HDC day 10- A tale of Two Chris(es)

Hello all...
Let's leave yesterday where it belongs and move on shall we?
I want to talk about something I am sure a lot of people never talk about.
I have two sides.
I have the yuppie me
I have the artist me.
Alot of times yuppie me is a very thin veneer.
It cracks when things agitate me..
Things like lazy thinking, or big mouths
You have seen my house.
This is how I make my house because I want my children to have a happy, normal childhood.
Children deserve to be normal.
To be bored out of their skulls by their parents.
To be able to time, down to the minute, when their parents will be home.
What their parents will say.
What their parents will expect.
don't tell my kids...
But there is another side of me..

There is something of 'her' hiding in me..

This is the me that loves rap, loves modern art (shhhh don't tell anyone lol) loves people sitting around and talking about philosophy and religion and politics.
This is the me that can spend hours drawing, and thinking.
The me that drew this last night...
While listening to snuff by slipknot....
Nothing is more creativity inspiring than great art by other artists, whatever the medium...
( Done with my daughter's crayola oil pastels....lol)
Then there is this me....

The me that tells the kids to eat their brussel sprouts. (actually it's brussels sprout(s)...depending.)
The me that says No to going out of the house after 7 pm with the kids.
The me that plans everything down to the penny on vacations.
The me that drives my minivan through the bad parts of town with the windows rolled up and the doors locked...
The me that won't frequent the Walmart on Platte because of the 'interesting' clientele....
The me that is uncomfortable with the cleavage on my new bathing suit.
The me that makes fun of modern art with my family back in Michigan.

Sometimes I feel that artist me and yuppie me are incompatible.
I was raised a southern baptist.
We don't smoke or drink or think subversive thoughts. lolol.
Except I have always had subversive thoughts.
I loathe black and white thinking.
But I believe in God, I believe in Jesus and everything that implies.
But, I hate caricatures of people...BUT, they are handy for dealing with people who love them.
Some people can only see black and white. Grey isn't an area they are willing to deal in.
Sometimes it is easier to dress the part, talk the part because the shallow people never look any deeper.
Then you don't have to waste energy trying to explain.
Sometimes you can have fun with people too shallow to look deeper.
I spent most of my high school career doing that.
But that too gets boring after a while.
I want to mesh my art and my life.
I think I may have to wait a while longer before that occurs in all it's glory.
For now I will allow my kids the luxury of a boring mother.
I will allow my husband and my poor neighbors the comfort of pansies and peonies and minivans and all that implies.

food for the day.
yogurt with honey (ran out of peaches) 300 cal.
coffee 240 cal. 1/2 cup 2 percent milk and 4 T sugar
lunch one salad lettuce, green bell pepper, cucumber and tomato (60 cal) with 1.5 ounces of cheese (150 ca.) 4 slices ham (40 cal.)
and 2 T salad dressing (90 cal.) Total lunch-340 cal

snack 10 crackers and 1 T butter 120 cal

2 hot and spicy turkey sausage links 240
6 mushrooms 30 and 1 small salad 75
420 cal.

grand total-1445 cal.

Exercise 36 minutes stairstepper and a 2 mile walk
total burn 500 cal.
Have a great night guys.


Alexia said...

i like to think that we are much more complex than being seen in one particular way. lovelovelove the pastel drawing, chris!

Lorinda.C.F said...

LOVE your drawing. The colors are amazing!

I have two sides as well: the yuppy and the hippy. I call myself a yippy!!

It isn't always easy wanting new, beautiful, aesthetically pleasing things with one half of me and wanting to only buy second hand or reuse something old with the other half of me.

Christine Jeske said...

Wonderful crayola "painting" and wonderful duality. =D

Sheilagh said...

Love your Art.

I have a split personality, respectable and rebel...now there's a story!!

Thank you for you support over the past few weeks, it has meant a great deal to me.



Retta said...

I have a distant relative that is a very successful, fairly well-known artist. Growing up, when the topic of her art came up, the consensus of opinion in my immediate non-art family was: looks like something a child painted... or comments like that.

My point: I spent most of my life not feeling free to explore who *I* really was as an artist. I was tempering it due to opinions of others... I was pulling back on the reigns. I was not free.

I would hate to think that is the message your kids might get if you, too, temper who you really are.

You can be a fantastic Momma, and still be true to yourself as an artist. You might be surprised to find that they are tickled to have an artistic and "different" Momma! And it will open up their eyes to really see and appreciate all kinds of art, not just the "normal". It would enrich them!

Oh well... just a different perspective, not necessarily "right"... sort of gray, hahahahaha!!

Anyway.... I, too, LOVED the drawing. The colors, the energy, the passion, the mystery.

We are having a yard sale this weekend, and I am determined to raise $200, and buy me a big set of Caran d'Ache II Neocolors!!


Anonymous said...

I might be wrong, but I don't really believe anyone is as one dimensional as they look. Or, if they are, they are struggling with it. There is certainly a tale of two steves too. This is great though - it is what makes Chris, Chris!

Allan said...

Sounds all good to me... Never apologize for doing what you believe..

ravengal said...

Add being a homeschooling sahm to the mix, and it gets even more dualistic....

Love your blog.

Robin said...

My father was a social worker. He became fascinated with Multiple Personality Disorder when a woman who had it became a patient/client. He started reading up on it hard. After all that reading he decided that we all are multiple personalities. The only differentiation between is that ours know each other. In other words, we are all different people with different people. We may do consciously, but probably do it subconsciously. Now that you are thinking about it, you will do it consciously.

Fiona said...

Love the drawing and the blog.
I have just started accepting that the real me is actually ok.
Funnily enough I mentioned it in my blog today.
I love that I am full of contradictions.
Hope you get to embrace all the parts of you soon!

Putz said...

are you preaching to me????do you want me to become a southern baptist?????>>>>tell me what you want, PLease