It IS possible...

Hey all,
Back from the land of birthday ville for this important announcement.
It IS possible to lose over 100 lbs through counting calories and exercising.
I should know, I've done it.
And so have a few other people I have read...
You know, they have these things called statistics.
Every time I read about the statistics regarding weight loss I think...
Well, they never met me...
Or Sean
Or Tony
Or Loretta
Or Seth
Or Jack
Or Amber...
These are just SOME of the people who have lost weight and who I know 'get it'.
That it's for life.
These people aren't statistics.
Neither are you.
You aren't a statistic.
If your doctor is telling you that it's IMPOSSIBLE TO LOSE WEIGHT when you are the weight you are.
He is wrong.
One pound is one pound.
I don't care how many you have hanging around screwing up your life.
Why is losing 100 lbs any different than losing 1 pound?
The only difference is in the perception.
Anybody can take a step..
many can walk a mile..
But the idea of a marathon, well...that seems really far.
How are you going to make it?
How are you going to lose ALL THAT WEIGHT????
By losing that first pound, and then the second.
You see, the truth is...whether you have five pounds to lose or 50...
or 100, 200 or more...
It isn't a sprint for any of us.
If we want to lose the weight FOR GOOD.
It's a marathon.
For everyone.
Because if you lose that last 20 and then put it back on...well,  you didn't finish the race.
This race is for life.
So, It is possible to lose more than 100 pounds without surgery.
What is needed is a long term mindset, a determination to change your life for good...
And knowing WHY you are doing it, and WHAT YOU ARE AIMING FOR.

Are you trying to look great, feel great...or live a full life?
All three,
Know your why's.
Know your hows.
What you are willing to do...
What you are willing to cut...
Know your triggers..what pushes your emotional buttons
Then neutralize them.
Know that excuses are just that.
and don't make anymore.
Make yourself and  your health your top priority.
Then push to make it happen.
In one years time you'll be so glad you did...
Have a great night guys.


The Fat Chick said...

Thanks for this Chris.

Rettakat said...

ACK!!! I get so frustrated over those "statistics"!!


"We" are the general population... your average weight loss peon.

Those Study statistics were taken from clinical settings that were TREATING PEOPLE HAVING A HARD TIME LOSING WEIGHT, not your average Joe/Jane.

This research was never intended to be aimed at "us", your average person determined to lose weight.

And over time, the skewed date has been repeated, ad nauseam, so many times that now everyone thinks it is fact that it is soooo hard to lose weight. OR that it is soooo hard to maintain that weight loss.


People: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop putting that stuff on your blogs about those % of people that regain, or those % of people that fail at weight loss.


Sorry Chris... ya pushed a hot button! ;-)
Everything you said: agree 100%


ivoryfrog said...

So true that I need to make myself a priority to make this work.. for so long I have concerned myself with what others need from me and sacrificed my needs. I wanted others to like me so what they wanted was more important than me. Ha! It didn't work, I still have no friends around.. so now I am switching it up... I am my priority now (as well as my kids obviously) and I want to do this. :)

My doctor has told me for the last 5 years (time I have had thyroid issues)that the weight will come off "in time" During the last 5 years I have not lost any weight, in fact I have probably gained around 30lbs in that time on top of the rest. During this time she has never weighed me, or discussed my weight other than to say it will come off in time. I have come to realise that she will not help me, so I am going to help myself. :)

great post. :))

Joy said...

GREAT POST!!! I totally agree with you. I have had a least 2 doctors tell me that I can't do this on my own (surgery or drugs are my only options) or I was told that if I did lose it, I would gain it back and then some. Not to mention what the media says about this topic. Look at Oprah. Geez, if she can't do it with all her resources how am I ever going to do it? That's why I love these blog posts. Every day I get confirmation that this is REALLY possible. People are doing it and so can I!!! You and so many others give me hope that it's possible. Thank you for being a REAL example of what is really possible ~ You ROCK!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I needed that.

Nawlinz Lady (Dee) said...

great post!

lv2scpbk said...

I left you a Versatile award on my blog. Please check it out and pass it on. It's on my Everyday Life's Issues blog.

Beth said...

Thank you!

Beautiful Grace said...

Talk about a slap, wake up call, shoulder shaking post. Does that even make sense? You know what I mean right? I needed that. I still don't get it though. I feel doomed, like this is the way it will always be. I know it's just the enemy messing with my mind. Need to put on the Armour and get moving! Thanks Chris for a great post.

Amber said...

Great post!
Weight loss is so much a metnal attitude. Either you want enough to work your butt off to get it or you don't!

Inspirational Chris!

Jane said...

I loved your positive, inspiring post. Being new to blogging, I appreciate your attitude and knowledge.

Sandy said...

Nicely put Chris!

I've been doing that alot lately, thinking about my why's, how's and what i'm willing to do to get where i need to be. No one else will do it for me, this is all on me...and i'm doing it!

Robin said...

Well, the statistics also say that every couple in America will have 2-1/2 children, don't they? I haven't met a 1/2 child yet, have you? Just sayin'.

Sparkler said...

Hi Chris,

My fave quote is something along the lines of 'a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step' and I love it because it is soooo true and your post really just underlines it! I just love reading your blog...you are so inspirational, not just for what you've achieved but for the fabulous words you write each and every time you log on!

I was behind and I posted a message I'd like you to read on July 6th if you have time. You really have a lot to offer and I'm so glad I found your blog. xx

Sparkler said...

Just a correction, my comment was on the 5th July. xx

karen@fitnessjourney said...

Amen! When I lost the weight I gained with my first pregnancy people used to get so disappointed when they asked how I did it and I told them watching what I ate and exercising every day. I'm pretty sure they thought I knew some special secret. LOL! Do you get that too?

Katie J said...

Thanks for the reminder Chris!

P.S. Maybe there was more then one study on gaining once weight is lost statistics.

Tearose said...

Dam right its possible! I have lost 138 lbs with diet and exercise and know many others who have lost large amounts the same way. Great post! :)

Annie said...

I have been loving your posts lately!

There is an award for you at my blog! http://annieweighsblog.blogspot.com/