Saturday snark...um, not so much...

Not really feeling it tonight guys.
I thought my head would exploder earlier, then realized I didn't really have the energy to put my snarkiness into blog post form.
So If you want to see what I am referring to click THIS
If you are offended..remember you clicked. lol.
other than that I am writing out the plan I told you about.
It's laborious and time consuming and I have about had it with the 'schedule'...but I will pull through.
I am giving myself friday and saturday off of everything....Just putting things in order and Sunday I will be on my new plan...you have to jump off one horse to hop on another.
Hope you guys have a great night.
I owe val a post...going to write part tonight and part tomorrow and she should have it up when she has it up...which is whenever she decides to have it up...I have no idea because I have not been diligent in keeping track of much but my stupid schedule.
Have a great night...oh and I will be posting some stuff tomorrow in regards to a blog award and some questions to answer. I will try to make it interesting.
Big hugs,


Anonymous said...

:) You are always interesting, Chris. :) Deb

Hanlie said...

I've just caught up with the whole of August's posts! You so entertain me, but more than that, I learn so much from you. It's always a pleasure to visit here and I'm glad that you're first in my Reader.

Robin said...

This is indeed a pisser offer. More proof that people are stupid. Like we needed more proof that people are stupid. I know that you quit watching TV a while ago but when LOST came on, I thought to myself, more than once, that if not for all of the mysterious WTF moments, it might be nice to be stranded on an island that was completely off the grid. Especially if it had plenty of spring water, fruit trees, and some people who knew how to fish (and the rest were willing to learn). Of course, having a doctor around would be nice. Yep, it all looked pretty enticing at times. Of course, there were those WTF moments on the show that made it very scary and made me glad to be home in bed. Like when the polar bear appeared out of nowhere on a tropical island. Or the smoke monster. Now those were WTF moments. So, if there were no polar bears or smoke monsters or things like that it would be pretty great. And no one spoke Ebonics. One guy spoke Korean and that was challenging. It was a lot of hand signals at first, but he eventually learned English b/c people took the time to teach him.