HDC Day 23- shelter in place

Hey all,
how should I describe my day.
I did my workout but went over my calories by about 200.
ah well.
I have changed my schedule and man...it screwed me up.
I was very hungry and am trying to get to bed early early early.
My downfall.
lunch out.
panera bread
I got one hecka workout in.
So, I would call this day a wash.
I did one mile walking and then something happened that can really only happen on military bases.
We had a drill.
A shelter in place in case of 'roaming shooter'.
This is a direct result of that jack@ss in Texas gunning down innocent people.
So there we all are stuck in a hallway (there must have been over 100 people in there)
It took one hour.
either that or there was a real problem and they didn't want to scare the crap out of
I then did 40 minutes on the stairstepper and completed my last mile for a total burn of 550 calories.
I rarely go over, and the reason why is that I do not go to places where I don't know the calorie count...I didn't want to repeat my mistake of the other day and not eat all day so in between Mardels and another store I swung into the parking lot and it was on the border, chipotle and panera bread.
It was the bread.
it was good though.
I am really retaining water....my ring, which was loose to the point of spinning around my finger randomly, is right now, too tight to slip off my finger.

well, I am thinking of not posting daily but maybe every other day to make time for drawing. The only time I am going to have time is after dinner.
After dinner is when I blog and read other blogs.
I don't know, we'll see.
Hope all is well in your world.
Talk at you later.


Seth said...

at least they have something in place now in teh event of...

when you said panera...i started thinking about the chipotle chicken sandwich..yum.

Joy said...

I am getting to where I don't even want to go out to dinner any more. Too expensive, too fattening, does not taste good and I really can't be sure I'm getting what I ordered. It's too frustrating!! Plus I like my own food better!!!! Hugs!

Patrick said...

Eating out less sure has made a difference for me. I still eat out more than I should if I am honest, so now you have me wondering how much better I could be doing.

Dr. Fat To Fit said...

Thank you thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting. Now I have another amazing woman to look up to. I love what you said about Jillian in your head. I totally hear her too! "Don't you stop! DO NOT STOP!"

Rettakat said...

Time. Precious time. I think it's great that you are shifting your priorities to LIVING your dream, doing your passions and interests. If that means less time blogging, and if that works for you, then I say wonderful!

I'll miss your posts, but be so happy to know you are out there living life, not just writing about it!

I've noticed that now that Sean is so busy LIVING he is experimenting with skipping days. Maybe it's a natural, healthy metamorphosis.

I'm barely halfway, and already trying to think of ways to get more out of a day! So go for it!

Besides... selfishly speaking... that way you would have some neat art to post, LOL!!


M Pax said...

A shift to living is a natural progression. This journey teaches us how to go after our dreams - how to keep going. That a knockdown does not mean you're out - only a learning opportunity to fight better tomorrow. I hope you will post some of your art. :)

Robin said...

It is hard to make time for all the things in life. However, if drawing is calling your name, you should heed the call.

99ToGo said...

You have an award waiting for you over at my blog!

Just Me said...

I am convinced that they purposely pour extra oil into our dishes as they come out of the kitchen (lol).

Hey, you can draw and post. I'm sure we'd all enjoy that! Just don't leave altogether. I just found you and, after all, it's all about me, right? :-)