Things to do when I am thin...

November, November...will it ever, ever, ever...ender?

Not a word... ender...I know.
well, headed on post today.
You know my accidental walk earlier in the year...well, I walk it three or four times a month now.
Today I jogged parts. Whenever the mood hit me. I probably jogged 1/2 mile of a 3 mile walk.
I still can't believe running doesn't feel terrible for me anymore.
I could feel my butt fat jiggle but oh well....wait this isn't tmi tuesday is it? Oh well.
I like being outside to walk alot better than walking on a track or treadmill at the gym...
since I want to rotate my workouts as much as possible, I have to walk and not do the precor sometimes.
When I get down weightwise a bit I would like to try kickboxing. I do precor about four days a week but I don't want to over develop my thighs. So I try running some, I would love to do kickboxing, the rowing machine etc.
aerobic dance or zumba would be a ton of fun.
I am going to have to mix things up within the next three months or so to keep my body guessing.
I am thinking of doing calorie cycling. I want to average 1500, so 1400/1600 and then 1300/1700.....
something like that...one week i will keep it steady and hit it up at the end with a higher calorie day...like 1500/1500/1500/1400/1400/1400/1800.... Something like that...and follow that week with the 1400/1600 till I hit the 180's...
I don't ever want to Plateau.
So I mix it up before I get there.
I am thinking about posting progress pics on the side of my blog.
I love my awards but I want to start really focusing on the hows of the whole thing.
What's working and what isn't. Maybe I could make a seperate page for that I am not sure how all this works...need to fiddle.
Once I hit maintenance, this blog is going to change big time.

I have had an idea that I have been thinking about and mulling over for a while now.
Things fat girls don't do...
kind of a weekly special.
Things you don't do when fat....I will do them and then post a picture showing it.
I have decided what I really want to do with my blog is inspire, encourage and motivate.
Show that it can be done, and that when it is done...how to maintain it
I think sometimes we lose the weight and then sit down and live the same lives we lived before.
We had all these ideas and when we got there, we don't do them
I want to do them.
I am going to come up with a few things.
and get back to you...
if you all can come up with some things you would do if you were thin, let me know.
Write them in the comments below..
who knows, I may do them.

Some idea I have are:
Go shopping for skinny jeans (not just anything that will fit)
Get hired at hooters (then quit, I ain't working there lol)
be a ring girl ( I am not sure what this involves..knowing how to hold a placard and walk in heels?)
Go clubbing in club clothing...(yes, micro mini.... will be wearing industrial strength hot pants underneath)
become a black belt in martial arts.
try a pole dance class (they only hold people up to 199 lbs lol)
run a 5K
Hike up pikes peak and back down...(24 miles)
Go to a water park wearing a bikini.
Can you guys think of some?
I am up for pretty much anything...
talk at you all later,


Amber said...

Ok, just curious how do you know how much a stripper pole holds ;}

Sounds like you covered most of the thin things to do.

how about get some sexy photos of yourself for your hubby

have fun

Christine said...

um...no comment on the stripper pole lol.

deisegal said...

love your list, especially the Hooters one! LOL...

I can't think of anything right now...suppose I should say something like "run a marathon" but I KNOW I will never do that. Sometimes when I used to walk to work (an hour each way) I used to break into litle jogs to shorten the time it took to get in there but I always felt like a lemon because I was jogging in work clothes, heavy coat etc! I like the way running gets you to your destination faster though (well DUH!!!)

Thanks for your note btw, I know I have a small amount to lose in the grand scheme of things. I'm down 30lbs on my "shock horror, I didn't know I was this big" moment but I've been at the same weight-ish for 6 months now and I don't feel like I've been eating "maintenance" food or doing maintenance activity, I've been counting calories that whole time AND working out!!!!! I wish I godamn knew EXACTLY how much exercise I need to do and EXACTLY how much I can eat but it's all guesswork and trial and error really, our body messing with our head etc!
I think if I'm being honest I always only had one side of the equation right - i.e. I was exercising a LOT but eating too much (mostly good stuff but still too much and treating myself too often). I've cut the exercise back down so I can focus on the food. Still a ways to go and I slip up (on a chocolate smothererd banana skin...hmm, that does not sound good) but I think I have accepted that I will have to work out and watch what I eat for the rest of my life now...bummer!

Boozy Tooth said...

Chris! I love your list! Here's another one: Prance around in five inch heels and know that if you lose your balance and fall over, you WILL get up again.


Unknown said...

lol great list! I just regret all of the things I didn't wanna do because I felt like FAT girls shouldn't. I plan on doing some of those things...and loving every minute of it!

*funny...some of the things I know I cant do because of my back, and guess what the word verification was just now...SPINES humm

Christy said...

Wow! What a list!

I want to be able to do one-arm pushups and pullups. I've NEVER been able to do either ... and oh yeah, feel comfortable in a bikini.

I'd love to see some progress pics. Your motivation seems at an all-time high right now.

It's great to read!

Melissa said...

lol @ the stripper pole. Pike's Peak sounds fun though!!

Learning to be Less said...

I like the list....

What about leather pants? Or perhaps ass-less chaps? Once your legs and ass are all shapely from running and pole dancing you will need to show them off.

I just want to wear a belt with a shirt tucked in. I might be able to do that now but am not totally comfortable with it yet. I would like to do it minus the muffin top.

Christine said...

leather pants maybe, assless chaps..lol..not so much.
I don't want to show off THAT much...

Foodie Girl said...

I would totally take another trip to Colorado Springs and do that hike with you once I get to a weight where I can physically do it without passing out! That would be fun if we could do a group hike!

Tricia said...

Love your list!

Joanne said...

Ohh shirt tucked in - I am not sure when I lose the weight if I will be able to - I can't even remember the last time I tucked a shirt. LOL I feel funny tucking my cami in under a shirt.

The pole dancing class brought me to mind about something I did this summer - it had a weight limit - I was just about at the top end (missed it by 25 pounds). The Whistler Zipline - 275 is the limit. I just didn't want any part of weighing in at the beginning of the course - just made it. But there are other ziplines I want to do that have lower weight limits.

Mary :: A Merry Life said...

I love reading these lists people write. I have one or two I've written before, but honestly a lot of the stuff is things I can and have and will do before I'm thin. I realized somewhere along the line it was just stuff I want to do...and thinness doesnt matter that much for doing them.

But still... good list!

The neverending journey said...

Why not just do these things now? You are below the 199 pole weight limit. You can run a 5k with just a few weeks of training. You could learn martial arts. Pikes peak might be rough this time of year, but most of the things on your list you could do now. Think how good you will be at pole dancing by the time you are at your goal weight ;). None of us are guarenteed a tomorrow so why not cross a few of these off your list now. Just a thought