making your mountain into several small molehills.

I was thinking (after I wrote that last post...you know, the one that said something) that I have a tape that kicks in when I want to skip the gym.
It is in direct opposition to the tape I used to have..
old tape: I need to finish this closet...I can wait to work out.
New tape: I need to stop doing this and work out...working out can't wait.
You know how I flipped the tape...
by flipping it.
I walked by walking.
I went to the gym today by putting on my shoes, putting on my clothes and going.
I don't allow any other voice to interfere.
You can't.
I haven't felt like doing a workout for about two weeks now.
I do them anyways....
Before, going to the gym seemed like scaling a very tall mountain to me.
Now it's an annoying molehill.
Things always seem bigger before you do them.
Like having a baby, or getting married.
Once you've done it, it doesn't seem so impossible.
How do I make myself go to the gym.
By going.
This isn't to be a smart ass.
But really...
How do you do anything?
There are many things in life you must do.
How do you do them?
How do you scrub the toilet?
Do you need to 'feel like it'?
Does it really matter if you feel like it?
It has to be done, so you do it.
That is how you work out.
Once you realize that there is not a viable alternative...(granted, it seems a lot of people will do ANYTHING to avoid this realization.)
There is no alternative.
No magic pill of exercise happiness.
No magic pill to shrink your rear..no matter what the bimbos in bikinis say at 2 o clock in the morning.
There is no magical motivation pill.
It all comes from inside.
From the spirit.
If your mind and spirit are not in accord with your will, then  you need to get your mind right.
That is why I blog so much about the mind.
You can logically WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT.
But mentally, you could be sabotaging yourself.
But sometimes there is no self sabotage.
It's that you don't want to, or aren't ready to make the changes necessary to see this thing through.
When that is the case, and I know cause I've been there...
any excuse will do.
I don't have a babysitter.
I don't have time.
I don't have a good metabolism.
I don't want to starve.

I had excuses for  years.
I didn't want to be 'one of those mothers' who only thought of herself.
I had all the excuses above.
I couldn't stand the idea of giving up food as comfort and to be honest, it is still a struggle.
But it isn't some grand mountain....
It's little molehills you get your foot caught in...and you will only stay caught if you want to.
Life will always be there.
Like I told someone the other day.
There will always be a month, a holiday, or an occasion, or an annoying boss, or a stressful relationship.
But the crux of this is, do you want to be healthy, or do you want a reason not to be.
Like I said before, for years I had reasons.
What changed from May 3rd to May 4th last year?
The excuses....the reasons....the world.
Or me.

Have a great night guys,


Syl said...

excellent post! so very true, excuses always get in the way but if we want it we have to fight for it!

Holly said...

I think I have been making a lot of excuses the last couple of weeks. Thank you for the eye opener!

Ice Queen said...

Well said. And very true. It is what I am learning. I have to walk. My inner voice tells me to get off my arse, lace on my walking shoes and get out to the lake. It isn't an option. It is mandatory.

No excuses. No nonsense. :D

Kim said...

Thank you Chris. :) Thank you...exactly what I needed to hear.

Robin said...

Here and I thought you were taking magic pills. I guess I am going to have to change some things I wrote about you on my blog.

Seriously, did you read the blog about the substance award? If not, you need to backtrack. I tagged you. And did that web addy work to pick your awards for the patterns contest????

Fiona said...

A couple of wonderful wonderful posts!! Thank you for sharing!!

Jane said...

I have had too many molehills that have turned into mountains--unnecessarily. The mountains turned into excuses and self-indulgence. Thanks for the reminders.

Salina Lyn said...

Life is so damn simple. It makes you wonder why we choose to make it so damn difficult sometimes. :)

Lori Ann said...

Now I have been home a few weeks, I can relate exactly. It is about creating your own motivation for doing things. Things have to be done. Care of ourself - it just has to be done. No one is going to do it for me.

Great post.

Nawlinz Lady (Dee) said...

I am a new follower and I must say this post made so many light bulbs go on in my head. Thanks!

April said...

so so true. i still have conversations with myself every single day "yes, go upstairs, change, go the the gym. NO, do not sit down and watch TV."

question about your post on 7/6, about your calories consumed, calories burned and have a 500 calorie deficit.? can you explain what the means, in english?, for those of us (me) who sorta get what you are saying, but not really? i'm curious. Thanks!

Hanlie said...

We were just talking about that at dinner tonight... With the new job starting Monday, I have the option of saying that I won't have time to exercise, but instead hubby and I are weighing the options, making plans and working out ways in which I can still exercise once I start working. Morning or evening? Gym or boot camp? There are so many options!

You're right, it's up to us, not the circumstances.

M Pax said...

I've found there seem to be cycles - of enjoying workouts vs. not so into it. When the latter, as you say, you just have to stick.

Now that I like working out and what it does for me, I can't imagine no longer doing it. There may be times when something else now takes precedent [very few things do], but I'll know I'll get back at it as soon as I can. I know that I'll want to.

That is a complete change from where I've started. You're right, you change by doing. Consisten behavior leads to change.

So-Me said...

I love this post. It is so true and I am moving ahead because I finally know that it IS this simple. I will either get healthy - or I won't, but I choose either way. Love your blog!

Cara :)

SeattleRunnerGirl said...

Love the new layout! I completely agree - all the "reasons" I used to have were really excuses. Why I wasn't ready? It was because I hadn't done the emotional work to make this physical change a lasting one. Now I have, and even if I FEEL like eating off-plan or skipping a workout, I just...don't.

Anonymous said...

I was just saying this to a friend: Do it or don't, change or be the same. Just like your post. I'll keep my fingers crossed for him while I'm on the elliptical today.