perserverance not perfection....

today was another day on program...I did an hour and a half of cardio and burned about 575 calories.
I did 30 minutes on the stairstepper and three miles walking.
I am on point with my calories.
Coming in at 1506 for the day.
I know some people may have been surprised that I get tired of doing this, or that I don't always do 'this' healthy living thing perfectly.
That's why I wroteyesterdays post.
I don't want people thinking I am perfect or that it never gets to me.
I want you to  know that it doesn't take perfection, just perserverance.
You will have an off day...or maybe an off week.
But at any point in there you can decide to do it again.
All I had to do was remember how I used to feel verses what I feel like now.
All I can do now, and all I DO now, verses what I was nearly incapable of doing then.
Perfection hasn't gotten me here.
A preponderance of good choices, built day after day...
week after week
month after month...
Year after (now going into my second) year...
It wasn't a bad day or even a bad or down week that put me in the mess I was in..
It took fifteen long years to get into that condition.
The good thing about last week.
I learned that my good habits are very hard to break.
Even while I ate stuff that made me feel crappy ( particularly the cake)
I realized that my other eating made me feel better.
Less stuffed. Less sick to my stomach.
THAT little experiment taught me many things.
It made eating well easier.
I noticed when I didn't walk.
Before I noticed when I walked.
My new normal is set to 'healthy'.
Well, got some laundry to do.
Everyone have a great night.


Joy said...

So encouraging! My biggest fear, is after I've lost the weight, that I will go back to my old ways. I truly hope the new healthy habits I have will carry me for the rest of my life. That is my goal!!! Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Perseverance...yep, that's the key.


Rettakat said...

"I learned that my good habits are very hard to break."

Wow, I loved reading that! It it is so full of hope and power, very encouraging. Loved this post.


carla said...

hope power and encouragement.
and what I needed this morning as I get ready to stare down something which intimidates me entirely.

for me today it shall be ATTEMPTING NOT PERFECTION.

if I TRY that alone is success.


Anonymous said...

I remember reading various posts of bloggers (both still present AND long gone) where they get to a point where they lose that perserverance. Where the initial excitment of the shrinking bodies or the milestones or whatever kind of lose their lustre. Or they begin to forget what fat felt like, and the slips start to happen.

If maintenance were easy, we'd all be thin and healthy, right?

Julie Lost and Found said...

Your posts are extremely encouraging. You are right. The title alone is exactly what I needed to read today. Thanks!

Melissa said...

you need to write a book.

you are sooo right that one bad day didn't get you there. That is something I have to keep reminding myself.

M Pax said...

I notice the same things. :) It keeps me at it. I like feeling good.

Robin said...

That is the biggest change. The thing that used to make you feel good doesn't. The thing that makes you feel good now used to seem impossible. A mental journey that happened one step at a time until there was no going back. It is freakin' awesome.