christmas shopping...

Today i bit the bullet and went shopping. It was as I expected and that is all I have to say.
It's done.
Then while I was downstairs my youngest decides to pop into the bedroom and have a look see.
Luckily the present from "santa" for her is stashed at my friends house.
However, I doubt there is anything in here for christmas that she didn't see.
I have no intention of taking anything back.
This is all the money we had and so, this is what she'll be getting...rounds out the holidays nicely I think.
Oh well...Here, maybe a picture will cheer me up...
Nope blogger won't load the picture...
I am done today.
I hope tomorrow is less sucktacular...
good bye,


Vagabonds Mercantile said...

sucktacular! I like it, that's my new word now.

South Beach Steve said...

One of my worst childhood memories is the year that my Mom caught me pre-opening and rewrapping a present. She gave it to my best friend, who wouldn't let me play with it (it was a game). Grrr! I still loathe the thought of that. Unfortunately, it didn't teach me a thing. I still opened presents and carefully rewrapped them for years to come.

Anonymous said...

Okay, sucktacular sounds like a Carlos word. And I am laughing at it and love it and it will appear in a future post of my own.

Sorry the kid snooped. Sucks. But you are right to handle it the way you did. Changes nothing.

Bah humbug.