Last night I had the strangest dream...

Not breaking into a Simon and Garfunkel song here...just talking about a dream I had last night.
In my dream I was with a friend, and we were rolling skating. (Hi amber...lol)
I roller skated up to this church where there was a revival going on...
Well, we were sitting outside on benches waiting for the service to be over because we didn't want to clackity clack up the aisle in our skates. All the sudden all these older men in silver suits and pompodours came through the open doors with mink coats. They hung them high up on metal racks, a good ten foot up, and told the people standing there that whoever got them off the hangers could take them home for free and keep them.
My thoughts were, in this order: "Those are really beautiful" and "my God those things are expensive..then, "I'm getting that one".
(now, I don't actually wear fur...they make me sneeze)

So, We all (mostly women) stand underneath these coats..(I still have these skates on.) He blows the whistle and we jump.
I couldn't reach it by jumping straight up that way, so I grabbed one of the metal poles that formed the square rack, and using only my hands...I shimmied up the pole and grabbed the bottom of this coat. All the time I am doing this I have people yelling up at me...telling me that I can't do it...it's too high, it's going to be difficult to maintain...and it probably won't fit anyway. I see some people have quit.
But I am hanging on to the bottom of this coat and it is starting to give way. It's really attached to this rack.
It falls and I have got it.
It's really soft, so I go to put it on and in my head I think "What if it doesn't fit?" I think to myself, I've lost a ton of weight so maybe it will.
I put it on and it fits, with room...I think "What if it isn't real?"
So I feel it, I run my fingers down to the underfur, it's lighter....it's softer, it's real.
Then I turned around and saw my old Saturn car sitting there, this other woman was trying to use her key to get in but it wouldn't work.
I said "Hon, that's not your car." "That's my car." She goes "oh." She steps aside.
I look in the back and there are a bunch of rolled up papers. I unlocked it and picked up a scroll.
I opened it and it was some of my old artwork...they all were. There was this beautiful carved wooden candle holder that I had never seen before...but mostly pretty things I had or used to have.
Then I woke up...
I came downstairs...told my husband my dream... I still wasn't sure of the meaning
Until I said...the funny thing was; I had on roller skates...I had to exercise to get there.

Then it hit me, what it meant.
That coat represented beauty. I had to exercise to get there, jump for it and then after I got it I was afraid it wouldn't fit, but it did.
After I put it on....I went and found all the beautiful things that were inside me...my art, what I had to contribute.
Then I woke up.
I love it when I have dreams like that.
It helps me sort out where my brain is at.
Hope you all are finding your beauty...
Your dreaming blogger.


bbubblyb said...

Cool dream Chris!!!

Olivia said...


That was a beautiful dream, and a beautiful message.

Roller skates huh? I don't know if I will EVER roller skate, lol. Maybe in my dream I'll be running or biking, lol.

Anonymous said...

Loved reading this post!

Unknown said...

Very lovely post Chris. It is true our dreams have messages for us. Yours was truly beautiful - like you are.
I wish I could remember mine - I must really focus right when I wake up just to catch glimpses of it....
Very nice.

Retta said...

Ooh, I love that! Wow, what a motivator to exercise and keep going for your dreams.
I think I'll go sleep now, maybe I'll have a cool dream. ;-)

Boozy Tooth said...

Whoa. That's deep. Your explanation of the dream...

The dream itself was kind of freaky, actually ~ and funny. Aren't our brains curious and marvelous things?

See, I thought the metaphor was going to be keep up with the pole dancing lessons, and they're sure to pay off some day.

But that's just me. Ha!

Unknown said...

wow...I just wake up and say that was weird...I usually dont try to think about what the dream actually meant. Next time I have a dream I am email you! lol :)

Jack Sh*t, Gettin Fit said...

Okay, Chris... you're my new dream interpreter.

Linda Pressman said...

It's also extremely cool that your new body size has seeped into your subconscious - you are smaller in your dreams now too! That's cool.