It's a Wonderful life....Truly.

Hey all....the Christmas spirit came winging it's way to our house tonight in the form of It's a wonderful life.
It's another tradition in our family.
We own the movie...and before Christmas every year, we sit down and watch it all together as a family.
It never fails to put me in a good mood.
My childhood was less than stellar. I never watched it when I was young.
I started watching it as a 19 year old bride with my first subscription to cable.
When you're young, you have a bunch of roads and a ton of options.
Then you choose one not realizing you are picking a path...you think you can back track...or start over.
When you can to a certain degree, but never totally.
Picking is picking....I think that's why God gives young people so much idealism, optimism and blind faith. You need it.
As you get older, you start to realise that some of the choices you made..consciously or unconsciously, affect what you will or won't do in this life.
The older you get, the more meaningful the movie becomes.
I swear....From the opening scene with the sledding and George saving his little brother, who then saved a troop transport...to old Mr. Gower losing his son during the war and George saving some other little boy and then saving Mr. Gower...to George wanting to get out of that little town and see the world, but unable to leave Mary because he loved her, unable to just flush the business his father built because it gave people homes.
The more of life you live, the more this movie touches on everything in you.
It touches on that part of you that wonders if you are really making a difference to anybody or anything. Then you look at your kids, and know that you are.
You never know who you have touched...who you have saved in some way.
That is why every single seemingly mundane task IS important.
Every kind word or act of generosity.
Every life.
That movie always gets me ready for Christmas....

Merry Christmas to everyone out there,
your spirit filled blogger,


Fat[free]Me said...

Great post, Chris - I can hardly wait to see the movie again, I love it. Your thoughts on our actions are really deep and so right.

You are always a voice of intelligence here - I always love to read what you have to say.

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Retta said...

I watch It's A Wonderful Life every year. It touches me for all the same reasons, and never fails to make me feel grateful.

It reinforces to me that it's how we view life as to whether or not we are happy... that we need to be thankful for what we have... and I am always teary.. and always a little jealous of all the dear friends George discovers he has.. and I always want to run away and live in a little town where people are nicer... Well, at least in my daydream they are nicer!

Jimmy Stewart said it was his favorite of all the movies he made.

Thanks for reminding me of a wonderful tradition. I never understand people who don't like that movie. It's beautiful... Gotta help them angels get their wings!

Hanlie said...

I've never seen it, but really want to. You're the second blogger I read that's posted about it this week!

Anonymous said...

My husband has never, I repeat NEVER watched It's a Wonderful Life. Every year I try to get him to watch with me (every year for the 11 Christmases we've spent together) and have yet to be successful.

This year I am considering holding my breath. Or holding my legs together. Because he really needs to see this film.
Loved the post. Merry Christmas!

Foodie Girl said...

Merry Christmas to YOU!

karen@fitnessjourney said...

I love that movie and, believe it or not, so does my 19 year old son. He asked for a copy for Christmas!

I completely agree. My mom just mentioned something that reminded me of what you were talking about. My oldest brother almost died at birth. My mom pleaded with God to save him because she was sure that he would do something important with his life. Flash forward 49 years. My brother has stage 4 lung cancer and I just learned that for the last 10 years he has been financially supporting the children of an old high school friend who wasn't in the position to take care of his kids. The kids call him their stepfather. My brother plans to will the oldest child his house and business.

My Big Fat Super Super Obese Blog said...

Loved your perspective on this movie. It's always been a favorite of mine too.

Bret and Victoria said...

I have never heard of this movie but based on your review I beleive it is one I need to watch. My family has some movie traditions that we watch around christmas time but generally they are all funny nothing that brings the spirit of christmas like this one. I believe it is so important for us to know that the choices we make are important and effect all of those we care about. Thank you for the up lifting blog I relaly love it!! Just made my day that much better

Melissa said...

I couldn't have said any of that better myself. Merry Christmas!

Sevenbeads said...

You're so right about this movie. Every person I know could have such a movie made of their lives. The deeds they do for others touch more people than they will ever know. Fortunately, the George Baileys outnumber the Mr. Potters.

Tony said...

Good post and good reflection. I have neer seen It's a Wonderful Life myself. I honestly find most Christmas movies to be quite cheezy, but maybe I'll give this one a shot sometime :).

paulawannacracker said...

Thank you for such a great post. I love that movie. You have such a way with words... your blog is one of my favorite places.

One of my other fav x-mas movies is Little Drummer boy... that one gets me every time.

Unknown said...

Merry Christmas Chris! I hope you have a fantastic holiday!
I'm like you - love to watch the movies just before Christmas - gets me in the mood.
Do you think that the Jeff Dunham Christmas Special fits the same bill? :)

Boozy Tooth said...

Merry Christmas Chris, my marvelous new friend. I love your introspection and the analogies you make between this classic movie and real life. Some lessons are simply timeless and really speak to the importance of knowing what matters. You do.

So glad I know you.

Marilee said...

This is one of my favorite movies!!!!! Love it!!!!! =)

Linda Pressman said...

It's an incredible movie and thanks for reminding me, Chris. It always reminds me of the importance of each individual life and how much each person's touches the next person's - we're all interconnected. I think it can teach kids a lot too about never feeling pessimistic about their lives and, what you said, seemingly mundane tasks that may be more important than they appear.

bbubblyb said...

You know I never watched that movie as a child either. The first time I saw it I was 27 and I've always loved it too. It's true we really don't know who we've touch with a word or act of kindness.

I really enjoy what you write. I always seem to get behind though and then find myself reading several posts in a row and wonder why the heck I don't keep up since I enjoy your words so much *smile*.