Saturday snark.....Please shut up...

Hello all It's HDC day 14..tomorrow is weigh in.
As for the title.
Do you ever have times when you wish the world would just SHUT UP.
People like to talk.
Heck, I like to talk.
I listen to talk radio.
I watch the news.
I talk to people on the phone.
But, the older I get, the less I want to say.
I often, in the middle of sentence, think
"Why am I even talking about this?"
or I ask myself
"Am I really having this conversation?"

I can see me in twenty years, sitting and letting everyone blather and never uttering a word.
Sometimes I think half of all spoken words are for the mere benefit of filling up the air or just plain mindless babble.
I think people think approximately half as much as they talk.
When they should talk half as much as they think.
That maybe, perhaps...They should not speak unless they have something to contribute.
Which means washington should be silent approximately 90 percent of the time...The other ten percent of their shlock should be put through a bull sh*t machine and anybody spewing some should recieve random electric shocks.
These people rarely contribute anything but more problems.
They make broad assumptions.
They use pat catchphrases like"best for the country as a whole' and wander around calling random events a "Wake up call".
I watch tv at the gym and the sheer amount of self congratulatory speech is sickening.
How many awards shows can there be?
If the prerequisite for speech were that the words must be kind, factual and relevent, educated and thoughtful...and most of all NECCESSARY !
I think the peace and quiet factor would go up exponentially.
And so...with that thought in mind..
I leave you with a clip that always makes me laugh...

I just wanted to say that,
Chris out.


Dutch said...

I was just thinking the same thing about people talking. My weight watcher leader mentioned something about me being a future leader and I thought I don't think I want to talk that much or listen to all those stories. I love people but I also noticed as I get older that I like silence. I moved to a small town 6 years ago & it was the best thing my family & and ever did. Peace & quiet. I hear the birds in the morning instead of the big semi trucks. Great minds think alike. I haven't watch the video yet but getting ready to.
Have a great evening.

Robin said...

There is nothing more enjoyable than good conversation. Make that great conversation with someone who is funny, smart, and enjoys listening and talking equally. All that said, people on talk radio and news shows don't enjoy listening to anyone but themselves. I can't stand it. They talk over their "guests" and are just plain rude. However, as long as the network encourages it, they will keep doing it. I do my part by not listening.

MargieAnne said...

I wonder where these masters of 'words that say nothing' get their training. Is there a secret college somewhere? There cannot possibly be so many people with a natural talent for talking incessantly especially with such enthusiasm for talking over others. Do you think they hold competitions to see who can drown out the most people at the same time?

Clearly no-one told them silence is golden or think before you speak or wise people listen more and speak less.

Is Verbal Diarrhoea a certifiable disease? Perhaps it should be.

I love the silence of where we live. I get really grumpy when holiday people invade.

The greatest skill is to get your brain in gear before opening your mouth.

MargieAnne said...

Thank-you so much for the link to Miley Cyrus singing The Climb on YouTube. I love it.

Christine said...

you're welcome

Linda Pressman said...

Well, being Jewish, I have to say I can really yak it up, although I don't think I talk just to hear myself talk. I think I talk for connection. I have never really watched any of those political shows but lately I started doing machines at the JCC and I'm STUNNED! This is all I can say about the stuff I see, regardless of political persuasion: when these people talk I don't see God. I see hate.

Karen said...

I remember in school being told we had two ears and one mouth so we should listen twice as much as we talked. Not the same of thinking of course.

Mary - A Merry Life said...

I feel the same way.

Love that clip!

Tammy said...

Been trying to catch up on some of your posts....loved them all, but I got a lump in my throat on that Former Fat Girl one....or Secrets Fat Girls Know...or something like that. I can't wait til I can put "former" in front of fat girl like you have. One of these days. :)