Operation (w)onderland....

Tonight I sat in my backyard (in size 18 pants)...burning my size 22 pants.
My youngest sat out there with me and we watched them burn.
We live in a subdivision and I was afraid we would have our fire department called on us.
But people chilled, and we managed the conflagration quite nicely.
The pants I burned tonight were the pants I wore to the last two fourth of july fireworks displays. The year before last they were so tight I had to unbutton them to sit down.
On July of this year, I wore them and they were comfortable.
I don't know what pants I will be wearing next July, but it sure as h*ll wont be those pants.

I put them on a week ago and they were barely holding onto my hips, I could pull them up and and down without unzipping or unbuttoning them. The other day they slid so far I was in danger of being arrested for public indecency.
So, Tonight I burned them...and it felt good.
I ate 6 white chocolate truffles, had two slices of pizza...went to the store, stocked up on my good foods for the next week.
I am ready to put the 200's behind me.
I don't know when any of you started feeling like a freak, for me it was when I crossed two hundred pounds. I am ready for the ones.

I will be posting three things tomorrow.
The first will be my current weight
The second will be my food plan for the week
The third will be my exercise plan for the week.
I think I am around 205.
I am not positive, but think I am.

I want to be under 200 by December 1rst.
I can do this.
The only thing standing between me and my goal is Thanksfrickingiving.
So, I have the other 21 days to hit my goal.
Of course, I am not sure what my weight is...it was 210 on October 18th.
I am pretty sure it is around 205...blah blah blah...
Tomorrow will tell the scale tale.
I realize my goal before was January 1rst...but it was kind of a lazy goal.
I knew I would make it.
This one...well...maybe I will or maybe I won't.
But I am going to try.
Have a great Saturday night.
good night
and good luck,


Sevenbeads said...

Glad you didn't get in trouble for the fire! That was quite a dramatic send-off for those pants. Hope all the memories of wearing them and not feeling your best went with them. Congratulations!

Amber said...

yippie, bye bye fat pants
now you have no choice but to keep going, because I know you won't go bye larger pants again.
You will make your goal!
Your doing awsome!!
You are becoming quite an inspiration to us all.

Sean said...

That is completely awesome. Maybe this time next year I'll go to beach and have a fat clothes bonfire, okay well in the summer, winter sucks on the north west coast. Congratulations and good luck getting through Thanksgiving.

South Beach Steve said...

I agree with FatTrainer -- COMPLETELY AWESOME!! You are doing great Chris!

Christine Jeske said...

YOU ROCK! Congrats on the execution of the too loose pants. ♥ Onderland is just over the horizon, hon.

I felt the same way you described when I saw 200 on the scale. I pretty much gave up and stayed that way (and higher) for 5 years.

But you are gonna re-cross that line soon and you are kicking butt.


Anonymous said...

For me it was seeing 300 on the scale. Scared me straight...or straighter at least.

Look out onederland...Chris is coming for you!

Melissa said...

So awesome! You can do this! Thanksgiving is just one day.

Foodie Girl said...

New girl here! You are totally going to hit that goal! Congrats!

deisegal said...

Woohoo!!!! The Ceremonial Burning of the Pants sounds like fun :-)

I've wear the same style of pants for work for the last two years (i.e. I found a style I liked and just went out and bought 5 pairs!) and I was waiting for ages to downsize but eventually after a few "slippage" incidents running for trains/trams etc. The next size down felt a bit "snug" for the first week or so but at least they weren't falling down. It's a good feeling!

Hanlie said...

Good for you for burning the pants! I love getting rid of my too-large clothes!

And you can totally reach your goal in time! Go for it!

Unknown said...

You go girl !! Pant burning ceremony - never thought of that. I do kind of wish though that I had kept my "fattest" pair of pants so that when I am at goal weight I can do one of those before and after type pictures. Maybe I'll just buy a pair at the time (from a thrift store) and take a pic then!

And you will make it to OnderLand by Dec 1st.... There is no "Try". :)

Christine said...

ouch sandy, hoist on my own petard....that's right, I will or won't...no in between.