Thanksgiving Day....past and present...

hello all,
Well, Today was very nice.
I ate and ate....I couldn't eat like I used to, but since it was my splurge day...I did not keep track of my calories.
I had a piece of banana nut bread with real butter.
I had about 30 potato chips
I had about 4 oz of turkey
1 cup of mashed potatoes and a little gravy
1/2 an apple
a bit of stuffing
1/2 wedge of brie (as good as it sounds)
3 oz of colby cheese
5 slices summer sausage
a handful of triscuits
a handful of chicken n bisquit crackers
1 cup of coke
It was great....
I also went to the gym which should mitigate some of the damage.. burned 600 calories and did 100 situps while the turkey was cooking.
I figure by this time on november 27th I should be calorie neutral lol.
I don't have a spread like this at christmas so the rest of the year is pretty much cake er...carrot for me lol.
oh and ....
1 slice of key lime pie with whipped cream.

I took my daughter for a walk after dinner, we saw a fox run along the edge of our prairie and dart away into the bushes...it was pretty cool.

Thanksgiving Past,
I remember growing up, all the guys would go hunting and come in just before we ate thanksgiving. they would sit down and watch the detroit lions play whoever....one year it was the cowboys.
We were supposed to be lions fans but my cousin carrie and I wanted to be Dallas cowboy cheerleaders.
While my mom was in the kitchen making her sweet rolls and stuffing, we would stand in the hallway of our trailer, she had brought her blue pom poms and I had my white, and we traded one each and 'practiced' being Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. lol.
I remember the smell of coffee and turkey, and Duane yelling
"What in the hell is all that jumping around!"
Then carrie and I would yell back "Nothing' and do it all over again.
It was our big secret. We would run away when we were 18 and join the squad...I think we were 9 or 10 at the time.
I haven't seen her in years.
I wonder what my kids will remember when they get older.
Happy thanksgiving to everyone in blogland.
p.s. I love this new song, empire state of mind...it is stuck in my head constantly. I think it is a beautiful ode to New york. It's going to be huge.


karen@fitnessjourney said...

What a sweet memory. I'm sure your own children will have their own great Thanksgiving memories too.

jo said...

Coke and butter...those made me drool. I have to give up Coke years ago--too much sugar and caffeine made my heart skip. I love one every once in awhile. Maybe I'l have one on Christmas!

I love your Dallas Cheerleader story! That made me smile. =)

Sean Anderson said...

Great stuff here! Oh my---I forgot all about those tasty little Chicken N Biscuit crackers---Oh yes, love those---from when I was a kid---and a binging adult, I'd eat most of a whole box---and if I really wanted to step up the calories---I'd have a can of aerosol cheese. Oh yes, The memories.
Loved your childhood story about the cheerleaders. So cute, and so wonderfully reminicent of a simpler time.
Great story my friend.

My best always

P.S.--Thank you for all of the wonderful support you've given me. You're simply one of the best.

Sean Anderson said...

Imagine an S after that second i in the word reminiscent^^^above comment---
OK---I'm a little too anal about spelling.
I hate it when I re-read one of my post and find gigantic gramatical or spelling errors.

That may be something you didn't know about me.

Have a great weekend my friend

Hanlie said...

I'm glad you had such a good time! Great song!

The biggest holiday here in SA is Christmas - that's when we spend lots of money, eat too much and get together with our families. Other holidays are not really celebrated, we just get the day off from work.

Foodie Girl said...

Yes... Thanksgiving always brings back memories. I can't believe how time goes by so fast. We are making memories for our kids now.

bluenotes said...

i'm glad you had such a good thanksgiving! working out in the morning before the hours and hours of food is such a good idea, i wish i had done that! but i literally woke up at 8 AM and cooked all day haha!

Just a Girl said...

I am super jealous of all the delicious food!

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a great time!

Empire State of Mind is my fave of the week! It is fabulous!