Day 10-or, I want to beat someone like a rented mule

Hey all, Maybe it was the carb load last night, or the fact that uncle tom's coming in from out of town soon...but I was a bit of a crab apple today.

First, some nimrod writes a check for girl scout dues and IT BOUNCES. It's five bucks a month people. I know times are tight. But I already spoke to this individual about coming to me if dues weren't feasible,
So, not only do we get docked the twenty bucks,but also some sort of a five dollar fee. So not only do we not have the dues for the last four months we also don't have an additional five dollars on top of that. We would have been better off if she would have told me to take a flying leap, she ain't giving me any money. screeeeeeeeeeeeaaaammmmm.
I have been doling out cash hand over fist cause I want the kids to have a good year. That would be fine, but I don't want to be doling out extra cause someone can't come to me and say "I don't have it".
Then of course our water heater has gone out. water all over the garage.
I go to get it fixed. I have to buy the water heater...fine, I get that.
Then I have to buy a carbon monoxide detector because the democrats in Denver have decided I am too much of an imbecile to decide what kind of detector to have in my house, the water heater has to be 'inspected' after it is installed and since it is gas and gives off carbon monoxide, I must have a carbon monoxide detector...even though I have lived in this house for ten years with a gas water heater with no carbon monoxide detector. So 25 bucks...then I must have 'new leads' or it wont pass inspection.
I tell the guy that our water heater is built on a wooden stand...and he says "Oh, we will have to send someone out to inspect, because we don't build stands. That will be thirty five dollars. And, if you want the water heater delivered it will be 79 dollars. The permit is 49 dollars."
After that it was all curses and dollar signs.
I just looked at him and said.
"I tell you what."
"Stick it in the back of my van, and I'll call handy man connection."
I loath the government.
I ate subway for dinner...total calories today 1470 so yay!
I am voting libertarian in the next election. I don't care if her name is Trixie and she does jello shots off a donkey's *ss.
Tomorrow it's back to the gym where hopefully I will burn off all this latent anger and aggression.


Anonymous said...

Oh my.

I feel bad for Arnold today. He's gonna be in for it.

South Beach Steve said...

I don't mean to laugh at your expense Chris, but this post had me chuckling. I too tend to lean libertarian, but just like all politician, you have to weigh what their core beliefs are. What - did I just say that? Do politicians have core beliefs? :-)

I hope today is a better day.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for your troubles. I was the treasurer for a local group and thankfully nobody ever bounced a check. Seriously, 5 bucks? That is frustrating.

Boozy Tooth said...

Hell Chris... I'd vote for YOU!

You rock.

Vagabonds Mercantile said...

OK 5 bucks is a little ridiculous but as a woman who's husband was laid-off twice in a year I can sympathize with her.
If you have never struggled like that it's easy to judge. If the dues were something like 50 bucks it's one thing to say I don't have it, but when your talking about as little as 5 dollars it's really humiliating to admit you don't have that.

If just sorry your the one who has to deal with it.

Hanlie said...

Hope TOM knocks softly and respectfully when he arrives! I was also rather, er, wild this week, which is somewhat unusual for me. Not a fan of bureaucracy (took me a while to find the spelling for that one!) either!

Melissa said...

The thing that gets me is that you should KNOW that you don't have it when you hand in the check, so fess up! People will find out anyway!

Unknown said...

I'm sorry you had a crap day, but the way you write it out makes me laugh - and I thank you for that :)
And I agree with @mommy2Joe - I feel sorry for Arnold today :)
Hope today is a much better one.

Christine said...

Thing is, I have struggled with money. Man, I got the parents seperated out on day one and said, I know times are tough, if you need to post date a check...or if you just don't have it period...let me know. If you need thekids picked up, just let me know. I will be glad to do it. I know it's embarrassing when you don't have the money. The thing is, you are the adult...and like someone said above...people are gonna find out. You gotta have enough balls to ccome forward and do whats right not only for your kid, but for the other kids in that troop. I didn't confront her, I took her older daughter (16)aside (the mom never shows up) and kind of handed the check back. I don't take this kind of crap out on kids...it's not their fault. I feel better today either way, got enough sleep I guess.

Leslie said...

You are a stitch. Love the snarky wit. I'd be ready to drop kick the lot of 'em to China.

BTW, don't trust anyone who does jello shots off a donkey's ass. She won't improve the f*^%$#ing gov't.

Foodie Girl said...

Crackin me up! Thanks for the smile!

Christine said...

Now leslie is slaying me lol. too funny, well, your probably right...