They took Christian and gave me Arnold...


This machine is killer.

I walk into the gym, expecting to find Christian, and instead...in its place, is what looks like something out of star wars.
It should have warning labels. I burned 575 calories in one hour, and I wasn't even going fast...you know why, CAUSE I COULDN'T....holy batcave.

I then did seventy sit ups and called it a night.

I stopped by the store to pickup some body scrub. I am getting all girly on you now...

So I found some, then I was looking at perfume and found This:
This stuff smells fabulous...
Versace White Crystal.

It's really hard for me to pick a perfume I LIKE because I have a very sensitive nose. Most perfumes are just overpowering. This was great, It has a really nice, sophisticated, light scent.
Right now I have amarige from givenchy, but it's almost gone.
This goes on my Christmas wish list..this and a blender lol.
If I could send the smell through the screen I would. It is lovely.
So, I tried a new recipe from my weight watchers cook book tonight. It was a soup.
It had one can of cannelini beans, 3 cups of spinach, 8 oz. of italian sausage (casings removed), 3 cups pasta, 4 cups chicken broth, 2 tsp sage, 1 tsp garlic...salt and pepper to taste...It was really good. 1.5 cups=418 calories.
Made that for the whole family...trying to find new recipes so I can eat with everyone else.
Well, Hope everyone was on target and is doing fine.


Amber said...

wow, looks like a mean machine. Arnold fits! But hey if it does the job, Christian or Arnold doesn't matter as long as they burn, burn, burn.

The recipe sounds good. I am working on finding new things also, and ones that the whole family will eat. I am the only non-picky eater in the house.

Your doing great! You'll be in those size 16's I gave you very soon. You should post a picture then to show your progress!!!


KrysTros said...

You know what.......if my husband looked like Christian Bale I'd probably be alot skinnier LOL. The star wars machine looks like a futuristic torture device. "Run or die!" It's hard to type and listen to I feel pretty, I keep singing along and losing my spot!

Sean said...

Gotta love crazy new machines. The toughest one I've ever been on is the StepMill, its really intense.

How do the WW cookbooks work? My girlfriend was looking at going on WW, so I was thinking that it might be a good idea to get some of that kind of stuff.

Doesn't it just suck that good perfume/cologne it so damn expensive??? lol

deisegal said...

Wow as if that last machine wasn't enough of a beast! Always good to challenge yourself though :-)

I find perfume to be such a personal thing. What smells fab to me might smell like dung to someone else. Some of my favourite perfumes are quite cheap generic ones I've picked up in department stores. My favourite "high end" one is Ralph Lauren Romance but I have a full gift set in the back of the "wardrobe of spare toiletries" and if I don't get around to using it at some stage it might just evaporate.

Anonymous said...

Nice new machine! Our Y is outfitting all of the old machines with tv's. Now I'll be able to veg out a little more & make the time fly by.

I feel so pretty when I read your blog.

Dani @ PFL said...

Great job on the workout!

Like Diesegirl, I tend to wear Ralph Lauren Romance. I also have a sensitive nose when it comes to perfumes and for whatever reasons ... that one doesn't bother me.

I'll have to take a sniff of White Crystal! I'm looking for a change.

Keep up the great work!

South Beach Steve said...

I love how you explained this! It won't be long until Arnold is your best friend. :-)

KrysTros said...

Hey, I laughed at your comment on my page. Yes, next year I am definitly looking forward to wearing something that I can't be seen in public with, for Halloween! LOL

Unknown said...

Looks like that machine is a Killer. You will have it beat in no time. Nothing like a challenge to mix things up! Excellent!!!

bluenotes said...

omg what is this called?! i need a machine like this!! when you did it for an hour and did that many calories, was it really tiring?