I'm Baaaack,
Hey all, I had a great two days...I counted no calories.
If you want to hear something that may make you a little angry, keep on...
If not, skip the part in Blue....
I lost two pounds when I stepped on the scale tonight.
I have no idea how. I didn't exercise and I ate whatever my little heart desired.
Granted, my little heart couldn't eat like it used to...but since I counted no calories I have no idea how much I did or didn't eat...
I do know I had a piece of cheesecake...a small one. I had some cheeseball with crackers. Some ham, some mashed taters and some brussell sprouts. I wasn't able to down a ton...and at one point I ate some eggs because I had a headache from the chocolate butter finger bells I ate...about ten or fifteen.
Maybe my metabolism said "HEY, WE'RE BACK IN BUSINESS BABY...WHAHOOOOOOOO!!!"
I have no idea.
It was back to the gym today.
I was on Arnold for one hour and really burned it down...I burned 700 calories in one hour and then I did about 40 situps cause the gym was closing.
It's back to the gym tomorrow with a new workout partner...
She is fun, but not so 'fun' that I talk through my whole workout.
She will probably be coming along once or twice a week for a while.
This is good for me. I need to be more social.
It Used to be that unless someone threw themselves on the windshield of my car...I wasn't going to meet them.
This was one of my personal goals. Making new friends.
I'm up to two.
Who knows...I could clear three by the end of next year.
My problem is, I don't like to expend emotional energy. I really have to like and admire somebody to be 'friends'. There has to be something about them that says 'class act'.
I don't call acquaintances, friends.
Once they are my 'friend', then I am 'on their side'.
I am a very loyal person.
It also means they can call me at 2 in the morning from jail and I will use my money to bail them out.
There are very few people that hit that thresh hold...I'm cheap. lol.

But enough about that.
So, to the title of this post and that clock at the top of my blog.
I go back to Michigan and Ohio in July of this coming year.
I want to be a size 10....
I even bought the pants...they are ready and willing.
I am able.
It's on...
In this corner.
A 5'3" heavyweight. Formerly 262 lbs...current weight to be updated on December 31rst.
Lets just say she's a lot lighter than she used to be.
In the other corner.
A pair of dark denim size 10's with small pockets and just enough Lycra to endear themselves to girls who bloat when Tom comes calling....
A pair of jeans, the size of which this woman has not seen in lo these many years....15 in fact.
A pair of jeans that called to her from a goodwill rack off highway 85.
They said, "I'll make your *ss look like a size 8...all this for 3.99 baby!"
The challenge was thrown, and it was accepted...
and so was born Fatmaggedon 2010.
It ends on July 15Th.
I suspect I will need to be somewhere around 145 lbs for this to work.
Right now that would be a 45 lb or so loss.
In six months.
It's doable.
I will be calorie cycling...1400/1500 then when I hit 165 or so 1300/1400.
I will have two high calorie days per month.
one will be my current weight plus a zero...
so for example 185 would be 1850 calories.
One day will be current weight plus whatever I burn that day at the gym.
so 1850 plus 600...2450.
I find cycling my calories keeps my metabolism on it's toes and keeps me from getting bored.
I will be exercising 6 days a week. The first three months, I will continue my current one hour and fifteen minutes.
Come April I have something else in mind...
A kind of mini boot camp, loosely based on my time in the army.
A time when I went in at 158, and came out at 136 eight weeks later.
22 lbs in two months, all while I inhaled any food within sniffing distance without thought nor care for it's calorie content.
I vaguely remember one breakfast that consisted of vanilla yogurt, waffles and syrup, two sausages, a piece of toast and an orange, and some milk and coffee.
And that was just breakfast.
I ate that in five minutes.
All of it, every last bite.

This time I won't be hiking twelve miles, but I will be walking two to three in the morning and working out for an hour in the evenings.
On alternate days I will be doing a Jillian Micheal's 30 day shred video then going to the gym for cardio at night.
It's probably going to kick my rear.
That's okay,
By then I should be able to take it.
Fatmageddon officially starts on January 1rst.
On December 31rst, I intend to post my weight for a year end total.
On January 1rst, I intend to post my weight for my Fatmageddon countdown to Michigan.
Signing off now to go and read your blogs and to catch up,


KrysTros said...

Fatmaggedeon...........hehehe funny! Never heard of this cycling calories. I will have to put it into effect eventually. Yes I am down under 200. Didn't feel well this entire week so I know it doesn't sound like I am excited but I am. Keep up the good work honey! We old army chics need to kick it up a notch!

Retta said...

Wow, impressive goals. After reading your new plan, and how enthusiastic you sound, I think I want to take this next couple of days and make some new short term goals for 2010. New Year, new goals. I like that.

But I don't think I'll be including your idea of current weight plus a zero. Let's see... at 359, that would give me... 3590 calories for the day! Sounds like the way the OLD me ate... Yikes! Guess I'll save that one for when I get dinky sized. LOL!

karen@fitnessjourney said...

Those size 10's won't know what hit them!

I had to laugh about your 2 pound loss without counting calories. My mom did the same thing a couple years ago when she was on WW for the whole holiday season. She too dropped a couple of pounds. My guess is that you are in the habit of controlling your portions so you didn't consume that much more than usual. Either way-good for you!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see your ass in those jeans.

Love the post. Cooking up my own version of fatmageddon this week as well. I wanna wear a 2 piece to the beach this summer. And I want to strut around in it.

You inspire me. Loving being on this journey with you.

Learning to be Less said...

Dude....I totally love this post! You can totally do that. Size 10 no problem. I love your plan. Did you create it for yourself?

Please post a lot about how it is working for you. Sounds good. Really well thought out.

Where did you come up with your high calorie day totals? I am just curious. And you will do those twice a month?....hmmmm....

I do not envy any fat within 500 feet of you. Surely it will sense the intimidation and burn right off!

Melissa said...

I love it!! You can totally do this!!! As for the losing 2 pounds thing, I do that every now and then and I can't wrap my mind around it, but I'll take it.

Unknown said...

I love that you already bought the jeans! :) I also love how you guesstimated what weight you will need to be at. I know we are all built differently but I am 163-4ish and I wear 10's now (my smallest size ever!!!) So MAYBE there is hope for a smaller size at 140-something for you!!!! :) WHOO HOO!!! Love your determination!

Linda Pressman said...

Chris, Love the post title! You are going to conquer those size tens - they won't have a chance! Also, so funny about workout partners. I've always been a lone wolf in the area too. First, I don't want to be dependent on another person's adherence to their program for mine to work and, like you, I can be a little grumpy about "new best friends." Half the time I used to diet with my friends, we'd walk straight from our WW weigh in to the nearest Mexican restaurant and pig out! Great support system!

South Beach Steve said...

If you look over your shoulder, you will see me out in the crowd cheering you on, yelling CHRIS, CHRIS, CHRIS, CHRIS!

Those size 10s don't have any idea who they are messing with, do they?

Jack Sh*t, Gettin Fit said...

I love Fatmageddon! Can't wait to see how it plays out, Chris.

And I hope I can consider myself on the short list of folks you'd bail out at midnight with your own money. ;)

Christine Jeske said...

You are total awesomeness. I need a Fatmeggedon battle of my own. :D

Tricia said...

Congrats on the loss. I usually lose after I "indulge" a little. Resets my metabolism somehow I guess.

And good luck with the goals!

bbubblyb said...

Good luck with your goals I know you will make it, those size 10's don't have a chance *smile*.

Anne H said...

When I was in the Army - way back in the day cuz I am old - they gave us rice and bread and water like 3 times a day in Basic. And we worked 20 hours a day doing effing crap that would be illegal to make a soldier do now....
I went in 134 and dipped down to 129...Right before I almost died!
Ah, such good memories!

Unknown said...

I love your FATMAGEDDON - I'd like to "borrow" some of your ideas :)
OK, I'll come up with my own but I've got the exact same goal. I will lose 45lbs by July so I can attend my Step Daughters wedding and looking HOT, HOT, HOT!! Ex Hubby can just stuff his words back down his throat.........
hee hee....