HDC Day 12.....Secrets Fat Girls Know...

Well, Today was actually awesome.
I did my stairmaster for 40 minutes (127 floors and 330 cals)
And I walked my two miles (200 cals)
Total burn 530

Breakfast eggs and toast 310

Coffee the usual 2 cups...240 cal.

lunch went to a new mediterranean restaurant and had a Romain salad with chicken, tomatoes, cucumber and red onion and 2 Tablespoons of FEta....No dressing...topped out at 250 max.
2 pieces of dark chocolate. small...120 cal.

7 crackers and butter 184 cal.
one latortilla burrito with ground beef and 1/3 cup cheese and tomatoes and lettuce
360 cal.

Total dinner 544 calories

Total cals in 1464

Total deficit... around 600.
Works for me.

So, on to secrets Fat girls know...
Secret one...We know how to dress to make our fat look less.
Dark colors
clothes that skim, and don't cling.
Makeup that hides our double chin
hair that's bigger
Jewelry that's bigger.

Children can be snatched before a photo and used as a shield
So can:
pillows, chairs, couches, various projects and the occasional and very judiciously placed half wall...(If you are lucky)
And if you aren't, eveyone knows you turn one quarter turn and suck your gut in, bend your leg, lift your chin and hope for the best.

If it's someone you know...you threaten them with maiming and a look and say...From HERE up.
All ladies know where here starts...
That's the chest.

Well, I have to say it feels good to wear bright colors....
and to stop pulling my childrens arms out of their sockets if they are unlucky enough to be within reaching distance when ever someone pulls out their camera.

But I have taken what I learned as a fat girl and am now using my knowledge to buy clothing that flatters me, even though I still have a stomach and thighs that are really holding the last 15 lbs or so.
(It is holding on for dear life right around my middle.)
But I shall perservere.
Remember, nothing is ever a waste if it adds to who you are.
I am glad I was a fat girl.
It made more aware of other's feelings.
It made me more aware of my own imperfections in both my physical look and my character.
It made me very aware of how lucky I was to have a husband who loves me, fat or thin.
That gives me a perspective I might not have had, had I not gotten big.
It also gives perspective on men who 100 lbs ago were allowing doors to swing in my face, but now hold them open.
It made me go inward.
I am grateful.
I will always be a former fat girl.
I am proud of that.
Some of the best people I know were or are.....
have a great night guys..


Paula Rodriguez said...

Okay, first things first. Just saw your pic at 152 holly smokes. You look great. And you know this is a sincere compliment when it comes from a woman... right?

What a transformation. Great list and so very true.

midlife_swimmer said...


while still technically fat

I am also a FFG!

Robin said...

If you haven't watched your video yet, I hope you know that it is about two things. One is about how far you have come in terms of kicking ass. It is paying tribute to your self defense classes. In other words, it is saying No Fear. The other part is just about how comfortable you are in your own skin. And I like that song. Kick Ass Song. So, I hope you like it, too. If you are scratching your head... it's HERE'S TO YOU THURSDAY...

Alexia said...

"makeup that hides our double chin"

what???? i didn't the memo for that one. chris i love what said about how being fat gave you perspective. wow. i feel the same way. now when i see fat women i want to say to them, "you can claim your health, too! it's not impossible!"

cmoursler said...

darker foundation under the chin Alexia!
hmmmmmm....maybe it was my drama club training, just thought everyone knew that one.

She woke up FAT said...

Anther proud to be a former fatty here! I have to agree that in some way it has made me a better person. Sadly I was the skinny girl who thought she was a fatty and never liked her body at any size. But now that I truly have been over weight I can see a major difference in the way I see the world and myself.

MrsFatass said...

So ready to be a former.

Melissa said...

You are sooo right! I am always glad when I realize that I look at something differently because of my past experiences. I think people expect me to be some kind of salad eating bitch and I hope they are surprised when that isn't always the case.

Quinta da Quilter said...

Great perspective! Had not thought of my weight loss that way - thank you! For helping me to rethink my fat years. Getting closer to my goal and I never want to forget where I can from and why.

Fiona said...

Great blog :)

LA said...

I love your writings. I congratulate you on your success. I admire your perspective. I agree whole-heartedly!

Like you said, some of the best - most respectable, caring, loving, supportive, ad nauseum - people I know have came from a life that gave them the same perspective of people. Whether they were homeless and unloved or obese and ignored.

And, I've had the door shut in my face more times than I can count.

I love your progress pics, btw! :)

SeattleRunnerGirl said...

I heart this: "Remember, nothing is ever a waste if it adds to who you are."

Amen to that. Also a soon-to-be Proud FFG here.

Helen said...

You crack me up with the crackers and butter. It makes me happy to see that you include things you really love to eat in your daily menu.

99ToGo said...

Ha!! How many times have a grabbed a kid to cover as much of myself as I can?? And threatened death to anyone who posts pics of me on Facebook and then TAGS me :)

karen@fitnessjourney said...

This was beautifully written Chris. Can I tell you a secret now? Those are things that everyone knows that "fat girls" do, but in polite society, no one will let the "fat girl" in on that secret.