories burned 650
150 situps and
upper body weight lifting
approximate burn 100 cal.
total burn 750 cal.

It was a good workout.
Not much else to say other than I got ogled by an old pervert today while lifting weights.
And when I say ogled, I mean I am doing my tricep extensions when I feel like I am being stared at.
I look up and am being ogled by an old dude wearing a headband.
I wasn't flattered.
Of course, I am feeling a little edgy today....felt like poking his frickin eye out.
It wasn't like I was the only chick in there, and I certainly wasn't the one dressed to call attention to herself....
one lady had hot pink lycra on and she had her headlights turned on if you know what I mean.
If anyone wanted attention it was that lady.
signing off now.
your well worked out but irritable blogger.


SeattleRunnerGirl said...

Chris you are too funny! You rocked your day. I hate being ogled by creepy old guys, too. Hope tomorrow you're feeling less edgy!

Paula Rodriguez said...

When I saw your food journal, I was so interested to see how you eat. Like the way you spread your calories out through the day and how everything is accounted for i.e., bbq sauce.

Yea, I hear you about the oogling. Not flattering when it's an old geezer.

I was listening to the emminem song earlier and my daughter was telling me how I needed to pay attention to the words. Interesting song.

Sorry you're irritable.

Fiona said...

Sorry had to laugh at you signing off as 'irritable blogger'. How annoying to be ogled while working out.

Amber said...

Well if you just looked like crap like some of the rest of us when were at they gym, you wouldn'e get ogled. lol

Sorry, next time maybe you'll have a young hot guy ogleing!

Sounds like a great workout and food intake day. Maybe I'll just pay you to make my meals for me.

Rettakat said...

Hey you guys... leave us old geezers and sheezers alone!! LOL! Can't we appreciate Eye Candy, too? Is that the domain of only you wet-behind-the-ears kidlets??


Loretta, creaking along, wheezing and squinting at the Eye Candy, trying to wolf whistle thru my toothless old gums... eh? Did ya say something to me? Eh?? You talkin to me?? You talking to ME??


cmoursler said...

lolol loretta, It wouldn't have been so bad if he wouldn't have been leering at my chest.
oy. lolol.
Um I don't think you qualify for the wheezing portion of 'old age'.
Maybe he was wondering what was down there...never thought of that. *actually can't stop laughing now.

Helen said...

Oogling is the VERY reason I hate gyms. Hate them. Oh, and also that they make me stuck indoors :-)

Learning to be Less said...

Girl you are so inspirational. I have missed a few posts. What is this new diet?

Looks healthy. Tip of the hat to you. I will rejoin the loser journey in a few months!

Seth said...

everything looks solid.

I think you need to poke his eye out!

I'll tell you though, you've worked hard to get where you are at and I know you've done it for yourself, but that territory comes with old pervs checking you out (no matter how blatantly it is).

I don't know how many times I've been ogled by old women now that I've lost weight. Okay - that's not true, 241 times, but still --- being stared at comes with the territory of looking good. I would rather be stared at b/c I look better now than when I was fat. This staring is tolerable.

Of course, old pervs should not be doing that - I do get that.

Keep up your hard work badger.

Robin said...

Sounds like you need to start carrying a sharp stick around....lol. Just don't hurt yourself with it!

cmoursler said...

lol robin...I probably would.

Beautiful Grace said...

Ok - so what is fage? And what is Vitamin 20?

Other than that, I love seeing what you're eating each day.