HDC day 3- making the most of what you have

Hey all,
first some to answer some questions...
fage is greek yogurt and vitamin 20 means vitamin = 20 calories lol.
HDC is hundred day challenge to get to a normal bmi.

Now on to the diet and weight loss portion of this blog post.
eggs 3=210 cal.
toast 1= 100 cal.
Total bfast 310

2 cups with sugar and milk
4T sugar 1/2 cup 2% milk 240 cal.

fish stick sandwich
4 fish sticks 220 cal.
2 slices toast 200 cal.
lettuce and tomato 15 cal.
2 T light miracle whip 40 cal.
total lunch 455 cal.

5 oz chicken breast 160
1/2 cup stuffing 140
large tossed salad
butter lettuce, cucumbers, bell pepper and tomatoes and red onion with 1 T catalina dressing
approximated 100 cal.
Total dinner 400 cal.

snack 4 crackers with 1 teaspoon butter 98

well, will reel it in tomorrow. I am not supposed to go over 1500
Calories burned
stairstepper 330 cal. for 38 minutes
walk 2 miles 200 cal.
Approximate deficit 530 calories.
Not bad.
I get really hungry right after I work out.
I am thinking of cutting my lunch in two and eating half prior to the workout and half after.

So, onto the non weight loss portion.
Amber made an interesting comment on my blog yesterday...
about How I go to the gym looking 'good'.
I do.
So why do I go and not expect to be gawked at...Let's put it that way.
It wasn't a glance. It was a leer.
You ladies know what I am talking about.
There is a way to flatter with a look
and there is a way to make someone feel dirty.
I was wearing a loose fitting shirt with a rounded neck...No cleavage bearing for me.
I want to feel pretty.
So I wear bright, pretty colors.
I put my hair in a nice pony tail or braids.
I don't wear ratty gym clothes.
They are nice and bright.
They are cotton.
I don't spend a fortune, just enough to look decent.
It's for me.

I wear waterproof eyeliner and tinted lip gloss.
I am one of those obnoxious women.
I will tell you why I do it.
I looked like crap for years.
I spent YEARS looking like something the cat dragged in.
I felt old in my twenties.
Here...here's a picture for you.

These pictures were taken a few months apart. The one in the white was my very first start photo... 262 lbs...the one in gray is taken a month or two in by my good freind amber approximately 249 lbs.
See the hair, That was how I wore it...all.the.time.
See the face.
No makeup.
I would wear some for special occasions.
that was all...and special occasions were few and far between.
I didn't pluck my eyebrows.
I didn't buy myself clothes.
I didn't dress up.
You know why?
I didn't think it was worth the effort.
I didn't want to stick out.
I wanted to blend.
All my clothes were gray, black or tan.
some white t shirts but not many.
I wore clothes from my husband's side of the closet.
I will never wear a man's shirt again.
I will never wear pants that stretch at the waist band again.
And I will do my hair before I leave the house, even if it is something as simple as a pony tail.
It will be a done pony.
No hairs sticking out in all directions.
I will pluck my eyebrows...
I will take care of my skin.
I will make the most of what God gave me.
I am no beauty queen...but the way I treated myself like a sack of excrement is nearly criminal.
God doesn't make trash, and he doesn't want me parading around that way.
I will never look like that again.
I don't step out of my house looking like that.
You know why?
I deserve better.
I deserve to feel pretty and powerful.
And so do you.
Even if my pants DO need to be hemmed.
Signing off for the evening.


SeattleRunnerGirl said...

"I deserve to feel pretty and powerful. And so do you."


Nuf said.

Annalisa201 said...

Amen indeed Chris.
I don't understand why parents didn't teach us this! I guess my mom has her own self-esteem issues... bad actually.
We are all learning that we ARE worth it.
In fact, don't tell anyone, because I'm not sure that I am ready to admit it to even myself, but I've found myself this month actually.... gulp... liking pink! (The colour, not the singer)... I too was always one of those "wearing clothes from my husbands side of the closet" kind... never wanted attention especially from clothes, I still have trouble buying shoes (see today's post) and I have always hated, with a passion, the colour pink... now I'm finding it kinda pretty... Wow, how God can open a person up, transform them from the inside out. Wow.

Alexia said...

you look like another person, chris! crazy! i completely agree: i now try to use every opportunity--esp. when i'm going to see my ex--to look my best :)

Learning to be Less said...

Hell yeah! I was the same way heavy. Although I workout and sweat like a pig I have to have a clean face (I have terrible acne) I do now wear cuter gym clothes that actually fit and give lots of support. And I super love my new cute, smaller clothes.

Joy said...

WOW Chris - What an amazing transformation! I too like to look nic...even while doing yard work. OK even I can't look nice doing that...I know what you mean about not taking care of yourself. I was right with you....So glad to have made the turn around. Feel so much better. Hugs!

Rettakat said...

This post made me smile... because I now know the feeling. I love your new sense of self-respect!

MrsFatass said...

You are beautiful and I'm so glad you know how worth the effort you are. I'm worth the effort too, and that's why I am trying to do the same. Not strut around like a woman of loose morals (lol) but a woman with confidence who takes care of herself.
Now excuse me why I go handle my crazy hair sticking out everywhere pony.

Julie Lost and Found said...

I just can't get over your transformation! You look amazing.

Thank you for reminding us that we ARE worth it, and ad Rettakat mentioned, I also love your self respect.

It encourages me to love and respect myself.

Putz said...

i deserve to be pretty, lovely and so do you>>the putzervisor

Waisting Time said...

I came over from Julie's blog. You look amazing! I always wondered why anyone would wear makeup to the gym but you have given me a new perspective on this. Thanks for sharing.

Beautiful Grace said...

Am I worth it? That is the million dollar question. Seriously. I know this. But knowing and being are so different. I only wear black clothing with a closet full of beautiful bright colors that no longer fit me. I only wear my hair in a clip and rarely put on makeup. People say I don't need makeup and I guess I run with it. I'm that girl with a "pretty face". Do people even know how insulting that is? I wish I knew why I felt not worthy? Where does that come from?


Paula Rodriguez said...

You're beautiful Chris. A totally different person. Well, maybe the same just shedded the extra layers. Thanks for writing this post. I've been told more than once that I should invest in some decent gym clothes. I wear old t-shirts, old pants yoga pants. We are worth more than that--thanks for the reminder.

You're looking like one hot mama there chris...

bbubblyb said...

Great post!!!

Pam said...

WOW - I love the pictures! What an outstanding difference! I love this post -- very powerful and very true. Keep up the amazing job and never forget how worth it you are!

Brenda said...

It just does something to us women when we 'prettify' ourselves even a little, I think.

Robin said...

I am now thinking about that dream I had last week where I was trying to get to my hair appointment. Yeah, I really need a haircut. Thanks Chris.

Kimberley said...

You certainly are worth it. What a wonderful transformation!

Leslie said...

What a great post. Funny, I never thought about WHY I wear a lot of black...but you're right on the money. We all deserve better than we tend to give ourselves.

M Pax said...

Nothing wrong with putting your best foot forward. I find I do that now, too.

karen@fitnessjourney said...

Yes you deserve to feel good and look good-and know that you look good!

I always appreciate what I learn from your insights. When I see someone who looks like they don't care, I'm going to think about this post and make an effort to smile at that person and share a kind word.

demotutorial said...

You are so right! Every woman deserves it. Especially those who have been in that situation when being overweight is that constant force that brings her down. tummy tuck