Day 4 No exercise...

No exercise today,
It's my day of rest, which was of course, sorely (and i do mean sorely) needed.
I cleaned and ran errands and kept my calories to 1500. barely.
I am ditching sugar in favor of chemically laden splenda. I like food and the calories I am using up in the coffee would be better served as fruit or bread. Or anything food like.
I just wanted to say Thank you to any service members out there. It is veteran's day. We like to joke that everyday is Veteran's day in our house.
As I write this, the faces of fallen friends come to mind.
Kelly, Dan, scott.
You are missed. You gave yourself up yes, for an ideal...but more for the soldier beside you. You fought for the future of your country, for your children, for what this country stands for.
I also write this for my cousins...Jeremy, Gary, Jason....who have been, are currently or will be going shortly, to Afghanistan. Gary fought in the battle for fallujah, as did Jeremy. Thank you.
For my much loved little brother, my little ball of sunshine....who is currently serving in the airforce, thank you for your service as well.
To all the army guys going back to Iraq for the third, fourth and possibly fifth deployments. Hang in there, they can't keep you past twenty. For my husband who also served in Iraq.
To all the vietnam veterans who went to war and were never given the proper thank you...Uncle Richard, Butch, Junior...thank you.
For my Grampa Hinton who fought in the battle of the bulge, thank you.
For my great, great, great, great uncles who fought for the 24th michigan volunteers at the battle of gettysburg, the turning point in the civil war...
Through the ages there have been good men and women willing to lay down their lives for their country. You are the reason I can say what I want, live how I want, and enjoy the freedom and security of this country. I salute you.
God bless America,


Jack Sh*t, Gettin Fit said...

Very nice, moving sentiment, Chris.

If the chemicals put you off, there are several more natural alternatives now. They've made a big leap in the last year or so.

Leslie said...

Hi Chris -

Now back from the DR, I'm catching up on my favorite blogs. I see you're in spittin' distance from Onederland! Awesome. It sounds like you have constructed a nice little mini boot camp for yourself, which I'm hoping to do now that I'm back and ready to resume my daily routine. Yesterday was the first day home and I was basically in oblivion and emotional blur all day, running on way too little sleep and a bad day of eating on Tuesday when we flew home.

I'll say it again - I love your blog and your style!

Diane Fit to the Finish said...

Thanks for posting this. You have a lot of friends and family who have served and are serving. My dad was military and the sense of gratitude I feel never ends.

South Beach Steve said...

Chris, what an appropriate post, and one that certainly embodies part of who you are. Tell all your family and friends that are serving our country in the military that they are much appreciated.

BTW, I have also chosen to use the chemical Splenda instead of sugar, although I prefer Truvia now. It is just expensive.

Melissa said...

very nice and very fitting post. :)

Anonymous said...

Great post. Thanks!

paulawannacracker said...

You defintely have a huge number of family serving or who have served in the armed forces. Protecting our freedoms. We are so indebted to the men and woman who fight for freedoms we take for granted. Great post.

You might want to try agave nectar. Very tasty.

Amber said...

came back just to listen to the music
good one (traviling soldier)

Foodie Girl said...

Thanks for the awesome post!

DiPaola Momma said...

I found the comment you left on Krystros's vets day post, I've stopped in to THANK YOU and your family for protecting the freedoms that I and everyone out there enjoys!

That said I LOVE this blog! OMG you have GOT to come guest post for me on my blogs! PLEASE!!!