Saturday snark- In the spirit of tolerance...

sometimes you have to laugh or you'd cry...
so, in the spirit of tolerance I would like to give a big old THUMBS UP
to building a mosque and 'community center' a mere two blocks from where three thousand of our fellow citizens breathed their last breaths, called thier loved ones....and died.

I mean, if we can't embrace the right to religious freedom by erecting a gargantuan mosque within spitting distance of where three thousand of our fellow citizens died, What kind of country are we?

In that vein I would like to propose a few more monuments we could erect...
How's about a monument to marksmanship at the Texas schoolbook repository?
A sheet sale on Martin Luther King Jr's birthday.
Or an amusement park called "Ye olde Crusades" in Downtown baghdad...half off for all military members on the anniversary of our 2003 invasion.

And in the spirit of tolerance for our tolerance
I say we open a gay strip club next door to the Cordoba mosque and call it 'You mecca me hot'.
This was not my idea btw...
It was Greg Gutfeld's..
He even wrote a letter to the Cordoba mosque with his proposal.

Their response...
He can build whatever he wants, but he won't be opening a dialogue with muslims if he doesn't take "their sensibilities' into account.

You know, like they took ours into account when they decided to build their mosque within spitting distance of where 3000 of our fellow citizens drew their last breath, made their last phone calls, and died.

Oh, yeah...you'll have to turn off the music to the right...
Just like our politicians have turned a deaf ear to the American people when it comes to this issue.

We wouldn't want emotion to overcome our reason.
Or self preservation to overcome our political correctness.
Have a nice Saturday.
Chris out.


Lanie said...

you can spit 2 blocks?

99ToGo said...

Thank you for this very timely snark.

I read the news and shook my head, wondering what the heck happened to this country. I mean, I love it so very much. And I appreciate every last person who has served for us all. But our Commander in Chief has backed one of the most nutty ideas in history. I keep wondering if he's so sick of his job, he's desperately trying to make certain he loses the next race...

E. Jane said...

Thanks for the clarity, Chris.

Christine said...

@ lainie
Apparently so...they managed from two blocks away, and with incredible aim...Right in the face.

Anonymous said...

As a social worker, I am a voice for the rights of the oppressed or demeaned.

I cringe at the paranoid & hate-fille rhetoric spoken regarding immigrants--no matter how much patriotism it tries to hide in, for example. I do more than cringe, but that is for my post not yours.

I said that, to say this: your post is right on. Common decency would say "NO!" to this mosque. Decency would not have attempted to do it to begin with.

It is not about being politically correct or tolerant. Beyond the painful feelings of survivors and family in New York, (Which actually is my first concern.)it is not even a safe thing to do.

Surely they will become targets there--one wonders if that is their plan, you know? They can not be ignorant of the impact their presence will make--or that New Yorkers are not naturally reticent in expressing their distaste.

Anyway, you go girl. And, :D on the spitting distance comeback.


Anonymous said...

Would you feel the same way if it were a Christian Church being built? How about a Jewish Synogogue?

But you're willing to judge all Muslims based on this one act? Would you be willing to judge all Christians by the Inquisition? By the behavior of Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church?

Christine said...

@ fab kate..
No, but neither do I think I would erect a monument to gun rights in front of columbine high school. No matter how much I believe in the 2nd amendment. Some things are common sense...and common courtesy. And before you get too upset at my judging muslims..you may want to have a look see at the man who is building it and what his beliefs are..then ask yourself Why did he choose the location he chose. This isn't benign, and I refuse to sit down and say that it is. We have done that far too long.

Christine said...

oh, and if fred phelps blew up a building, and then some of his followers wanted to build a church right next door, yes..I would have a problem with it.

Member of the Justice League said...

The imam of the mosque wants to dedicate the beginning of construction on September 11th.

The imam of the mosque financially supported the Gaza flotilla that carried "peace" workers who were armed and savagely beat Israeli soldiers.

The Freedom Tower has not yet been built because the Chinese objected to the name "Freedom Tower".

Our nation is crumbling beneath the weight of political correctness.

Christine said...

@ physicallee fit
It reminds me a cosby episode...
Where vanessa brings home her boyfriend and presents him.
Mr. cosby says "You know....I love a good steak".
But put that steak on a garbage can lid....and I don't want the steak.
It's in the presentation.
This dude is not okay, this mosque means something more than just diversity...and it should be fought.

Robin said...

I don't even know where to begin with this one or where to end. Whoever approved this should be fired and the firings should continue right up the chain of command on this one on EVERYONE who received the memo. This is the trickle down theory in action. This wouldn't have been approved if the person at the top of the "food chain" wouldn't have been nodding and saying "yes." And that is where the buck stops. Everyone else in between should have been firing off memos/complaints, holding meetings, etc. about how wrong this was. If they did, well they can stay. Otherwise, they are outta here. Aaron Tippin sang a song a long time ago called YOU'VE GOT TO STAND FOR SOMETHING. It seems appropriate right now.

Anonymous said...

That sad day still is fresh in my mind...and I'm Canadian.

If I was building the mosque, I don't know why I would want to build 2 blocks from Ground Zero. Why stir up all this controversy and hurt. How about a good old dose of respect and common sense.

Sheilagh said...

Bravo Chris,

I couldn't believe this when I heard about it on the news. Who authorised it? Don't the people of New York have any say in planning permission for new building? Political correctness has gone beyond reason.

Tammy said...

Oh Girl...don't even get me started...oh...oh my goodness....Obama is an absolute idiot. What a fool. He had an opportunity to speak out against it, and he so much as took the side of the mosque-building Muslims...isn't he an American president? He's a socialistic, mosque-building loving idiot. If I ever hated anyone...it would be him. Not just on this issue....but he had a chance to stand up for us...for New Yorkers...for Americans...and he chose not to. I hope he's enjoying his 4 short years...because he will definitely be replaced. I have a whole other paragraph for the Imam...but I'm getting a hand cramp. :)

Crys said...

I lost two people in the terrorist attacks - my best beloved uncle and my cousin, his son and only child. My aunt -who lost her entire family - in 15 minutes is okay with it. Her logic, Muslims didn't kill her family, terrorists did. Whether there's a mosque there or it remains vacant forever, she doesn't love her husband and son any more or less, her heart doesn't ache any more or less, her memories of them are diminished any more or less...

I'd never want to color any group of people with one broad stroke or brush. Just as I wouldn't want to be defined by an ignorant action of a person of my race or religion.

It's a hot bed of emotion, for sure. Not sure how this becomes President Obama's fault. NYC has a mayor. NYC has a Governor. I wonder would the mosque's opponents also object to building an aviation museum at a similar location, since airplanes were used in the attacks?

I don't get caught up in the angry, political rhetoric. I take my cues my from her. If she's ok with all she's been through, I'm ok.

Crys said...

PS - My comment is not in defense of the President. I worked on Capitol Hill long enough to get good and jaded. All politicians suck, by nature of the job description. I've met enough of them to qualify that statement.

LC said...

Hi Chris,
I just read today's post, and wanted to leave a comment on this one. Now, you and I don't quite agree on the mosque thing. Do I think it's insensitive to the 9/11 victims? Absolutely. However, do I think the people building it should be stopped? Not quite. When you get down to it, I think it would be limiting religious freedom, which isn't what the US was founded on...and I'm with Crys above me that this is an NYC issue...the city is who approved the construction in the first place.
But you know what? That's my opinion. And what you posted is your opinion, and this is your blog. You should be free to write whatever you'd like. Sorry you felt as if you had to defend yourself a bit today.

Christine said...

eh, I knew when I threw it out there I was going to get all comers. I believe in freedom of religion...but I think we have forgotten decency in pursuit of our 'rights'. It just seems indecent.