What I am up to...

I have been cleaning.
All day.
My house is juuuuust about clean.
And by clean I mean cabinets, closets and everything...I still have some walls to wash and the outside of the cabinets to wash and food and stuff to inventory and the garage to smoudge stuff around to make way for food storage.
Today was my day of rest so no 'exercise' in the traditional sense.
I continue to struggle with high calorie counts.
I think it's because I allow it (obviously)
I have to move my diet back on to the front burner here shortly.
stayin the same is making me feel bad...
or something.
I need to move downward.
oh, and I finally figured out my 'decorating style'.
I couldn't figure it out.
I knew it wasn't straight up country.
I knew it wasn't modern...because even though I liked clean lines and simplicity...I didn't like the cold feeling I get from modern decor.
I knew it wasn't baroque...I like flowers and soft colors...

It's English cottage style...with a bit shabby chic thrown in...very nice.
like this...
I finally found the blue and green plaid curtains downstairs to pull my living room together...so now it's blue and green down there with some orange bits of color...
thinking of getting a knotted rug...in front of the couch..will post pics soon...
Won't be posting a ton this week, got a lot going on..
Hope everyone is doing well.
Hang in there...


Anonymous said...

You hadn't said it was English Cottage before?

As I was reading your "I've discovered my style," I thought, "I thought it was English Cottage. huh. This sounds like a description of English Cottage." chuckle. Then you said that it was English cottage. I'm too old to be puposely confused like this. lol.

I tend to like the whole shabby chic/English cottage feel, too. Which is a good thing since I live in a 130 year old house that is basically Craftsman era. Some things just wouldn't work in here.

Good luck on the cleaning. Now is a perfect time for a good clean out. Lets you face the holidays and then the new year fresh. I like fresh starts. A lot.

I think a lot of us are about due for one!


Rettakat said...

I think a lot of us are doing some evaluating, and deciding what our priorities will be, and updating our strategies. And that's a good thing, I think. I know I need to do it, and got started yesterday. Just STARTING gave me energy. :-)

Have a good week,

Anne H said...

Busy week going on all over the place!
Have a great one, Chris!

carla said...

yep yep yep.
cleaning here too and, since there is NO COMPANY COMING, Im cleaning and decluttering and organizng my cranium.
the place where it really counts.


Jane said...

Sometimes for me, taking a new direction begins with getting my environment spic and span and organized! In fact, I have been struggling with being sick, traveling, etc. and I am overdue to dig into my house. BTW--I also like the English Cottage style you're taking about.

Robin said...

Very nice. I like it. Yeah, I expect the blogosphere will be very quiet this week.

Losing 100 said...

Love your style! I'm an Old World girl myself. Have a great Thanksgiving weekend.