an aura of the inevitable....

Hey guys, late post tonight.
Everything was late tonight.

Well, I had the girl scout meeting tonight. I just wanted the kids to practice, practice, practice those christmas songs.
It's important, that way they don't feel like a deer in headlights when they get up to sing.
At least they'll know the lyrics ;o)

I just wanted to blog a little tonight about that feeling of inevitability.
There are days when you wake up and say, uh oh...I feel a binge coming on.
what do you do when that voice gets in your head.
The voice that says;
One cookie won't matter...
then you eat the cookie....and you think. Well, that wasn't so bad, in fact it was pretty darn good.
You know, I could eat another one and have a smaller dinner.
So you eat another one....but when dinner time comes,you find you are hungry and then you say, hey...
so what's 200 calories....it's just one day.
You string enough of those kinds of days together and you have what is commonly called
a "plateau".
Made all the more hideous by the fact that you felt you were dieting, you felt you were trying.
but somewhere, somehow..some food snuck in under our radar.
It could be something as simple as slacking off on the size of your chicken breasts....not measuring the sugar for your coffee....
You have enough 'bad weigh-ins", you begin to feel as though you are 'swimming up stream'.
You get tired of fighting, and maybe some of you allow the current to carry you back down stream.
10 lbs downstream, 20 lbs downstream....100 lbs downstream....
until you decide to start swimming again.
Swimming upstream requires constant vigilance.
But after a while you develop muscles from all that swimming upstream...
instead of feeling like rapids, it starts feeling like a trickle.
Sure there will be moments when a storm comes, and man do you have to fight.
Maybe you get pushed back a little....but you keep going.
Take tonight.
I missed my workout on Monday,
had a piss poor workout tuesday...
had a much better one on wednesday.
Then there was today....
Anything that could go wrong DID GO WRONG
1.) I washed all my workout clothes together...figured I would have enough for the next five days...yeah me! Thinking ahead. I'm a go getter.
I washed them with a tube of lipstick, and then dried them with the same tube of lipstick.
every.single.article was covered in my attractively colored peachy mauve lipstick.

This was at one in the afternoon...

I went to walmart to develop some pictures and pick up some stain remover (and a new tube of lipstick lol) I come back, and put the clothes back in the wash with the stain remover.
Go pick up my daughter from school...
bake some cookies for girl scouts get stuff around...oh crap check the wash for the clothes.
Yeah! all the lipstick came out.
quick in the dryer, downstairs to the girl scout meeting...goes well.
Back home,
2.) but first need to drop off crafts to two of my girls that didn't make the meeting.
I get there at 6:30, and get into a conversation that lasted till 7:00 . I always do this with this particular mom....probably a hint we should hang out. We always have something to talk about.
Home, yeah! No time for dinner, got to go to the gym....
clothes should be dry...

3.)but they aren't
I have one bright greeny blue t shirt and the worlds dorkiest sweat pants....no exercise bra.
I pull one WET out of the dryer.
I put it on.
I go to the gym.

4.)I go to go in and realize I left my water bottle in the van. Half of the bottle was filled with water, which is now a frozen chunk of ice...fine, whatever...I will fill it with what water I can...besides, with this wet bra, I need to get inside it is 1 degree.
I go to switch on my armband radio and

I left it on.
So there I am, no water...cold tits, no music.

I go in and hop on arnold...staring blankly ahead watching "so you think you can dance' with no sound. All that hectic gyration and flailing looks ridiculous with no sound.
suddenly I hear

6.)"Oh, shut the hell up!"
It's some guy wearing headphones, watching fox news yelling at a liberal who was talking on a panel on the hannity show. I was pretty sure he was yelling at the liberal, because every time ann coulter would talk, he would laugh.
Now I'm riveted by the nut with the headphones.
(look, I lean right of center, but good brother man...YOU shut the hell up!)

Then this married couple walks in....
He goes to get on the recumbant bike, she on the treadmill.
He gets up and she YELLS: Where are you going?
He's all: It doesn't work...
She Yells: Ask the lady for help.
He: grabs his cell phone and departs.
I am staring at my feet, trying not to laugh..I look up and realize I still have 32 minutes left on this thing.
(I would label that number 7,but in all honesty...these two kept me amused the last half of my workout.)
I look to my right and see glee...which I would love to watch, looks like a great show.
I have no headphones.
Look what I was missing by filling my ears with music.
I am buying new batteries tomorrow.
It was a horrible workout.
It was boring, uninspiring...I was tired, and cold...
and I did it anyway.
want to know what kind of aura of inevitablity I have?
You can have it too.
Not a late night, not a bad day...not eating too many cookies...or a half can of refried beans....or pumpkin cheesecake or tortilla chips...Not an ice filled water bottle, wet bra, dorky pants, no sleep, or an argument with a good friend, not loneliness, or anger, or sadness, nothing.
If you did any of that, or felt any of that, it's just one day...
It's yesterday, it's not tomorrow.
Get back up, and climb back on the Krab.
I ate 1510 calories.
I had one sugar cookie, it was small and 85 calories.
Part of me wanted another.
But then I would have had a dinner that wouldn't have satisfied a gnat.
I didn't eat a second one.
I had one heck of a dinner at 9:30 this evening...after the gym and everything else.
270 calories of turkey sausage
1 red bell pepper
7 mushrooms
3/4 of a cup of sugar snap peas
awesomeness...and filling.
Have a great tomorrow.
Do it for you.
Your cold breasted jogging blogger,


Anonymous said...

I just can't seem to relate to the binge part. not at all.


And I, too, lean right of center, but Ann Coulter? Yowza.

AND, I'm kind of laughing that you said tits. Like, said it. Without saying t*ts or something.

Retta said...

You wrote: "Don't let ANYTHING GET IN YOUR WAY."
This post is one of the best excuse busters ever! This is great for anyone needing to see a determined attitude in ACTION. What it looks like in a real life, where the rubber meets the road.... on those days we all have when everything goes wrong!
Great job!

South Beach Steve said...

Rettakat used the right word - DETERMINATION. Yeah, you had a bad day, but did it stop you - nope. I commend you on doing this Chris. The wet bra would have been enough to stop a mere mortal. :-)

On the brighter side of things, at least you were able to get some interesting people watching in. I may be strange, but I really enjoy that sometimes.

Anonymous said...

I know how cold it is here. Wet bra? That is determination.

F. McButter Pants said...

You have to want it more then you don't, that's sure. Your motivation has to be right as well.

Laughed at the guy yelling at Fox News. I have a friend that does the same thing. Makes me laugh every time!

Christine Jeske said...

ryc: I have been struggling to make intake. I think I could blame it on the flu bug I had last week but honestly it's the cold. I lose my appetite every December and I have been forcing myself above 1200 trying not to slip into "starvation mode" and throw a monkey wrench in the metabolism department. My target is btwn 1300-1400 right now. I worry about setting a bad example on my blog for my mom and sisters (they lurk but never email me about it until red flags come up.) I definately think weight loss needs to be a healthy process and I worry just as much about under as over eating! If I fly under too long something is gonna give later . . .

Sorry about the cold tits and bad workout! BUT YOU WENT!!!! Hooray for that. And I love, love, love the swimming analogy. ♥

Chupsie said...

Thank you for your inspirational pep talk, I am soo off that wagon that I needed to be told its ok but you just need to keep going. You are an amazing person for what you can accomplish and how you can keep on pushing forward! I admire that about you.

Roxie said...

Your cold boobies make me feel like I wuss for whining about the cold walk to the gym this morning!

WTG for just keeping on. At some point, you really do have to laugh about it, don't you?

Unknown said...

Man you are DETERMINED! I would NEVER put on a wet bra and head out in freezing weather! lol GOOD JOB!

Unknown said...

You know what Chris, I think this post took me right out of my funk! :) Thank you for the fantastic post once again. I love your determination and you know what, I've got to get me some of that.... today!
Thanks my friend.

Melissa said...

I am sitting here thinking about blowing off my running today because I don't want to go outside and get all cold. Now I think I might go ahead and just do it.

Foodie Girl said...


Wet bra and all! Totally inspiring!

Joania said...

Wet bra? I would have been done!!! You're one determined mama!! Keep it up beautiful!! :)

MB said...

Wow! What a day, huh?

I never would have made it with no water, cold tits, and no music but that is why you are so successful and I'm still struggling.

I'm sure tomorrow will be a better day. It has to be, right?

Jack Sh*t, Gettin Fit said...

Chris, anybody can do this when everything's going right. The true test of character is when you can act right and make solid choices when the world seems set to knock you back a few pegs.

You are quite the inspiration!