No...I was wrong...

DECEMBER is the longest month..
Right after I first started this whole diet/new way of life thing...I went through July.
I don't know why people pop off so many offspring in july...but they do.
I went to a lot of festivities...birthday parties, july 4th etc.
It was very difficult for me. I was only two month in and saying No all the time felt very wearing.

Now it's december. I am in control of my environment for the most part and don't have a whole lot of temptations. I did have a few hurdles here and there.
The worst thing has been time constraints this month. I feel very pressed for time.

Like tonight....
Today was something like this...wake up.
Clean like a maniac cause I haven't been able to lately.
At noon, hubby came home...still cleaning...he hands me a check and reminds me Christmas is on Thursday. Good point.
Went to Apple tree assisted living facility and did Christmas caroling with my girl scout troop.
3:30 all done.
back home, change into gym clothes...go to Ft. carson to cash the check.
thinking I could go to the gym after..
I went to the bank in the px to cash my husband's paycheck...so I can finally buy some presents for the kids, and the line was sooooslow. It took 45 minutes to cash the check.
I won't even discuss the half hour I wasted trying to buy socks I thought were on sale but weren't....30 minutes.
I get out of there at 5:30
I try to go to the gym on Ft. Carson IT IS CLOSED...

This gym is NEVER open...
So, I am heading to Peterson to my 'normal gym'
I realize it is 5:45...so I swing by home and make the kids a quick dinner.
Out of there by 6:15...ten minutes to the gym.
In and on Arnold...
I am going 31 minutes in when suddenly they flicker the lights.
The gym closes at 7 on the weekends.
I come home and do a mile and a half walk.
total burn 450 calories.. calories, under 1500.
total frustration....off the charts.
It had been one thing or another for two weeks now. I hate to say this, but I am ready for the whole thing to be over.
It's nothing but cookies and chores.
I am trying to make this magical for the kids...but I don't know that gifts are what make Christmas magical.
One of my favorite memories of Christmas occurred when Tim and I and Kate lived in Germany.
We went down to garmisch partenkirchen for Christmas...
On Christmas eve, there we were perched in the bavarian alps...the sun had gone down and there was snow on the mountains...when someone down in the village played silent night.
That was very peaceful, and very special...there were no plastic santa lawn ornaments...loud commercials, or battery operated doodads.
I think I had better watch the grinch who stole Christmas before my heart shrinks three sizes.
There has to be a better way to do this. I want a much more quiet and spiritual Christmas....I feel like I am doing the Christmas vacation come dollar store tacky version.
signing off on that cheery note
your grrrrumpy blogger,

Yes, places like this really exist. lol.
Man, sometimes I miss it.


Anonymous said...

I know, I know. Seems like it was so much easier when my son was a baby. He was SO into the Christmas story, SO into his friends at church, and SO NOT into comparing his pile of presents to the other kids.

We thought we had a little miracle on our hands. He even suggested our Christmas DAy tradition - we eat birthday cake for breakfast - because wouldn't Jesus want cake?

Very different this year. We've taken our eye off the ball. I have allowed that to happen. And I have let my grinchiness allow me to make some bad decisions, food and present wise.

But, it's almost over. Almost. And I'll try to do better next year.

karen@fitnessjourney said...

I read a great piece of advice concerning the holidays and stress: Only continue the traditions that you and your family enjoy.

For me, baking was all pain and no pleasure. On Christmas Eve my daughter and I started baking one small batch of cookies for Santa and us to enjoy. I'm talking maybe 3 dozen and we share these at our Christmas night party.

Maybe think about what you enjoyed as a child during the holidays. My guess is that you don't remember many specific gifts. I'll bet your daughter will remember caroling at the assisted living facility far more than what's under the tree this year.

South Beach Steve said...

Chris, I share a lot of your feelings. My wife accuses me of being a grinch because of it, but I absolutely detest most of this time of the year. Let me rephrase this, I get tired of it all really quick. Just something peaceful and relaxing would do just fine. Hearing Silent Night being played by a flute way off in the distance would be nice.

Foodie Girl said...

I bet there are some beautiful places there in the Springs.

It sucks that the gym closes so early. I have never been on the weekends here and I am sure it's the same thing.

Sorry for your frustrations. I am sure your children are going to have a lovely Christmas. You are such a loving mom and have such determination. It's all going to work out!

Boozy Tooth said...

No, no... don't get your fur-lined panties in a wad now Chrissipoo. Your ass might be shrinking, but your heart never will, it's the perfect unshrinkable size. You just need to allow yourself a little self-imposed silent night, is all, to get your perspective right. The gym closed early for a reason... don't miss the point. Take a breath. Take the night off. It's okay, it really is. Relax and enjoy. Have a glass of wine.

Losing 100 said...

I felt like that last year. Christmas isn't about the presents, it's about being with those you love. That's why we ran away as a family. There are no presents this year, just time together. I'm having the kids write each other a letter for their presents to each other. I hope it goes well. Good Luck, and Merry Christmas.

Christine said...

@SUE: both my kids know we have no money..so no worries about that...I think it's the pace.
@Karen...I refuse to bake, I buy pies lol.
@foodie Your right so I am going to take losing 100's suggestion and try to find one
@steve flutes are nice..
It was a horn though, and it bounced off the mountain sides so it echoed forever....I can still hear it.
@alix...can't drink hubby is a recovering alcoholic who very luckily married a woman who can't stand alcohol. I will sit and think (after christmas shopping) about a way to make this better.I'll stop whining some have it much much worse. The caroling felt right..everything else...not so much...
okay my word ver is smiling...hint taken

jo said...

So I'm not the only one...misery loves company.

jo said...

just reading the comments...

I don't drink and I really can't stand alcohol.

I think Christmas is harder on moms. We are the ones trying to make it magical, trying to make memories, perfection sometimes, etc. I think we feel frustration with time, effort on the part of others, etc. I haven't felt the magic spark of Christmas for a couple years, but I've been mourning my Dad and also my Mom and my son is older and...

I think that magic is there somewhere, we just have to find it.

Linda Pressman said...

Chris, days like those are why my car has 42000 miles in three years and my husband's has 10000. My life is more hectic staying home! As far as the holiday, it's funny how much we get hooked into the idea of giving our kids the holiday we never had; I wonder what the kids really want? Probably some beautiful Christmas music (at your house - I'd have to look for that Adam Sandler CD!) and a glittering tree.

Learning to be Less said...

Girl your day was wickedy wack. How the hell do you keep everything together?

I do wish I could have seen you caroling with the scouts. I remember doing that as a kid.

Dude, that picture is awesome. You are so blessed to have experienced such super Christmases past. This one will be special too. It's just waiting for you all to relax.

I agree about this being the LONGEST month. Food wise it is totally sucky. I just want to eat. I know Jesus is the reason for the season but would it be wrong to commit a sin and eat my way through Christmas?