day 13-The gordian knot

Is located in the back of my left thigh.

I was a 'little' sore from mondays workout, so I took a three mile walk yesterday to take it easy and let my left leg recover. It was just really tight.

So I hop on Arnold and have what you might call an "arnold's revenge" workout.
It usually takes 5 minutes or so to really loosen up. Well, thirty minutes in and I was still struggling to loosen up. My leg was just seizing. So I slowed up a little and took it easy and got off at 45 minutes...burned 450 calories. Then I went out to the track and walked a half mile to try and shake off the cramp. Didn't work.
Then I stretched, and stretched and stretched....and stretched.
It helped a little.
To be fair to my poor body, it had a busy day.
Up by 7 to go to hand out angel food.
Stopped by two stores to pass out flyers,
Went home, washed dishes.
Hubby home with check...take it on post where I deposited it...am forced to stand in line in front of two obnoxious teenagers who are talking about getting it on...then the girls dad calls, she lies to her dad, hangs up...laughs about lying to her dad, mocks his concern....and then her dad calls back...for a moment I almost pulled an 'old chris' move.
You see, back before I had learned 'tact'...and 'appropriate boundaries' I would have turned around, grabbed the phone and told the father verbatim what I had just listened to...then watch the little sh*ts p*ss their pants. lolol.
Ahhhh, but it was only in my imagination....
Sometimes I think I've become too civilized.
Well, after the bank, I went home...got dressed for the gym....went and did workout* (see above)
and then did Thanksgiving grocery shopping.
61 lbs ago...I could have done all those on three consecutive days but not in one.
So, here I sit..typing this to you all...about to have the biggest, hottest bath I can possibly manage.
I can't wait.
Calories in today 1480.
Hope you all had a 'tactful' and full day...


Foodie Girl said...

After 3 years of cooking Thanksgiving dinner for 30+ people (by myself), I have decided to take the year off and let the other family members do the cooking this year. I am glad. I already have my plate portioned out on what I plan to eat at each of the two houses. So I won't really have to shop for Thanksgiving like I have done in the past. Thank goodness!

Are you having family over? What are you making?

Christine said...

our family is scattered thither and yon. The most I ever cooked for was 12 people when I lived in germany, that was the year I found out Turkeys can catch on fire...
long story.
I just make turkey, mashed taters and gravy...stuffing, deviled eggs, veggie plate and banana bread and my world famous cheese ball with chicken and a biscuit crackers and summer sausage...I bought a frozen key lime pie and a frozen cherry pie.
It's just me and my husband and our two girls. Maybe someday we will get back east again. who knows.
Happy turkey day to you though.

Amber said...

Still sounds like a good workout.

Even I would have been tempted to grab the phone and have a little "chat" with daddy.

Enjoy the bath.

bbubblyb said...

Way to go on the great workout. Hope you enjoyed your bath.

South Beach Steve said...

Ah yes, tact, that thing I keep telling myself it is good to have. :-)

Arnold saw an opportunity and jumped on it today, didn't he. Just make him pay next time you have a training session.

Enjoy your day Chris.

Anonymous said...

A bath sounds like just the thing. World Famous Cheeseball? OK, now I must know the recipe and see a picture of said cheeseball.

Melissa said...

I bet that looked hilarious in your mind though.

karen@fitnessjourney said...

Self-control is a good thing, but as a parent, I hope someone grabs the phone if one of mine pulls something like that. LOL!

paulawannacracker said...

Oh that would have been too funny to grab the phone and tell daddy. I'm just picturing the look on those girl faces... we take a pleasure where we can get it. Your bath sounds so nice....

You're really doing well with the workouts.I would have used the excuse "my leg is sore, better take it easy." I applaud you.

Well, I'm doing laundry and cleaning the stove. I better do my video before I shop for Thanksgiving dinner. I'll have a house full -- 3 families and their kids. I'm keeping the menu very simple.

Have a nice sunday.

Tricia said...

Wow, sounds busy!

Christine Jeske said...

Here's to the good old days . . . although they lacked tact they were extremely satisfying ;)

Hope Arnold is easier next time! Thanks for your supportive comments on my blog. ♥

Unknown said...

Take care f that leg of yours. Nothing like body hurts to put your workouts back a day or two. Stretching is great and that Hot Bath - my favorite thing to do :)

outdoor.mom said...

Congratulations! You rock!! How exciting to see that scale needle move down. I so wish i could get motivated!

I loved the grabbing the phone idea!! I bet that was real tempting ;-)