Going above and beyond...

Hey all,
I got my walk in today but ate maintenance calories. It's back to the gym tomorrow and back otk with the calorie deficit.
I wanted to talk a little about 'what i've been doing'.
I have been cleaning and organizing my house.
And much like weight loss, this time around the house cleaning and organizing is going differently.
Why you might ask.
Because I am going above and beyond.
I am committing.
I am not just 'getting it clean'.
I am going down to the bone with the organizing.

I am removing the furniture, vacuuming and then only putting back in what I want to keep.
This has led to some epic garbage piles and some massive good will give aways.
On thursday the garbage guys took away stuff that has been sitting unused for at least a decade.
Kind of like all my excess weight.
Stuff that was just laying around weighing me down. 
But now I have three rooms that have a place for everything and everything in it's place.
Three rooms that have nothing I don't want or need.
The Rooms left to go....my kid's bathroom, my oldest daughters room and my kitchen.
The Kitchen scares me.
I want to start a food storage system.
I"ve been blabbing about this for some time.
But I feel  like I am finally starting to move forward on this.
I said before that I want to take the dedication and motivation I used for weight loss and begin to apply it to other areas in my life, and I have.
I have organized my art supplies and my urge to draw has been growing daily.
I feel like I need to have my home in order thought.
That comes first.
First came me, my body.
Then my home.
Then my future...
Then My hobbies.
By making myself a priority, my vision for my future has become much clearer.
I know who I am, and I know what I want.
Weight loss isn't really about the weight.
It's about the kind of life you want to live.
You have to catch a vision of who you want to be.
Then strive for it.
I am coming to the final stretch here in the weight loss part of this equation..
Then it's creating the kind of life that will sustain the person I want to be.
You're whole life is either a set up for a sedentary existence, for frustration, and lack.
Or a dynamic existence, for stretching and growth.
To Get to where you want to go, you are going to have to break out of your mold  and go above and beyond where your comfort zone is...it's one of your first steps.
My first step was walking every day...I had to break the habit of sitting...
Walking (or daily movement) had to become my new reality.
Well, I had better get some rest.
I am tired.  I have a few more rooms to go and I have the gym tomorrow.
Have a great night guys.


Rettakat said...

When you write it out like that, it becomes so clear! I can see where I've been hung up... not COMMITTING to the decluttering. I've been puttering at decluttering!

Thanks for the great insights,

Blue~ said...

I love that time - when you suddenly find an enthusiasm for clearing out the old and finding new ways of doing stuff -- out with the old and on with the new - go for it!

outdoor.mom said...

good job on the house keeping!! i wish i was that motivated!

MrsFatass said...

I did this at Christmas. It started when I moved a chair to make room for the tree. It ended 2 weeks later when I'd cleaned and organized every room, closet, and cupboard in the house, including the attic. It quieted my mind, got me ready to focus. It was good.

7 months later? I need to do it again. lol.

Hanlie said...

I really believe that weight loss is very much about letting go, and that includes the things in your environment that don't serve you any more... Way to go, Chris!

Nawlinz Lady (Dee) said...

I started the exact sane thing 2 days ago. I have been scrubbing, organizing & de cluttering my kitchen the whole 2 days & still have more that I want to accomplish before I move to the next room. I love all the renewed energy I have in my new lifestyle;)

spunkysuzi said...

I've also been doing the house organizing! It feels so good to get rid of things you know you'll never use or need.
Now i'm off on a walk, you have inspired me! Thanks

Reva said...

great job Chris. Keep it up and I'm glad Amber has you for a friend.

Lori Ann said...

This is exactly what I am doing. Changing myself, clearing out the excess in my body... clearing out the clutter and excess in my house. I am almost half done with the house... making progress every day.

Great post - really speaks to me today.

Joy said...

Chris, GREAT POST ~ VERY MOTIVATING. You are getting your whole package together!

Without realizing it, until I read your post, I have been doing the same thing. It's taken some time, but I can now see that I've been on the same journey. It started with my checkbook & finances about 2 years ago ~ I was out of control. Then I got my craftroom organized, then I started with my health and body. Now my hubby and I are doing new things together and exploring our town. I'm not quite ready to tackle the house cleaning yet. Maybe that's next. It really is freeing when you get to work on this stuff. For me, when I got one thing done, it opened the door for the next thing that I had to tackle. It's awesome!!

I really love your posts...very thought provoking! Keep it up! Hugs!

Deb Willbefree said...

You're right, it ISN"T about the weight. You put it so clearly--it's a truth I didn't realize that I knew until now. :) Deb

Kimberley said...

You are making some really awesome changes Chris!

It will be so exciting once you get back to your art. I am looking forward to that.

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

I gotta tell ya, Chris, it's been kinda fun watching this metamorphasis you've gone through. Quite the inspiration...

Rock on.

Robin said...

We are doing a lot of that here, too. I have referred to it as shedding. I think I need to dig a little deeper because I don't have your attitude about letting go yet that you have embraced. I know that it should be freeing and it isn't. Each day I tackle the boxes with dread. You don't have to try and solve this one for me. I already know the answer.

Sandy said...

You are making such progress in your life! And you inspire so many of us to make changes too! Thank you Chris...don't ever stop! :-)

TJ said...

You always do what it takes...I never worry about you! :) I love the feeling of cleaning things out- and getting rid of what I do not need- makes me feel good! lol Strange? lol

bbubblyb said...

I do believe our homes are a reflection of our minds. I know mine is cluttered at times. I do want my home to be a reflection of how I really feel now. It is a tough under taking but I know it is worthwhile and I always know how great I feel when the house looks good. Way to go on all your hard work. I love reading what you have to say it always makes me think and reflect on myself.