Oh Christmas tree...

hey all,
My string of strange luck reared it's whimsical head yet again...
My oldest had a friend over last night and I was driving the girl home today when I got a flat tire. I saw my gas light go on so I go to pull into a conaco station....I felt the van do a funny little lurch when we turned right and then when we turned left I heard a distinct thwunk and wobble...I just knew it was a flat tire...I have had five or six in the last 14 months. It's powers, there is a ton of construction and I pick up every spare bolt and piece of metal...and on one scary occasion...ran over a cinder block.
Luckily, I got the flat tire while pulling into a gas station.
So, I was able to fill up, wash my windows and use the gas station phone to call geico emergency roadside assistance, who called a mechanic for me who could come to my location and fix my flat.
Not bad.
I then dropped off kates friend and headed to walmart to pick up our Christmas tree....we got going a little late this year.
Just got it put up. Don't have the ornaments, but did put the lights on. I let my Sophie put the angel on top.
I listened to Christmas music, and actually felt the warm fuzzies.
I told my daughter, and she said "OH! That means your happy!
We were talking about the tree and how pretty it was, then she said, "The tree is like a piece of art." I said, "Yes, it is."
Then she said "Artwork is unique, just like people are unique." ( she draws as much as I used to at her age...she leaves paper everywhere lol)
I said, yes they are.
Then she said.... "people are like pieces of art, and how we look is the artist's signature'.
I looked and said "That is a great idea, Sophie.."
then I said, "Who is the artist?"
She said, "God".
nuff said.
I love having conversations with her.
Sometimes I can't believe she is only eight.
I went to the gym, and did one hour on Arnold.
I kept my calories to under 1500.
Hope you all are having a great day and enjoying the season..
Whether Hannukah, or Christmas.


South Beach Steve said...

A lot of wisdom can come from the mouth of an eight year old.

Melissa said...

Smart kid. Wait until she's 15 and using those smarts to make you putty in her hands. :) lol

karen@fitnessjourney said...

Sounds like you are raising a budding star!

outdoor.mom said...

Wow! Deep for a little kid. Thanks for sharing :-)

Las Vegas Weight Loss Challenge said...

Chris, I love the music! Christmas music makes me happy! I love Christmas trees, I am home with family in Utica, NY right now and they have a tree up with all the ornaments and what not, its beautiful!
Great job keeping under 1500 calories for the day.

Brenda said...

They just amaze me, our kiddo's insight. And all we have to do is listen to them!