Day 2-snafu

in military parlance...situation normal all f*cked up...just in case you ever wondered.
I went to the gym today to find it INUNDATED with air force type people. Apparently, in the winter, the air force moves PT into the afternoon. So that meant I didn't get to hop on Arnold. When I got there every.single.machine. was taken. I went out, stretched for five minutes, then went back in. I was determined to get on something. I spent 10 minutes on this stair stepper (which was hard) then I was about to go outside to the trackand do three and a half miles alternate walk/jog. When what should I spy.....
They got a new precor 546. Arnold may have been occupied, but a brand new christian was sitting there waiting for me to hop on pop. So I did. I did one hour...burned 585 calories plus whatever was burned on the stairstepper in the ten minutes I did that...i was figuring about 80 calories. So grand total 665.
Then I went to the mats, stretched a bit and did 120 situps...four sets of fifteen 'classic situps' and three sets of ten each side oblique sit ups. Then I stretched my abs and I was done.
I am not sure, but I may have to move my workouts. That place was just crawling and I don't have the time to wait a half an hour for a cardio machine. my hubby gets home at eight in the morning. I may just start going in the mornings, cause he stays up for a while after he gets home. Knock it out and be done with it.
Food today...
yogurt, peaches 2 T honey....330
3 cups coffee 225 calories (bad)
Lunch Bean and bacon soup 420 calories
1 100 calorie pack of reeces wafer thingies..(man are those good) 100 c
Dinner...omelette dude...
2 whole eggs, 3 egg whites 200 calories
1/4 cup lf cheese 80 calories
3 mushrooms 20 calories
2 cups spinach 20 calories
2 T salsa 10 calories....total 330 calories...
Total so far 1380 calories...not bad.

Today was a really good day. I feel so grateful to have a family. To have two daughters and a husband, a home. I feel grateful that my husband has a steady job. I am glad to have this day. To wake up, to experience things, to laugh and to enjoy.
Hope every one is enjoying their life.
It's the only one you have.


paulawannacracker said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day. Your eating was pretty good a well. I've started to do a video in the morning (when I have time) and it really sets the tone for the whole day.

I don't know... I think working out around a "eye candy" sounds pretty good.

I too had eggs for dinner as I was low on points. I cooked onions, a lil S&W mexican tomatoes, serrano pepper, 1/4 c. of soy crumblings and then added 1 egg+1 egg white. Then heated up a corn tortilla. Very tasty. I'll make this tomorrow but instead of corn tortillas, grill a wrap.

I too am grateful. There is so much beauty in each day. Even though I struggle with weight, I'm grateful that I have a job and food in my fridge. Life is definitely good.

Joania said...

GO US!!! Keep it up!! We can and will get there!! On another note, I inadvertently hit "reject" on your comment!! I'm such a turd!!! I love your comments...total bonehead move on my part!! Thanks for always supporting me...keep pushing!! :)

OMG...the word verification was, "imsocked"..hahahah love it...I am so silly today! :)

Joania said...

ONDERLAND is right around the corner...push it girl!! :)

Jack Sh*t, Gettin Fit said...

You really are an inspiration, Chris. I admire how tight you've got your head screwed on and how focused you are on your goals.

Keep up the great work.

KrysTros said...

Dang Air Force peeps.....you are doing great. We are at the same weight, woohoo! But you are doing way much more than me as far as exercise goes. Try switching your egg breakfast over to Eggbeaters. No cholesterol and they taste the same. I make an omelet with them every few days.

Hanlie said...

Girlfriend, you are hardcore! 120 sit-ups? I'm in awe!

South Beach Steve said...

Like Hanlie, I am in awe too!

I love seeing you being thankful for life. It is the one we have, let's make the best of it.

Have a blessed day Chris!

deisegal said...

Woo good day on the eating front , and at least you managed to get your workout in despite the hiccup. It's annoying when other people get in the way of you just getting on with your routine - not just in the gym, life in GENERAL!! ha ha, antisocial, moi? Why yes of course :-)

deisegal said...

BTW laughing at above person calling themselves a turd. Turd seems to be one of my favourite wurds lately, and it's a really horrible wurd!

Christine Jeske said...

:D Glad you had a real good day, and so much to be grateful for! Hope the gym crowd turns out to have been a fluke. Great job on the cals burned girl!

jo said...

Great workout!! It would drive me crazy to work out with that many people. I hope the new time helps so you can get the machines you want.

Unknown said...

I like to work out early morning when I do work out as it seems to give me more energy through the day... or if I have to wait til later, I LOVE to do it around 8:00 in the evening at the base gym as I can get on the treadmil, bike, eliptical...whatever, plug my headphones in and just watch TV. Seems to help me keep going as I'm engrossed in my shows rather than how far I've walked, how many calories burned, etc... Good Luck with your workouts. Sounds like you are doing great!

PS... I get kinda intimidated by all those Soldiers in there working out too...they look so buff and like they know what they are doing compared to me...LOL

Unknown said...

I'm with Paula - eye candy would be kind of nice to workout around :)
However, I'm a morning workout gal so I'm with you on moving it to early morning.
Your eats look good to, onderland is probably already there for ya!

Foodie Girl said...

I am listening to Unwritten by Natasha B. while I read and type this. Seems like a fitting song for your day and the those grateful things!

Christy said...

Awesome job, both perseverance-wise AND cardio-wise!!!