Day 8...You can never have too much blue eyeshadow...


So, back to the gym...I did 60 minutes on Christian in preparation for my Tracy Anderson pain fest to follow. It went well.
I have no doubt I will feel it Tomorrow.

So, last night I went to the bx after working out. It's kind of a department store for the military at discounted prices (we also don't pay tax hehehe) any way...I am kind of new to this whole 'makeup' thing. I didn't do makeup for years*(see before photo two posts down).
Now I am attempting to kind of 'teach' myself how to apply makeup. To be a little experimental with color.

The colors I almost always use are pink, plum and brown. period.

I use a little eyeliner. Recently I have started making it a habit to apply eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss *(see my now picture two posts down).
But I still don't do blush a whole lot, or any of that other stuff. I probably will never do base....every time I do it I feel like it's clogging my pores or something....thought I would try some powder. So, I went in search of the makeup ladies that hang out there. Now, I do go light on the makeup so anything really overt makes me cringe. But this woman was a special case. I told her I was looking for a powder..now she is this little Asian lady, and she has her base and foundation on so thick I can see it. She tells me that the base powder is 'buildable'. I don't really want to be building anything on my face. I like the natural look. She tells me we should 'experiment' with color.

I look at her eyelids and it looks like she took the eyeshadow dispenser literally and on the outer half of her lids was this bright metallic copper color and on the interior was "Moss green" maybe? heavy. then lined lips and everything else you can imagine.

All I kept thinking was coco Chanel was rolling in her grave. The whole 'look in the mirror and take one piece off' was meant for accessories, but I think, given the circumstances...It could be applied to this woman's eyelids with good result. You shouldn't look like a paint palate in my opinion, it should enhance your looks and if anybody can tell you have makeup on at all, they should at least think..."Isn't she pretty'...not 'wow, I wonder what is under that makeup'.

Just sayin'.
I found a picture on the Internet that had the same vibe I was getting from this ladies face:

here you go:

except this ladies eyeshadow is a bit more subtle.
I do have brown eyes and think maybe a kind of moss green and bronze would look good....(not together obviously unless it was done softly.) I would like some good under eye concealer and I did get the powder. It goes on and one layer is more than enough since I am not spackling a building.
I do have a lady on youtube I watch now. I love her web shows. Her name is Mattie Roberts and She talks about all the stuff I never really got to do when I was a teenager. I never really hung out alot, or did alot of makeup or girly clothes. My mom had enough money to buy three shirts and three pairs of pants and one pair of shoes. That's it. I had no makeup. Once I started babysitting, I bought one dollar earings at the drug store and cheap lipstick. I bought some eyeliner but noone really showed me how to apply it. I went minimalist. I love the Internet now, cause you can look anything up.
Getting thinner while being conscious of looking better...doing this deliberately is really opening up a door into things I never thought about before. What is my style? How do I look in certain kinds of makeup? I never really paid any attention to this before. It's almost like being a teenager all over again, except I am 35 years old.
Tomorrow is my last day in my workout week.
Gonna make it a good one.


Retta said...

Here is a site I had a blast with, discovering which hairstyles, make-up and eyeglass frames I really liked. All you need to upload is a photo of your own face, with your hair pulled back. It's a free virtual make-over at iVillage:

As far as make-up, I agree with you... subtle is lovely.

Amber said...

I know you say you never wore makeup much but each time I have seen you wear it, it looks great.
And I agree you do not need foundation. I think light browns would look nice for eyeshadow on you. And a lipgloss with a little "pinkish" color to it.
But thats me.
Hey, maybe after watching your videos you can help me.

Anonymous said...

I totally wish we were neighbors so we could put the kids to bed and meet at my place for a glass of Chardonnay and makeovers. I, too, live by the mascara and lipgloss rule, but love to play makeup in the mirror every once in a while.

I think even if you let that lady paint you up like a clown, we'd still see your beauty before we saw your makeup. You're hawt.

Melissa said...

I volunteer to be your makeup go to person. I love it, love applying it, and since I was the oldest of 7 grand-daughters in our family, I was the prom and homecoming makeup person for all the girls younger than me.

One of my favorite things about Avon is that if you don't like it, you get a full refund, no questions asked! I bought some great things from there recently.

F. McButter Pants said...

I totally realte to this post. I have been thinking I might try some makeup as well. I don't have a clue what to do.

Will have to watch the youtube lady you mentioned.

I hve been thinking about my style as well. Glad to know I am good company!

Hanlie said...

I never really got the hang of eye shadow and especially blusher. I use a very good powder foundation on special occasions, but for every day I just use a translucent powder, followed by a light dusting of bronze. Because I'm so fair, mascara is a must and I have my eyebrows tinted and waxed. Eyeliner and lip gloss are my friends, but recently I've learned to use lip liner, which I smudge in with the gloss (to avoid those start outlines, yuk!).

Good for you for tackling this! You're right, badly applied make-up is worse than no make-up at all!

Unknown said...

This is too funny - I've been thinking more about eye shadow as well lately. I normally only wear mascara - and once in awhile I'll wear eyeliner but never eye shadow. Mostly it is because I don't know how to put it on to make it look good. Since I was never really interested in it, I guess I've never experimented with it. I was watching "what not to wear" yesterday when I was walking on my treadmill and they put shadow on the lady in the works and it made such a difference on her. I was thinking I should try something different too.

When you start feeling good about yourself, you no longer want to hide.... :)

I love your posts!

Foodie Girl said...

35 is a great age. I should know! As for the Asian lady with lots of makeup, well, some do this because of the shape of their eyes. My mom is Korean and uses a lot of eyeliner and mascara, but never any color on her lids. I grew up looking at Korean relatives who look like the lady you described and they always reminded me of a circus clown at that age. lol... it brings back funny memories.

Experiment! You could also go to the makeup counters at Dillard or Macy's and they will teach you for free.

Here's to starting new!

Katie J ♥ said...

I wanted to tell you that I LOVE your new profile pic!

I am in the same boat with makeup. I have worn powder, mascara and a lip gloss and that is about it but I have been delving into eye shadows recently. We have a friend that does makeup so I am going to have everyone over for wine and cheese and makeup :-)

Christine said...

I always thought asian ladies were pretty just as they are. I guess living in america and having all the models look a little bug eyed can get to you after a while. Some of the prettiest people in my opinion, are women from India. Ah well, the grass is always greener. lol.

Unknown said...

Hey Chris, I've got a new award for you at my site. Stop by and pick it up :)

InWeighOverMyHead said...

Great pic. :) lol

Leslie said...

Love your new profile pic - like all your other admirers! This post makes me smile, because at age 56, I never have quite gotten the whole make up thing. On the rare occasions I do wear, I invariably hear people say "You look so nice...", and I think I should wear it more. But then I don't factor it into my personal prep time, and it gets backburnered again. Nice to see you changing from the inside out! And back.

Helen said...

You can start at any age if you want to! This post brought back memories of my own beginning with makeup experience. I had begged to wear makeup and my mother faithfully made me wait until my freshman year of high school. Just before the start of the school year she took me out and let me choose what I wanted. The first day arrived and I worked so hard on my "face." When I came downstairs for breakfast my father took one look at me and said, "Who punched you in the eye?" Which promted a stern "George cut it out" from mom and tears from me. Of course now I laugh. I didn't give up and back then I sure could work my Max Factor Pot 'O Blue eyeshadow. It was a beautiful sparkly cornflower blue. You had to live in the 1970s to appreciate it. Do what you like about your makeup and I agree with others that if you really want to try you can find some great free sessions in good department stores.

KrysTros said...

I was thinking about you last night as I was watching Christian Bale in 3:10 to Yuma. I am not much of a makeup wearer since I was in the Army. You are doing good with the exercise, so much better than me. I lack motivation alot. I wish I had someone making me do exercise everyday again LOL. I can't wait until you post a full body pic so we can see what you look like! -5 more lbs and I will post mine! TTYL

Emmett Running for a Cause said...

Great job getting in the exercise! Its amazing how if we feel better about the way we look we improve our look even more. I never got into going crazy with makeup etc. but I am sure it can be fun.

deisegal said...

New picture is lovely.

I was never girly girly re make up etc when I was younger either. I'm still not really but I have a LOT of makeup. Had to make myself stop buying it because really if you only wear a small amount of it every day it takes a long time to get through it.

Have you ever tried mineral foundation? I am terrified of "clown face" and "cake face" but I love the look and feel of minerals.

Chupsie said...

You are beautiful without makeup, if anything stick with a shear powder lipgloss or liquid lipstick and mascara... mascara also gives the illusion of eye liner... If you want to do eye shadow go with simple tones, like pinks and creams. which your already doing. I would aviod anything else, blush/foundation/neon colors... did them all, not worth a second of it... makes you look fake, and I know thats not what you are looking for. Always less is more. now if I could just get my 15 year old sister in law to learn that when it comes to perfume! uhh she stinks up the house!