I want to bash my head into a brick wall....

hows that for motivation.
Today was off the charts busy.
I didn't get my workout and I won't today.
We had to drop off hubby's car (and pick it up), girl scout stuff out the wazoo, crafty stuff, cleaning stuff..I used a half a tank of gas today if that tells you anything.
I will have to be grocery shopping cause I don't have anything left to eat in my house but wilted celery and old spareribs.
I missed lunch....at 1/2 of a mcdonalds mcgriddle sandwich 210 calories,
i am topping off my craptastic day of food with digornio pizza...
so basically,
210 calories worth of mcrapple sandwich,
300 calories worth of caffeinated sugary coffee
and 990 calories of fatty pizza.
all told I come in at 1500 calories, but guys...this is NOT the way to eat.
This is why I need to be more organized about my life....I cannot shove everything into one day.

That is why, after I am done eating this crap tastic pizza, I am going to the commissary at 630 at night to do my shopping.
Tomorrow morning, I am taking my daughter to school and then heading to the gym....
I will come back. I will have my greek yogurt, my peaches with 2 T of honey...
a half sandwich for lunch and a sensible dinner.
I weight in this morning at 197 pounds.
My goal is to be at 189 on January 1rst, so no more days like fat fest here.
I can't believe I used to eat two of those mcgriddle things...they are 420 calories for ONE.
holy cow.
I am so hungry I have a headache.
I am not going to beat myself up anymore, today was what it was....
tomorrow will be op.
See, even us balls of fire go through the sewer of life...lol.
Have a better day than I am having.
Chris out.


Learning to be Less said...

Dude....McGriddles are like the fattiest thing on their menu. And the most delicious, may I add.

Seriously whoever invented the syrup IN the pancake....GENIUS!

It will probably all make you feel CRAPtastic later too. What a bad joke. Sorry.

Okay so I think you can make that weight by the 1st however, too many more days of that food to get there and you may want to wait on the ass-less chaps.

I think I have eaten over in calories today by about 300. Not bad calories but I cannot seem to stop. At least you stopped. May you give me the strength to walk away from the kitchen!

Melissa said...

You should get a bag and leave it in your car with a few Fiber One bars and ziplocks of pretzels, etc.
Also, Kashi frozen pizzas rock! :)

Roxie said...

Ease up on yourself there, Pilgrim. Tomorrow you will be right back on track. Tis a mere blip.

Leslie said...

197 is fantastic! You know I can relate to your craptastic day in the food realm. You'll be totally back on track tomorrow, and we're now neck and neck in the weight category, since I've been floundering a bit. But I'm feeling solidly back on track for DAY 2! I keep thinking of your strong determination and it helps me when a food thought blows through!

karen@fitnessjourney said...

Do you ever make up extra frozen entrees when you are preparing meals so that when you're in a pinch you can pull one out?

Also, for a low fat meal, sometimes I'll serve an egg white omelet for dinner. I like to keep chopped green pepper in the freezer to add to my eggs. Add some fruit and whole wheat bread for a really quick meal.

Unknown said...

Hey don't be so hard on yourself - life happens you know... but to give you the same advice you have shared with me, get some Pistashios in baggies, kashi bars, almonds, small easy snacks that can sit in your purse or car - easy access. Not good meals as a whole but can tide you over until you can make better choices.

You will make it to your goal by the end of year - I have faith in you.

And Wheatgrass tastes kind of just like that - grass. I didn't like it the first time I tried it, probably not even the second. But it has grown on me and I actually like it (OK a bit better than before).

Amber said...

Hey, the good for the day...
your under 200 and you still stayed in your calorie range.

Hope tomorrow is better

Joanne said...

Well that day is done and behind you. I guess that's the most important lesson we can learn - put it behind us and do it right the next day. All you really did is get your calories from not so great sources. I am grateful that I have never tried a McGriddle - no I don't want to know how good they are LOL.

Losing 100 said...

I was so totally going to tell you what Melissa said. I LOVE Fiber One Bars. The chocolate kind of course! They are a yummy snack and great in an emergency. (had one today!) I always have one in my purse. If you haven't tried them, give it a go.

Christine said...

I would like to thank everyone, as sandra pointed out, I should have snacks in bags that I can access. Ilet my grocery shopping get away from me....I had nothing...I had buying dinner for the kids for the last three nights on the way home from whatever errand I was running. Today it all came to a head and bam, nothing left in the fridge and no time left to do anything.
It came down to exercise or grocery shop.
If I exercised, I would be faced with no food in the fridge and more bad food choices...If I shopped, sure I had a crappy dinner...but the next week was solid for food.
I think I still feel fat oozing from my pores.

Losing 100 said...

I'm sure you will be "back on the wagon" tomorrow. :) We've all had days like that. It's how you handle it that matters. Thanks so much for checking in on my blog. I just started it in November, even though I've been on this weight loss journey since April.

Diane Fit to the Finish said...

It's a new day. It's so hard to get busy and then eat what you don't really want. I've had days just like you showed here, but unlike my past life, I actually learned to just move on. Just like you are doing.

I think you can reach your goal of 189 by January. Definitely doable - especially with your can-do attitude.

Vagabonds Mercantile said...

And that's life.

We all have a day like that on occasion. And hey, you only half the Mcgriddle, seriously be proud of that.

Foodie Girl said...

chin up buckeroo! January 1 will be a day of celebration. I am still trying to figure out a goal weight. We shall see!

Chupsie said...

wow you sound like me after a long day. your still running! at least I know I'm not alone. And I hope that you can stick to your plan for today. I know how hard it is, but I believe in you! Go get'em tiger!

deisegal said...

Hey we all have days where our eating isn't exactly "optimal" but that really wasn't the worst day at all! It's amazing how many calories are all things really..and just a tad annoying too when you realise how bad some things were all along! And we were just chomp chomp chomping away in blissful ignorance!!!