Day 6-Back to the gym and flirtin' with the geek squad

hey all,
Hows it going? Things are pretty good here. I went back to the gym and spent one hour on the precor and 15 minutes on the treadmill...the rowing machine was taken. Then I did 105 situps and some of these weird tracy anderson leg/butt lift things. Which worked. My butt hurt after...that's a good thing. I think.

So, I have not had my laptop for a few days. I frayed the cord. I wasn't absolutely sure if I frayed the cord or not...so I went up to best buy to have the geek squad check it out for me...So, I am there. And I go up to speak to the guy. And he is a little flirty...now you have to remember he looks something like this:

Since he is a little flirty, I decide to 'use this to my advantage'.
I didn't quite know what was wrong, I was a little afraid my jack was off the motherboard. So I said "I don't know nothin bout computers Mr. Geek squad aficionado."....I didn't really say that...but I kind acted like that...I just thought back to what I saw this one girl do once. She was really good at 'helpless'. So, not only does he test my jack, he strips his computer for a power cord to test if it's just the power cord. Then he shows me how to create a custom power plan for my computer...the best settings for when I am on my battery. Where I can go to do html for blogging, how he does his own html and creates custom templates (lol, i guess this is the geek version of popping a wheelie) and how I can learn it and he can show me...lol. All the while the guy waiting in line behind me is getting p*ssed off.
I am that obnoxious woman who is taking up the salesman's time! Bwaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaa.

So, in the end...I buy a power cord and that's all I bought. The rest was...and I quote, "Free of charge.".... lol....

I can't remember the last time I got that kind of 'service'.

60 lbs ago I had doors slamming into my face, pizza guys commenting "I bet your here for the extra large pizza"... To which I replied, "Well, gee I guess that makes you prescient doesn't it." To which he responded...'What's prescient?" To which I responded "If you knew that, you probably wouldn't be working here?"
His response, a blank stare. I might have been fat, but he'll always be ___________
Needless to say,
I certainly wasn't getting an extra attention,
No matter how interesting looking the dude was.
Now, lol......

well, I won't do that too much. It's not nice. But for a moment, it was a heady experience. Before I left tonight, my husband said "you look different, better..."
I was going to post photos, but blogger is being a pain in the *ss for some reason.
I will post some tomorrow..ugh.
So, nsv...free diagnostic on my computer with some unethical flirting with gnome like man. lol.
Keep this up and you too can save 24.95. It's possible....no, really...
wait ...
where are you going?
Dairy queen...Oh.


Hanlie said...

LOL, that's funny! I had the insurance guy flirting with me on the phone yesterday, but obviously he couldn't see me... I kept thinking that he'd be horrified if he knew!

Anonymous said...

haha this is a funny post because I married a Geek Squad agent. He doesn't work there anymore (and he certainly looks better than Alf) but it sure is nice to have my own free in-home tech support.

I bet it feels good to be flirted with. AND walk away with free stuff. You could probably talk your way out of a traffic ticket now!

266 said...

I have something for you on my blog!

karen@fitnessjourney said...

Hi, just discovered your blog. That story is priceless. I'm sure you were very sweet to the computer guy and that probably made his day. As far as the pizza guy-karma is a boom-a-rang-he'll get his.

South Beach Steve said...

This is great. I bet it really felt good, then to be followed with a compliment from your husband. What a great day!

Foodie Girl said...

hehehe... go girl!

Melissa said...

LOVE IT! And that is the second time in 1 hour that I've saw a picture of ALF. When I went into our mill's medical building this morning for some ibuprofen, a catalog the nurse was looking through was selling ALF season DVDs and I remember thinking how random that was.

Boozy Tooth said...

Hi Chris!

New follower from Casa Hice! Found you by way of a chain of blogs, and so glad I did! Congratulations on your amazing weight loss! Go Chris Go! Can't wait to get better acquainted!

Please pop over to Casa Hice sometime and click on my "Adventures in Dieting" photo link. I have a great story too. Looking forward to comparing notes!

Unknown said...

lol I love the flirting with the GEEk! lol I had my volume turned WAY up for a video chat this AM and I forgot to lower it adn got a good jump out of your music. lol Im AWAKE! :)

deisegal said...

I was just LOLing the whole way through this. Then I twigged at the end that Geek Squad must be the inspiration for the Nerd Herd in the TV series Chuck. I have a Nerd Herd clip for my swipe card in work and it makes me happy just knowing it's there clipped to my pants - which I suppose makes me a complete and utter geek.

Prescient..heheh...you go girl!

Diane Fit to the Finish said...

Love that kind of service!! I had the same experiences when I lost all my weight. The service level went way up. Kinda sad, but it happened.

Congrats on all you have accomplished!

Chupsie said...

ahaha! thanks for the laugh! and your the one hoggn up the geeks up at best buy! uhh, i had the problem and waiting on line was like 3 hours!!!!! but im not the flirty type so I didn't get anything... :(

Go you, I know it always feels nice to be lookn great! Would love to see pics! And Im gonna be at best buy tomorrow... new camera!

Kathleen said...

You have such a great attitude about that. When it first started happening with me (at about a 50-pound loss), it really ticked me off!