A conversation

Hello all,
I was going to post something different...or not at all as my guest post is still up at Val's.

But my head and heart are full of something else right now and I always type brain to keyboard...so you get what you get.

I have a conversation buddy.
He lives next door.
He is five.
He is a talker.
He tells me all sorts of stuff.
Two weeks ago, He told me his dad was going to afghanistan...and that he was going to visit family in ohio but they were going to have to go through washington and texas first.
I said "That's a long trip."
He said "yep'.
"You can go now."
When we are done with our conversations, he always dismisses me.

Today my friend amber came over to ask me if I 'knew' the lady next door to me to my right.
I said no..I have talked to her twice.
I have talked to the little guy many, many times.
Well, My friend says that two officers in dress uniform came to her house today and left one hour later.
My husband went to Iraq four times.
I know what that means.
I didn't know what to do.
So I let it lie figuring I will go over in a day or two with some meals and a card.
as I am going out to the mailbox I see little man standing by the fence.
So I go and say hi...
and this was our conversation.
Hi (this is me)
I say How are you doing...
He says "good'.
"I had my eighth day of kindergarten today."
I say wow...you are getting really good at counting.
(I am crouching so that I am actually below is line of sight...this helps kids talk..they don't feel like you are a giant.)
He says..."Yes, I am learning to count popsicles and cathy took my popsicle bucket.."
this goes on for a while...he tells me he is Team Captain and that he likes it.
I say "I bet your good at it'
he says "My daddy died today."
I said 'I know'
Then he starts crying...and says "He went to heaven and is never, ever, ever coming back"
"I can't see him anymore and he can't see me."
I say "He can see you from heaven."
He says "He can?"
I say "Yes."
He said..."can I go to heaven"
I say 'not for a very long time...and your dad wants you to stay here a long time."
He said "My dad had an army shirt on and now he can't ever take the army shirt off."
I said "Yes he can...cause when you get to heaven you give up your old clothes and you get a white robe that shines like the sun."
He says "You do?"
I said "Yes."
I am crying by this time...cause I just can't stop it.
and he is giving me a hug over the fence...
He says, "But I still miss him.."
I said "That's okay...to miss him and to hurt"...we will miss the people who die"
But do you know who Jesus is?
He said 'Yes."
I said "Your dad is with him and Jesus is just about the best person you could ever be with so your dad isn't alone."
And your dad can see you from heaven so anything you want to say you can say to him.
He said "I can'
I said yes.
So...he goes back inside.
I go back inside and realize I went outside to check the mail and have somehow managed to lose my keys...
so I think I must have dropped them when I hugged him and they were on the other side o f the fence.
so I am trying to sneak around the fence to get them when the gramma comes out.
I told her what little man said
and she said
That's the first time he's talked about it all day.
I am so glad he felt like he could talk.
I am still crying.
I just want to say thank you again to all those who are currently serving overseas, or who have loved ones overseas...our family's danger has passed.
I know how blessed we are, I feel it today.

I am signing off now.


Tami said...

I don't even know what to say. God's timing is perfect and he placed you right there for that little guy to talk to just when he needed to.

You were awesome!

Karla said...

I gave you an award, just my way of saying thank you for helping me

SeattleRunnerGirl said...

Yeah, well now *I'm* in tears, too. Thanks for sharing that love and truth with your little neighbor, Chris. And a bit DITTO and AMEN to the thanks to those serving (and their families, too) our country today. We are so blessed.

Karla said...

it is so awesome that you were there for him

Amber said...

Also glad you were there and he was able to talk to you!
My heart goes out to the whole family.

Anonymous said...

What you told that little boy was perfect. The shining white clothes was absolutely inspired. Everyone is right--God put you right there, right then--and He gave you the words.

If anyone doubts that it is important to know what you know about the Lord, they should doubt no longer. Your faith and knowledge touched that little child's heart and mind today.

God is good--even when we don't understand why tragic things happen as they do.



cmoursler said...

19:8 To her was granted. By divine grace.

That she should be arrayed in fine linen, clean and white. She must be arrayed in spotless white.

For the fine linen is the righteousness of saints. What this white raiment is not left in doubt. It is woven by the pure and holy lives of the saints.

Thanks Deb, but I can't take any credit...

"She" is the church...
We are given a robe that has been washed in the blood of the lamb. I have known this since sunday school. This is Why a bible believing church is so important. My sunday school teacher Mrs. Scott taught me that.

MargieAnne said...

Sad. Incredibly beautiful.

Awesome that you and your neighbour boy talk so freely.

Let the tears flow. Healing comes in it's own time.

We've lost 2 New Zealand soldiers in the last month. Soldiers and their families need our loving support. They do an terrific job but sometimes I wonder why we have all these wars. Life can be strange.

Aylilth said...

Oh geez that just brought tears to my eyes

Julie, The Accidental Fat Chick said...

Wow that really made me cry... especially on a day like today when I'm truly despising deployment. Glad God put you to be there for the little guy today. My heart hurts for him...

Kristen said...

That was amazing. You had me in tears. My heart aches so intensely for the wives, children and parents who lose their soldiers. You did an awesome deed today and that little boy might sleep better knowing his daddy is in good hands.

Anonymous said...

Chuckle. Yes, Chris, I know the signifigance of being clothed in white. grin. I meant that it was divine inspiration that you thought to tell that child about the white robe when he worried that his father would always have to wear the army shirt.

And I meant that it is good to know what and why you believe. for moments just like this. As you said, sound Biblical teaching is essential--and for a reason beyond ourselves.

I was just being glad you knew what you know and were able to say it. I apparently was so emotional from the story that I wrote it badly.

You, however, said it well. :)


carla said...

it all does make me believe in divine purpose.


MB said...

It's so sad this little guy has to grow up without his dad. I'm glad he had you to talk to and hope your words and hugs helped him through the most difficult day in his young life. I pray for all those who fight to keep us safe.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for taking the time to talk to the young boy.

Tammy said...

Thank God for you Chris. It's always so humbling when God uses us in situations like these, isn't it? I'm just so happy that you were there to help ease the little guy through a tough situation. I know your words made a difference to him. I'll be praying for him and his family. Thanks for sharing this.

Chupsie said...

oh momma, all I can say is now I am crying...

Helen said...

How blessed that you and this little fellow have each other. I am sure there is an extra reward waiting for you in heaven Chris. I'm sure of it.

Robin said...

As I am crying my eyes out, it occurs to me that all of your previous conversations with the little man took place so that he would trust you. You would be friends. He was going to need you in THIS moment. If not for those previous conversations THIS conversation would not have happened. I believe less and less in coincidence. You said just what he needed to hear so that he would know that he isn't alone and that his dad is okay. You made his world as right as it could get. If and when I get my project off the ground, I am pretty sure I have a job for you.

99ToGo said...

That life-altering conversation the little boy had with you was months in the making. Had you not been willing to take time out of your day to give him some attention during all of those little chats...how could he have heard the truth you told him when he most needed to hear it? While crazy-sad for him and his family, your post illustrates how perfectly God weaves the details of our days (and uses our servant-hearts if we'll give them) for His good purpose.

And I still find that the sacrifice our service-people make is also born by the ones who love them. For that, I will be forever grateful.

Jo said...

How sad. I'm glad he would talk to you about it. He's going to need to talk to you some more, you know.

bbubblyb said...

Glad you were there for the little guy, he needed you. I am saying a prayer for all that serve our country and their families. Thanks for taking the time to write this, sometimes I need to realize just how close this stuff is.

Katie J said...

You are such a caring loving lady Chris. I am so glad you could be there for him.

Julie said...

You were in the right place at the right time with the perfect words for your little man neighbor. He will forever remember what you said.
Not sure where I came from or which blog I saw you on but glad I did. Thank you for sharing today.
Take care and God Bless you!!

M said...

Im crying to much to type but it was awesome that you were able to touch him and bring comfort. My heart goes out to him

Ali said...

I'm so glad you were there for that little boy. This post was heartbreaking.

On our local 10:00 news tonight, I learned that a local boy was killed yesterday in Afghanistan. He and a commrade were both killed and I couldn't help but think of your neighbor and wonder. This boy just graduated from high school two years ago. They interviewed his Mama on the news and she said the two soldiers came to the door and asked if they could come in and she told them no because she knew why they were there.

I would have said no too.

Anyway...thank you for sharing this with us. It makes all these "unknown" soldiers so real, and their families real too.

maryjane2744 said...

I'm glad you were there for the little man. It sounds like you said what he needed to hear at that dreadful time.