HDC day 15- pictures, weigh in and vote for your favorite outfit...

Hey all,
first up..
great day exercise wise.

I didn't walk outside as it was HOT and then it was WINDY and then it was SHOOTING LIGHTENING BOLTS.

So, I went to the gym.
I did one mile and then thought...I hate the treadmill.

Then I did another mile and a half and called it a day.

my calories are in and under 1500.

burn though.
250 calories.

The good news.

I woke up this morning at 150 lbs.

On the cusp of a new decade in weight loss.

I don't remember the 140's...at all.
Never in my life do I recall being a hundred forty anything.
I was 138 in highschool...got up to 156 (next time I weighed myself).
Then I joined the army and the next time I weighed myself I was 136.
Then I met my husband
I was 139...got pregnant.
They didn't weight me the first 6 months.
I know...I know.
I weighed in and I was 163.
The lowest I have been since then is now...150 lbs.

I am hoping to be 149 within the next four or five days.
I am 18 pounds from goal guys.

18 pounds.
I am so happy about that.
It looks surreal on my weight bar.

18 pounds.

That is nothing.

That is one pound 18 times.

I have already lost 112 lbs.

watch out 18 lbs. I am about to kick your @ss.


first up red dress (and new haircut!)
As always...Click to enlarge

Next up
gray shirt black skirt...
So You vote, I wear.

Well, That is about all guys.
Will be back tomorrow with a full report.
Big hugs,


Melissa said...

Red dress!! :)
You look FANTASTIC!!!

WWSuzi said...

Definitely the red dress!!

Beautiful Grace said...

Red dress!!

Holly said...

Red dress! Did I miss what you will be wearing this too/for?

18 pounds! That is so awesome!

M said...

Red Dress :) It looks amazing

paulawannacracker said...

Yea... definitely the red dress. You look awesome Chris. I really like the little black fringe goes perfect with the shoes.

Total transformation from your Xmas 2008 photo. You're one hot mamacita.

Anonymous said...

Well--first things first!

CONGRATULATIONS ON 150!!! You look great!

The lowest I've been--ever in my life over the age of 14--was 152. And that was for about 10 minutes. 150 is MAJOR to me. CONGRATULATIONS!

Outfit: RED Dress, hands down! The black skirt is very cute--but, red dress. :D


Lorinda.C.F said...

I was going to say the black skirt but have obviously been out voted! Either way you look fabulous! A huge congrats on the 150!

Anonymous said...

Great balls of fire!!! The red dress. It is so hot! I love the fringe and the shoes are great.

I really like your new hair too. I am so thrilled by your transformation...I can only imagine how thrilled you are. :-)

Syl said...

you look beautiful in both but my vote is for the red dress, there is an air of confidence in that one, you glow happiness!

Rebecka said...

The haircut is fabulous!
Wear the red and knock 'em dead.

150 pounds. You are so inspiring to me. Congrats on your hard work and how it's paying off for you.

Fiona said...

Love the hair and I am voting grey/black even though I am in the minority!

Joy said...

Gotta be the red dress. You look fantastic!!

Patrick said...

Nothing tastes assweet as that sweetness if a new decade in weight loss. Please do share the goodness when you cross over to it.

New hair, quite nice. I vote for gray & black!

MargieAnne said...

Red. You are stunning and ready to party.

Retta said...

Yep, definitely the sassy red dress!

And congrats on 150. Look out 40's, here she comes!


outdoor.mom said...

i love the red!! you look F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S in both though!! Holy cow are you looken good these days - wowee!!! amazing!! great job on all your goals coming together. You are amazing!

Life as a Caterpillar said...

Your blog is so inspirational to me!
Thank you for writing, i am around about your starting weight at the moment and reading this just inspires me so much.
Thank you!

ps, I vote the grey- i think it look svery classy :)


Wendy said...

shut the damn door!
like you have to ask ...the red one! dang girl.
omg....oh some day please let this be me!

Allan said...

I always find the best way to tell if the dress is the right one take it off and throw it on the floor. Look at it on the floor. With that in mind, whichever you think would cause it to hit the floor faster, that is the one. Red rocks, the other one is really a close second.. Did I pander ? sorry, looks great !!!

Morgan said...

Well they both look great, but the red dress is definitely sassier. And I love your hair!

Mary :: A Merry Life said...

Oh wow... the 140s! That's awesome. So close!

And ... RED DRESS!

Learning to be Less said...

Hey hot mama!!! First....OMG Congrats!!! You look super awesome - haircut too. Second - you look great in both. However - 112 pounds? You have earned red!!! be colorful skinny minnie!

99ToGo said...

RED DRESS!! Will hubby be with you where you're going? You'll need a chaperone :)

M Pax said...

You are rocking both outfits and they both look really fab on you. But I'd vote the red dress, too.

Love the new haircut.

Oh, and woot on the number on the scale and going into new territory.

SeattleRunnerGirl said...

You look amazing! I vote on outfit #2 but clearly I'm outnumbered. You are getting soooo close to goal!

Ice Queen said...

Definitely the red.

I like your new 'do, too.

Tammy said...

The other outfit is adorable, flirty, but the red dress takes the cake woman!!! Definitely the red, and I've even forgotten why you're wearing it, but hell, it looks so good I'd tell you to wear it grocery shoppping, lmao.

Congrats on the 150!! 18 lbs is unreal. You've come a long way in a relatively short amount of time...that's fantastic! You're the picture of consistency. Why can't we all just wise up and be like you? ;) Some of us like to make it harder than it has to be I guess. Care to do a post about that?? lol :)

Robin said...

Love the hair cut. I assume you are going some place fancy. So I am choosing the red dress. That rocks. However, the other outfit is really nice, too. It is flattering. But, the red dress is definitely sexier.

rsobering7 said...

grey and black!

Amber said...

Wait, I want to vote too...

Ummmm I think....

Red, definatly red dress!!!!
Looks awesome!

MB said...

I love the new hair and both outfits. The red dress is HOT HOT HOT!