I want to be like you, mom.....

Hi all,

So after reading Jack's blog, I couldn't stand it...
I went out and bought Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, frosty the snoman and It's Christmas, Charllie brown.
Tonight we watched Rudolph...and it really ticked Sophie off. She couldn't believe that the reindeer and the elves treated people that way....it was cute.

I am writing this post a day early because something pretty neat just happened.
I know we all have our sad fat stories.
Things someone said that really struck us in the gut.
Well, about nine years ago...when my oldest was six, almost seven...
I was trying to get her to eat some of her breakfast because we were headed to the mountains to ski.
She wouldn't eat...I was pressuring, and she said, "You just want me to be fat like you."

Well, that was a moment.
What do you say to that?
No, I don't?
Yes, I do?
I'm not fat?
I was.
It's almost akin to that question "So, have you stopped beating your wife?"
I told her that I didn't want her to be fat, just not hungry when we went skiing.
My husband about lost his nut.
I was three months pregnant at the time...and he was all, "Your mother is pregnant'.
I just wanted the subject dropped, quite frankly.
Kate apologized. I accepted.
We moved on.

So you can imagine my arrested posture upon this announcement through the bathroom door tonight.
I am taking a bath...listening to music...relaxing.
Sophie, my youngest.

"Mom, I want to be you for Halloween."
(I know, Halloween is a year away, for some reason she is always planning what she is going to be for halloween.)
I say...
"You want to be like me?"

She says "Yeah, I have your shirt on.."
I say "OKAY"...
I am waiting to hear what she says..
She says..."Well, I will have to put a shirt on under this one, cause this one is big.."
I thought, oh here we go again...
She says "But I will need some tights too."
I say "Tights?"
She says "Yeah, Tights and tennis shoes, So I can jog door to door"
I sat there for a second and said...
"Cause that's what I do? Jog?"
She says "Yeah."

Now if I never lost another pound. If I never look like Jillian Micheals.
If I have to cram my *ss in a pair of 12's or 14's the rest of my born days.
I will still do this.
...My daughter wanting to 'Be like me"...
Can't beat that sh*t.

The jogging blogger,


karen@fitnessjourney said...

What a great story!

The other day my friend's five year old daughter was telling me about her gymnastics class and said, "My mom could to cartwheels, but she's too fat." It broke my heart for her. She just found out she has Type II diabetes.

Anonymous said...

What a WONDERFUL compliment your daughter gave you, Chris! Congratulations. I've got goosebumps over here. :)

Sevenbeads said...

What an angel!

Amber said...

You must be doing something right if your daughter wants to be you!
I can just hear Sophie saying that too. Too cute,and sweet.

Those are the comments that remind you why your a mom:)

South Beach Steve said...

That is quite possibly the best motivation you could have gotten this evening. Relish in it!

Unknown said...

aww that was a GREAT compliment! :) very cute!

Melissa said...

How sweet!!!

jo said...

Kids can be so brutally honest....it's just better when it's good honest like what just happened. =)

I needed a smile today, and that gave me one.

KrysTros said...

Too cute! Remember that when she becomes a teenager and never listens to you again. Heh! You are such a great and strong role model for your children!

Anonymous said...

*standing ovation*

I wanna be you for Halloween, too.

Thanks for my Michigan fix yesterday.

Christine Jeske said...

VICTORY! That's awesome. Don't you love how your kids can make you feel like a million bucks?? Cute story. Score one for Mom! :D

Las Vegas Weight Loss Challenge said...

Chris, Wow what a change from your daughters thoughts of who you are from a fat person to a jogger, I love it! It must make you feel soo good! Thanks for all the positive thoughts on my blog.

Diane Fit to the Finish said...

Wonderful story and how uplifting to hear these things from our children.

This post made me smile.

Leslie said...

Great story! By next halloween she's going to want to be a beautiful runway model, because that's what you're going to look like! Thanks for sharing this. Wait until your kids just think you're old! Early 20-somethings are relentless!

Losing 100 said...

Doesn't that just make it all worth it? What a great example you are to her. That's awesome! I can't believe you went out in the cold! I hate going from my car to the gym when it's cold! I'm such a wimp.

Brenda said...

How beautiful is that? Love it!
btw, I keep giggling when I picture Sophie tonight with her hair caught in the little fan and the consequential little 'dread lock' she made!

Christine said...

um, this may sound terrible, but me too. lol

bbubblyb said...

Cute story!!!

I must say though I would be beyond happy to cram my butt in a pair of 12 or 14's for the rest of my life, it's all in how we see it *smile*.

Hanlie said...

That is very sweet and touching... You know you're doing something right when your kids want to be like you!