Which is worse? A question to ponder....

I'm back.
The first thing I would like to do...in the spirit of the casa hice (hi alix) I would like to give the one fingered salute to some folks who really deserve it. These people have been bugging the living batsh*t out of me for this last week.
Let's simply start with my song dedication...This is a shout out for all of Tiger's ho's.
Get down girl, go head get down...
For congress for even thinking of passing this hoo which will bury us in debt....yes, that includes the 1.1 trillion dollar spending bill....So I guess this song goes out to Nancy Pelosi...I ain't sayin' she a gold digger....
okay, that's about all...moving on.
I read a comment that really p*ssed me off. ( I blame it on my high level of irritability.)
I hear all the time "Oh, that must be sooo difficult. All that exercise, watching what you eat constantly.
The comment I read on amber's post about her running and trying to balance her life...this comment left by some clueless nit said "I would rather gain a pound than lose a pound and 'torture' myself like you do."
Let me just say right now- VOMIT!
Oh really.
You would rather continue to deteriorate. Be a horrible example to your children, rather than 'torture' yourself via diet and exercise...
Well, fine for you mister.
I have seen people laying down and giving up. They don't call it that, of course. They say they are "Taking a break"...Or, "enjoying the weekend'. Then I never see them again.
They always have a reason. Then they slip further down the slope, then wallow in self hatred, or self pity.
uh oh...this is turning into Jack's morbidly obese couple post. lol.
(Just so you know, I completely understood where jack was coming from with that post...it was that post that turned me into a permanent reader. That much passion is masking a heart that cares.)
Lets stop right here and take an infomercial break on Chris's anger.
I used to do this. I used to say "I am going to enjoy myself and I am not going to starve. My anger is a direct result of having done THIS VERY THING...OVER AND OVER AND OVER. Till I became morbidly obese. Till I made my body an alter to ill health and myself a martyr to domesticity. It is a lie to make you feel better about staying where you are.

To hear this lie spouted at a good friend who is busting her hump, trying to become fit and balancing family and everything else. To know this may discourage her when she is dealing with enough. Well, lets just say this wasn't the day for me to read it.

So lets make a list, shall we?
Staying fat....

Get to eat what you want when you want.
Get to lay around and not push yourself.
Don't have to balance staying healthy with caring for your family.

Deteriorating health
Bad example to your kids
Lack of self esteem
Lack of energy
Inability to fully contribute to family life
Inability to play, to hike, to have a good time because your too d*mn tired
Unattractive to your own spouse
Unattractive to yourself
Someday, if you keep eating...you won't be there to care for your family!

Getting healthy!

Increased stamina
increased strength.
You are providing an excellent example your children can follow
You make yourself more attractive to your spouse
You feel more attractive
You feel empowered to create change
You increase your ability to enjoy life
You have (hard earned) pride in yourself.

It takes time and discipline

Now, which is worse?
Feeling like crap daily...feeling fat, unhappy sluggish and ashamed?
Or feeling empowered, fit, happy and proud?
I know which one was 'torture' for me.

Your newly motivated blogger


Sheilagh said...


I am inspired Thank You


Hanlie said...

Very well said, Chris! You are so right!

266 said...

Good post, Chris!

I just read your comment on Jo's blog and had to come here and tell you I tried your suggestion... lol! My husband did indeed stare at me and asked, "What are you doing?" It made me laugh so hard!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so with you.

I spent the weekend with girlfriends eating, drinking and being merry. And still managed to post a decent loss today. And have decided NOT to be irritated by all of the comments: Can't you just take a weekend off? I could never do what you do! I can't be that obsessed with what I eat! I have too much else to handle. And so on.

And my good friend here knows how hard I'm working, yet she bakes me cookies. Because she "feels bad" that my kids don't have all that stuff around. What? Feels bad that I don't have a kitchen full of junk for my kids? UGGG! (that said, I will have to break down and spend one afternoon baking and decorating Christmas cookies, but we give most of them away).

And I know what you mean on the "breaks" and "weekends off" and whatnot. I fear we're losing some of my favorite bloggers.

Anyhoo. Apparently this post speaks to me. Maybe I should walk off my irritation BEFORE I write mine for the day!

(BTW, I think I'm older than YOU. And, do you have an email addy? I've got a project coming up that I want to talk to you about. Hit me up - mommy2joe@gmail.com)

South Beach Steve said...

You tell em!!!!

I love your spunk!

Leslie said...

IN YO' FACE! Call it like you see it, Chris. When listing pros and cons, the conclusion is clear. I did the same thing on my blog a few months back and the results were the same. Co-inkydink???? I think not! Have a great Tuesday!

jo said...

I could add tons to your con list, but I won't. I was so fat and miserable I couldn't even lie around in comfort. This is so much better! And I don't need to lie around so much now. =)

Neither my DH nor I ever cared too much for Tiger Woods--perhaps it was a 6th sense. His world is crashing down on him, isn't it?

KrysTros said...

Nancy Pelosi......when can we get rid of her. And bigmouth who posted crap about gaining instead of losing, may you be trapped between two other people who feel that way, on a plane.

Chic you are doing fine and when people post crap like that, the great thing is, you have a delete button to get rid of that negativity much easier than getting rid of the ones you know in real life. Keep on, keeping on sista hooah!!!

Unknown said...

oohh GIRL I LIKE YOU R MOTIVATION! :) The song started JUST at the right time and I cracked up! I luv that song! lol

Since last Jan. when I started blogging there has been so many fellow bloggers that make excises, take breaks, and some disappear. Those who have not yet left the blog world should evaluate the last -almost year- for them and see what it is that is holding them back. I get bored with hearing excuses and slowly feel myself backing away from reading adn supporting someone that just is not in it to WIN. You, my friend are a fighter, and a WINNER-and I am enjoying your journey!! :)

Stephanie said...

I wouldn't even say the 'time' part is a con. Everything takes 'time'...even sitting in front of the TV bingeing on Marie Callendar pies. It's just straight up discipline. And it's about being ok with feeling good!
BODA lose weight

Boozy Tooth said...

Holy effing YE-AH! Epic post!

I busted a seam when the song came on. You are brilliant and so politically incorrect that I have a girl crush on you. But the wisdom of the post... that's the true brilliance. So accurate.

People who criticize the hard work and discipline of other people's diet and fitness triumphs while stuffing cake in their face with both hands? Um. They're idiots. And you're right... they've just given up on themselves. Waived the white flag and said forget it. It's HARD WORK to lose weight and keep it off. Much simpler and easier to look the other way while the pounds add up. But the only one you hurt by spiraling out of control is yourself, right?

I'll be honest... I have to push myself to exercise every day, but once it's behind me I feel great. I never regret exercising... but I always regret not exercising. Like anything that's good and important, it takes commitment and sticktoitiveness. I ain't preachin' it's just a fact.

So I join you in your single finger salute to all your most deserved recipient.

Thanks for the Casa Hice shout out. Made my day.

Anonymous said...

Two words...


Okay, maybe more than that. So effing true. People think they are being supportive, I suppose, when they WHINE about what WE are going on our behalf. Pull thy head out, please.

Thanks, as always, for the honesty and the laugh!

Joanne said...

Wow what a great day for me to return to reading my blog friends!! Way to go!!!

karen@fitnessjourney said...

One word-amen!

Tricia said...

So nice to see the comment ended up having a positive effect. It fired you up and motivated you. :)

outdoor.mom said...

this brings up a lot of passionate feelings in us all. As an RN and having been in health care since age 16, I've spent my life watching first hand how obesity drives people to sickness, disabling them at a young age and causes too many health problems to mention. It is heart breaking seeing people who should be healthy and young, sickly and aged due to their own bad habbits. They want us ( the medical community) to fix them and we can't "fix" people making bad choices. It also grieves me that there is obesity on both my maternal and paternal sides and that I daily fight it myself. For us to make things better for our children, we have to take action. IT is our duty. Otherwise, we just continue the distructive pattern. Apathy harms our kids, grandkids, etc.. Everytime we chose to eat right and exercise, we empower ourselves and our future generations.
You keep blogging!!! Your doing a good job.

Foodie Girl said...

Holy crap! You said it all very well! Love it!

Christine Jeske said...

"Till I made my body an alter to ill health and myself a martyr to domesticity"

Wow that sentence really hit home! Never again! I can never go back. And yay for you and your soap box! Big applause here, I totally agree. It's not torture, it's movement/change/progress. It's always worth it!

MB said...

It sounds like a no-brainer to me. Great post.

Unknown said...

Great Post Chris! You tell them!
I'm feeling great, empowered and strong.....