Saturday Snark...

The Nutjob edition:
Now here is how you deal with Fred phelps and his gang of hooligans   Church...

They don't understand it.
It caused them to "flee"
I love nerds.

And speaking of nutjobs....
Mahmoud is sure Iran will be sending men into space by 2019..
At the rate he's going, I think Israel will be sending half the population into space as particles of dust by 2012.
Just sayin'.
That's alright...If Iranians want to send people into space I think that's dandy....
In fact, I say we applaud their efforts. Give them the old 'slap on the back'.
It can't be easy pulling their collective heads out of the 13th century.
I say we send the head of NASA over with a Big plate of cookies and some milk...It's their primary mission after all.

Now, for folks who are always good for a laugh, our congressional representatives:

First up, Nancy Pelosi explaining how this whole 'capitalisticy free markety' thing works.
Yup, unemployment checks create jobs.

Next up
This guy:
His grasp of basic geology (or would it be geography) is a bit spotty.
He is a paid representative in Congress...we pay him...Not in Chickens or small shiny trinkets...
We give him money.

The person who should be paid more?
The member of the armed services...His head didn't explode, He didn't even laugh...blood didn't shoot out of his eyes or anything. That is discipline.

And to put the cherry on top of this crap fest...
our esteemed congresswoman from the great state of Texas....

I wonder if Vietnam Knows they are divided....Maybe they should tell Korea.

If that don't make you feel good about how your tax dollars are being spent, then I don't know what will.
I will be posting my big plans tomorrow.


Lori Ann said...

These are painful to watch. It is really hard to believe that these people were elected to represent us and that we are paying them to make good decisions for the country.

I knew nothing about them before watching these, now I am ready to support an opposing candidate :)

Anonymous said...

The sad thing is that we couldn't find better people to elect.

Patrick said...

LOL, I wonder if Vietnam Knows they are divided!

KrysTros said...

I keep waiting for Shelia Jackson Lee to be voted out but ..... anyways....