HDC DAY 9- The PMS version...

Hello all.
I got a great workout in because I was in the mood to inflict a little pain.
heard this song on radio and love love loved it cause it suited my mood.
700 calorie burn....I am knocking on 1300 cals before dinner.
I may yet bury my face in a container of cream cheese frosting that seems to be calling my name from my fridge.
I want the flies to stop buzzing so loudly.
The sun to stop shining.
Politicians to stop lying.
I want people to stop driving so poorly.
Ebonics to be banned.
I want everything to be chocolate coated.
I wanted a warm bath and a fluffy towel..
and if one more person leaves their crap lying around I am going to take it out back and burn it.

This post brough to you by
Crampy mcrampsalot and the all bloat band..
The Happy Chris will be back tomorrow after a couple more doses of midol and perhaps a minor chocolate meltdown.
For now its
Chris the B*tch out.....


Morgan said...

Ooooh, I have thrown things away or donated them if they are left lying around, but I LOVE the idea of burning them. I may have to use that.

Sorry you are feeling crampy and cranky, but way to channel it into your workout.

Anonymous said...

You, too, eh?
I had more than one person today ask what was bothering me. I couldn't answer. I just know Thursday is when monthly happy fun time starts.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, yes... I remember those days well. Those were the days that my husband and sons made themselves scarce.

This too shall pass--to be replaced by raging menopausal hormones. Well, okay, they pass, too. chuckle.


99ToGo said...

I fear I will be sharing in your pain in a few days...menapause sometimes seems so appealing!!

Robin said...

Funny how the right song finds us at the right time. Or maybe we just don't hear the other ones. The only ones that penetrate are the ones that "speak" to us in the moment. Hope you feel better tomorrow...

Julie Lost and Found said...

hmm...maybe that's what my problem is today. Ready to whack anything that crosses my path...LOL

Linda Pressman said...

Like Deb, mine is gone forever too. Disappeared without a trace. Very disconcerting, though the irritability remains, somehow!

Chocolate coated everything. Okay then!

Retta said...

LOL! And all the women are shouting YES! cuz we totally understand... and all the men are ducking for cover if they know what's good for em.


Christine Jeske said...

::meekly:: Is you better yet????

Anonymous said...

I think you list of wishes is entirely reasonable. :-)

M Pax said...

Mmmm. Chocolate. Have you ever tried black cohosh? Keeps my moods even. I call it sanity in a bottle. :D

MB said...

I hope the midol and the chocolate did their jobs and you're feeling better. Those days suck but we all have them. Makes you appreciate the goods ones even more. I hope all your wishes come true.