Day 11...Arnold is sorry...

I Rode Arnold and put him away wet. so to speak.
700 calories burned and a load of frustration has been....wait for it....TERMINATED.
Calories in at 1530. I went grocery shopping right after the gym.
EVERYTHING looked good. I was all "look dried cranberries, or "look, rice stuffed shrimp" or "look Turkey bacon".
I don't eat rice stuffed shrimp...normally.
I didn't buy it.
I got a few items and then went home and had me a taco salad. 3 white corn shells, 4 oz. meat, 2 oz. lowfat cheese, a ton of tomatoes and green onion, lettuce, salsa, black olive and 3 T of greek yogurt. Awesome.

I get home, and I start dinner. We eat and then hubby has to get his nicotine on...
So, I am attempting to wrestle this overshirt thing over my head so I can go onto the front porch (it's cold) with my husband, while he smokes his cancer stick.
My hair is all sweaty from the gym...and he stops, looks at me and says "You look really nice."
I say "Mmy hair is all greasy". (Cause I know how to accept a compliment.)
He says, "Well you are all glowy, like when your pregnant."
Which gave me a little lurch of minor panic (I am 35...add 18...oy)
until I realize this is physically impossible (won't go into details...your welcome)
I say..."Thank you"...my arms were still stuck in awkward positions over my head.
If He keeps doing this, I am going to get a big head.
Could be part of the difficulty with the shirt.
So I did over an hour on the precor and stairstepper.
Then did 105 situps. These are getting easier. Think I am going to have to up the situps.
Tomorrow is Tracy Anderson 'bring the pain' day.
I have no idea if it's doing anything for my rear yet. I'll have to ask my husband in about a month...
Something like; "Hey, does my butt look smaller?"

It will be one of those nice panicky moments we like to inflict on our men, that we can bring up later, to cudgel them into whatever chick flick, shopping spree, purse holding marathon we can think of.

I wanted to thank Sandra for the superior scribbler award. She gave it to me a few days ago, and just haven't had time to do it justice. I saw somewhere that some people are writers who blog and some are bloggers who write. I am a blogger who writes, so the idea that someone sees what I am writing as well written. (ignore that last sentence) Then I am flattered.
I will have to post the people I am going to give this award to tomorrow. I have a bunch of blogs to comment on, I can't wait to see what you guys were up to today.
Oh, and I have been meaning to say...my next weigh in will be the day before Thanksgiving, I don't know where I will be weight wise...but it's going to be razor close to (w)onederland.
TJ has assured me that Glenda the good witch will be waiting to usher me through...as she should. ;oP
Hope everyone had a great day.
And leslie, you are absolutely right. Trixie wont fix the F*%$)@^! government. That cracked me up.
Well, if not for the imbeciles we never get tired of hiring, who and what would we complain about...lol.
Hope you are all having a great day!
p.s. I was listening to this song by pink while working out today...while it is certainly attributable to drinking and drugs, I think It is a valid song when you consider how I used food for years to build a fat wall to protect myself.


Unknown said...

I do not know how to accept a compliment to save my life. lol That was nice of your hubby to say you looked good :) Very cute! :)

Your taco salad dinner sounded delish! :)

Glenda said HI! She hopes to see you soon! hehe :)

Jodie said...

Awww...points for hubby. 700 calories! AWESOME!!

bbubblyb said...

I always roll my eyes when my husband compliments me lol. Way to go on all that exercise.

Jack Sh*t, Gettin Fit said...

Thanks for the reminder than I need to get serious with the sit-ups again. I laid off when I was down in the back and kind of conveniently forgot about it.

Great job with all the exercise. You're a machine!

Foodie Girl said...

Good job to the hubby! I am just getting the "good job" right now from the BF. He's not really the expressive type. Also, great job with the exercise!

paulawannacracker said...

You are doing so well with the workout and even the situps. Geez. I would die doing 100 situps... I hope to get back to doing the 30 day shred., Always felt good after that video.

You deserve the award. One of the many reasons I come to your blog are for your inspiration and thought out posts. You always have something to lend to the conversation and I always leave your blog uplifted.

Kudos on the compliment. Taco salad yum. I think you did really well with the portions.

I feel guilty about my less than stellar workouts... its okay. You've motivated me.

Take care.

Hanlie said...

Take that, Arnold!

I love compliments... especially when they pertain to something I've worked hard for. Good job!

South Beach Steve said...

Okay, you bring up an interesting point here - we husbands can't win. I compliment my wife and she says, "you're just saying that." I don't compliment her and she says, "why don't you ever compliment me?" Banging my head against the desk!

BTW, I love this post, as well as the last one. For some reason they both had me chuckling - I guess it is your witty humor. :-)

Make it a great day!

Melissa said...

I read an interview with someone the other day (maybe Jennie Garth's super hot vampire hubby??) and he talked about women being their most attractive after being in the gym b/c that's what they look like after sex. NOW you know where hubby's mind was.

Emmett said...

Chris- I hate cigarettes as well, so I know what you mean there. Great job staying around 1500 calories, especially after a good workout. I shout for 1500 calories in a day as well.

Beth said...

Thank you for the note on my blog. I am glad to have discovered your blog, thanks to Loretta. Don't know how I missed it before. I am going to have to work on the best way to deal with it when I just HAVE to have my danger food. I was not at all interested in getting a little bag of chips. I sometimes wonder if I allowed myself a small amount of chips weekly, they wouldn't be such a fixation in my mind.

InWeighOverMyHead said...

I think you did great at accepting the compliment, even if it was late... lol

Unknown said...

Compliments - you are deserving so accept them. They (husbands) don't give them that often because they think we already know how they feel. So when they do give them verbally they truly mean it. This is something I too need to work on :)

And you are too a writer...

Yum Yucky said...

Totally rocking out to the tunes on your blog! hehehe.

Sally said...

Building a fatwall...Hmmm...and all this time I just thought I was a chocolate whore.