Tipping point...

Hello all,
As I was discussing my weight loss journey with my mom today....I realized I had passed something quite profound.
I weighed in this morning at 194.
The last time I weighed this much was at least October of 2000.
So, 9 years.
It also means it is the halfway point in my journey, or actually two pounds over halfway.
I have lost 68 lbs.
I have 64 to lose to reach my goal weight of 130.
I am more than halfway there.
The tipping point.
I have come farther than I have to go.

Feels good.

I worked out on Arnold tonight.
I burned 610 calories and stretched, stretched, stretched.
I ate around 1400 calories tonight.... I don't think I want to eat anymore either.
So I will let myself come in a bit low..

Anywhooo. During that conversation with my mom, I got the most interesting comments...like,

"So, at the weight you are now, How much are you eating to lose weight?"
So I tell her where I get my info, and she writes it down.
Just a guess.
I think she is "at the weight I'm at now.'

Then she said, "Well, I am glad it's coming off so fast for you.'
"It doesn't seem to be bothering you."

Funny, one year ago she was sending me weight watchers cookbooks
(I wasn't on a diet at the time) ...now she wants weight loss advice.
Life is strange.

It's funny, I think if other people knew how hard losing this much weight is, they wouldn't say that 'its coming off so easy". Granted, she only gets updates every other week, and when you are busy with your own life...one minute someone is telling you they have lost ten pounds, the next fifty.
Time goes by fast.
It's harder than I thought it would be, and easier than I thought it would be.
(I am not done, so lets not count my eggs before they are hatched. Sometimes I need to remind myself, lol. )
I am going to get to my goal weight and probably get some of the stuff I used to throw out.

"Oh,it's easy for you...YOUR NATURALLY THIN!!!!" lololol
or "Look at you, you can eat whatever you want, and not get fat!"

I usually thought that last one at restaurants, not thinking that the thin girl had probably watched what she ate and exercised for the week prior and so could have a bit more that day.
There are other things I've noticed:
I am no longer the biggest person in the room, even at the gym.
I am thiiiiis close to shopping the 'normal' part of the clothing section at walmart.
I get cold easier.
My husband is more 'attentive' lol.
People who haven't seen me in a while do a double take when I say hi, then look me over once really good...but don't say anything? lol.

shhhhhh....my old school hottie....lol i take terrible pictures...
click to enlarge....

Hope all is well with you guys, I am going to get off blogger tonight and do some laundry.
Your naturally thin blogger,


bbubblyb said...

Way to go on 194. I'm trying to play blog catch up tonight *smile*. I sooo know what you mean about how fast others view weight loss that isn't their own. I remember being the same way lol. Have fun with the laundry, it's never ending lol.

Hallie said...

I was going to say what bbubbly said. ha

Foodie Girl said...

Aha! Perfect song for a perfect post! Halfway mark and I am listening to Rocky music! WooHoo!

Tony said...

Unless people have gone through the weight loss process, they really don't have any clue how hard it is.

foolsfitness said...

Over halfway...Well I guess you might as well keep going now... it's shorter onward than back anyway!!! WOW 9 years ago... gee, I'd like to be the weight I was nine years ago if I can remember it right... last year of college, fencing and volleyball playing. maybe just a bit further when I was into racketball.

Well I recently picked up volleyball playing again. I weighed what I am now on Jan 31st 2004 but I was far lower in between then and now.

At Foolsfitness we will stop dieting when we reach our origonal birth weight of 6 pounds 2 ounces.-Alan

Linda Pressman said...

Congratulations! You are so right about the things people say and assume. I've had my weight off for a long time and people always think that "people like me" have it under control or some other stupid stuff. But I have news for them: I might look normal on the surface but that fat me who I was for 25 years gave me a sensitivity and caring I may never have had if I hadn't struggled. It'll always be a part of me.

deisegal said...

Just you wait, it will not be long before you get the "you should stop losing weight now otherwise you're going to look sick" Urgh....

Laundry truly is never ending, even for just two people living together.

Leslie said...

Hey skinny -

Woot for the tipping point! Excellent. Also interesting thoughts about perceptions from others, both spoken and unspoken. Interesting you noting that you're almost into the normal section at walmart...I had 2 shopping trips for a few clothes items needed for the holidays and both times shopped in the normal section. Granted, XLs and 16s, but normal 16s, not Women's 16s. And one 14. It feels weird, and I keep waiting for a salesperson to come and point me to the plus sizes, at which point I would kindly say, "PLUS SIZE THIS!"

It's really a joy to read your blog and bootleg your enthusiasm.

Retta said...

The tipping point! How fun for you... that surely must make you feel supercharged for the last half. I'm happy for you. :-)

South Beach Steve said...

Chris, this is great news! As much as I analyze the numbers, I don't know that I ever realized when I passed the midway point. I think I was so focused on the goal that nothing else mattered.

It is funny how people who offered advice now request it though. I have one person in my life who always told me how to lose weight, but now they ask me how. :-)

You are really doing great Chris, just keep it up!

Unknown said...

Congrats on getting to teh 1/2 way point! YIPEEEE!!! You are doing SO well! :)

I liked and could relate to your things you have noticed list- lol very true! Im FREEZING for the first time in my life. lol

Joania said...

Hey baby!! Congrats on the "2 pounds away from" the HALFWAY POINT!!! I am so pleased and thrilled for you!!

Glad you mentioned the "cold" thing!! The same thing is happening to me..I remember always getting the sweats before but now, I'm clinging to a sweater!

You're doing great and keep it up!!

Losing it in Vegas said...

Way to go on the more than 1/2 way mark! I am so glad you are doing well.

InWeighOverMyHead said...

GREAT job with the 194 Chris!

Melissa said...

Congrats! I am so proud of you!! This time next year you will be at goal weight and looking even more fantastic than you do now.

Anonymous said...

Wow - congrats - you've come a long way! I wish you continued success!

Sevenbeads said...

What a great way to go into the holiday season and New Year. No reason to dread January for us!

Unknown said...

194 - that's absolutely fantastic Chris - way to go!!!
I love your signature line - Naturally thin blogger - That is the best way to be! Good on ya!

Hanlie said...

Way to go on reaching the tipping point! That is awesome!