You've Got to remember WHY!

Hey all,
Is anyone Having post July 4th let down?
Consume too many calories?
It's okay, it's just one day.
Today is a new day...let it go.

I was thinking as I drove to the gym today
(I reaaaaallllly didn't feel like it.)
I have to remember why sometimes.
Why do I need to watch what I eat daily?
Why can't I just have a hot dog or stuff myself silly with any ole thing that is put in front of me?
Why should I count every calorie?
Every cracker?

Maybe this happens to you...
Sometimes it gets a little fuzzy...mostly because these days I am   feeling so good.

I can do most anything.

I don't get tired out all the time.

It would be easy to eat more than I should daily,
In the spirit of "treating" myself.

Today as I was cleaning my youngest daughter's closet out, and making really good progress I might add, I was tempted to skip the gym and finish it.
But luckily I have a built in tape that starts to play whenever I get these foolish notions.
The tape says:
"Not going to the gym is not an option, if you don't take care of yourself...there will be nobody here to take care of this closet...remember how you used to feel".

And then I do.
I remember.
I remember how I used to have a hard time standing for any length of time.
I remember being too tired to dig in the yard,or take a walk or clean out the closets.
I remember that I nearly put myself in an early grave trying to "take care of everything but me."
I also remember how it felt to be looked down on.
I remember going to the  rodeo and having the girls in their skinny jeans parade by  my husband and smirk at me.
I remember having the door swing back in my face because no man held it open for me.
I remember being mooed at.
I remember the heart palpitations and the back and joint pain.
I remember how my feet and heels used to hurt so bad in the       Morning I could barely walk.

Today I shaved my legs without worrying about my belly getting in the way.
I put lotion on my feet and noticed how thin they looked.
I have lost half a shoe size.
I have lost 14 pants sizes.
So, sometimes...when you are tempted to not workout..or to have things that aren't planned.
You have got to remember why you are doing this.
And treat yourself to a better life.
Not more food.


Anne said...

Great post! Thanks :)

Patrick said...

Chris, remembering! That can be a powerful tool in staying on track. On any day we can't find the motivation to make a good choice, remembering any number of things we couldn't do at our worst weight that we really really really wish we could, that should start the motivation swinging back forward. For me, one is remembering that I couldn't walk down stairs without doing so sideways and holding on to the banister.

Christine Jeske said...

Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE you?

Seth said...

Those comparison pics are pretty amazing! I love it.

It's important to know why and remember why we are doing this. It's got to be on our mind.

WWSuzi said...

Wow, this is a great motivational post!!

Julie Lost and Found said...

Great post!

but now I'm confused. I'd really like your opinion on something.

The truth is, I will NOT do the strength training on my own right now. I don't think I will. If it were an option for you back in the beginning, would you stick with the personal trainer? or try to do it on your own? I'm thinking of giving him up and putting together a three times a week routine for myself. I could also just go to the darn gym. Did you do strength training in the beginning?

aschul11 said...

I just wanted to say that that post couldnt have come at a better time for me... as I sit here and tell my husband I dont want to work out I had a long day (and the rest of my excuses) I tell myself fine Ill go work out but lemme check my blog first and look at that you post this and give me the motivation to get it moving so just wanted to say thank you so much and keep up the great work... we can be whoever we want to be we make the choice!

Sandy said...

I've been in that "not fair" stage...and i'm sure i'll be there again. It's good to have that inner "tape recording" for days like those. Thanks for giving us some good tools to work with!

Kim said...

Very good post. I'm struggling with the "how" to get back on track...I've had such a hard time getting started back since physically I'm just...ugh...ugh in every way actually. Maybe you can talk about how you made it through these moments? Good post...seriously. Thanks.

Rebecka said...

Thank you.

Amber said...

Great post Chris!
What a transformation!
Awesome job!

Julie, The Accidental Fat Chick said...

Lol, I just had my own shaving experience the other day. Today it was an experience with sunscreen... I can actually put it on my whole back... without help! :)

Kim said...

Hey, I posted a comment...did it not go through?? Uh oh..hmm. Well I thought I did.lol.

carla said...


Im working on a book which talks about how the WHY is far more important than the how.

when you know the WHY then the how almost falls into place.



Boozy Tooth said...

Damn girl. You are one fierce fit fantastic chica! Casa Hice approves!

Hanlie said...

I am totally reminded today why I need to do this... Went to the mall yesterday to buy work clothes and today I'm in agony from my ankles to my hips. My legs, especially my knees, are so sore from all the walking and standing. It didn't help that I was able to view my mounds of flesh from all angles all day while trying on clothes.

Helen said...

"Treat yourself to a better life. Not more food."

That is going on my refrigerator Chris!

Anonymous said...

What a great reminder. We all need to do this more often.

Fat Grump said...

Great post, and just the kick up the arse I need today, given I have decided to take a 'day off'. It won't make me feel any better tomorrow, so I am going to do this evening all the things I have put off doing during the day! Caving in too often (on ourselves) is a form of neglect so thanks for the reminder :)

paulawannacracker said...

Chris, you look wonderful. I love where you write "Today I shaved my legs without worrying about my belly getting in the way." Awesome.

Love your posts.

Robin said...

Holidays, in particular, tend to throw people off their schedule. Excellent timing for this post. You KNOW if you were thinking about scrapping your regularly scheduled exercise, someone with less discipline (or just starting) is definitely wavering. As always, I think you hit the nail right on the head.

Lori Ann said...

This post is very motivational. I especially like the remember when section - heartfelt.

You look great!

M Pax said...

I remember every day - every key stroke. This is so much better than a donut. You're right. :)

Anonymous said...

I thought I posted but I must have got the word verification wrong!

Great message Chris! Thanks!

Really love the difference in the pics.

You have done such a great job.

Unknown said...

great advice Chris- I am a big bealiever in looking at old pics to see where I once was! (and will never go back to!)

I like the new blog layout too- makes it easier to read! :)

Kim said...

Holy crud! I'm just now realizing you have the word verfication thingy on. I've left 3 comments now and they haven't been published...jeez louise I'm so smart. All the writing and for nothing! Ok, so I'm gonna try this again.
Ok, so I haven't forgotten the why, but I feel stuck...so stuck. Life has really sucked it out of me lately and I've let it and now I have the "want to" back but I feel like I've forgotten the "know how to". I know that sounds crazy, but i guess it's b/c physically I'm so worn out and mentally...it's like using one more brain cell to concoct a new plan is like doing a friggin jigsaw. Does any of this make sense?? Do you have a post relating to this I could read? :( Thanks and hopefully this comment will get through this time. Copying it just in case though. lol

Dominique said...

I was cutting my time close to get to the gym and began to think, "I'll just skip it tonight." The next moment I was reading your post, then hopped on the bike and rode to the gym. I slipped in the door just in time! Thanks for the inspiring photos and the swift kick in the rear!

Sparkler said...

Hi Chris,

I'm a recent follower of yours and I'm always surprised by how insightful your posts are...even this far into your journey. You could so write one of those mega money making inspirational books and do the tours along with it. You definately have what it takes! I love this post, it doesn't even mention the pictures...but they shout the message so loud it hurts my ears! Don't neglect yourself...prioritise your fitness. Without the pictures the words would still be effective...but with them...the words SHOUT! L love your blog...you have a lot to offer. xx

UpsAndDowns said...

Very inspiring!