ohmygoditscold......MICHIGAN COLD.

I walked less than a mile tonight...and consider it a victory.
It is 8 degrees outside. With 'wind chill' it's "0 or less"...
whatever that means..just quoting our 'weatherman'...
He probably couldn't guess well enough to make it seem like he knows what he's doing.

I remember this kind of cold. I grew up in Michigan. It reminds me of December's 'lake effect snows'.
It is full of humidity.
It pierces you. It freezes the hair in your nose. The word 'frostbite' has real meaning to a michigander. Except the snow there is wet. It makes great snowmen, and forts and ice balls....
ahhh, ice balls. Snow balls with a punch. lol.
If you can't give someone a mild concussion, what fun IS it?

We used to live in the upper peninsula, right on the edge of Lake superior on copper harbor. It would snow so deep and the wind would create huge drifts on the side of our house.
We could climb out the upstairs windows and slide off the roof and into the drift.
It was awesome.
Right across the way was copper harbor and we would slide down the hill in front of our house, across the road...down a rather steep hill on the other side and out onto the lake. It was 1977-1978. Amazing amounts of snow.

I lost feeling in my legs half way around the block.
I may put another pair of pants on and a much better scarf and do another lap.
I am going to do 100 situps and 50 pushups.
so basically 1.5 miles walking, situps and pushups...calories burned....2 maybe???

I can't get to the gym, the roads are a mess.
Here in Colorado they put down dirt so you can get 'traction'.
Which makes nearly no difference whatsoever.
You get dirty ice.
There are times I miss michigan, cause if there is one thing Michigan does well, it's clear the snow from the road...it's called practice. They get lots.
They don't use dirt.
They use salt.
You know why? It works.
Hope all is well with you,
walking in a winter wonderland,


paulawannacracker said...

Oh my and here I am whining about it being cold here in Sacramento. It snowed for the first time since 1970s near Auburn.

I sure admire your commitment to exercise. Next time its cold, I'll certainly think of you...

karen@fitnessjourney said...

My in-laws had a vacation home in Northern Michigan. I couldn't believe the amount of snow they used to get in the winter. It was beautiful though.

I'm sure the 1.5 mile walk along with the sit-ups and push-ups will give you a decent workout. It's more challenging walking outside in the cold, isn't it?

paulawannacracker said...

I can't believe you're gonna go out there again... Victory is certainly yours!!!

Sevenbeads said...

"I lost feeling in my legs half way around the block."

Jeeze! You're really dedicated.

Unknown said...

Good job on getting in some activity when its so darn cold BURRRR!!! :)

we puffy heart FAGE <3 :)

Foodie Girl said...

We use salt too. Thank goodness. At least you got in some activity!

Linda Pressman said...

Well, I know this sounds pathetic, but it's RAINING in Arizona... And 50 degrees. We are always unprepared for winter - like we don't even own coats here!

Hanlie said...

I can't even imagine that kind of cold... It's a balmy 77 degrees here, but it was in the 90's over the weekend.

Anonymous said...

I love it when you talk about Michigan. LOVE it.

And as a fellow Michigander, having lived there for 31 of my years on this earth (3 of the other ones spent in Chicago - so STILL out of control cold), I can say this: It took ONLY ONE winter in North Carolina to deprogram all of my Stay Warm cells. I go back home now and it's effing freezing even in the summer!

But I love it.

And I love how here, ONE snowflake shuts everything down. Hilarious.

Retta said...

Hey, time for an indoor plan B! There are tons of DVD's to choose from, and believe me, you can really get a good workout from them. Don't know if Lady Gaga or Queen has one though... LOL!

South Beach Steve said...

And to think I am complaining about 35 degrees . . .

Good job getting out there and doing something.

Elaine said...

Yuck, I hate the cold. It is -27F today where I live. I was hoping for a mild winter. :(

MB said...

I have fond memories of the record snow in the late 70's (especially the blizzard of '78) here in New England.

I'm hoping some of that snow is coming my way. I can't wait to make my first snowman of the season.

Stay warm.

Brenda said...

oh, I thought it was the boogies crackling!
In Flagstaff, they used cinders on the roads from the many volcanic hills we had around.
The girls used to say it looked like cookies 'n cream ice cream.